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Stunning Ways to Use Carpentry for Home Decor

Stunning Ways to Use Carpentry for Home Decor

Carpentry is a very versatile skill. Everything that is made from wood will always remain timeless. Below are some stunning carpentry ideas you can use for home decor.

Cover the Walls with Wooden Backsplash

Empty walls can be boring and uninviting. They are even worse if not coloured. Give your walls a beautiful and more welcoming touch by installing a wooden backsplash. You can decide to have the backsplash all over the wall or create unique contours to achieve a look that fits your personality and taste. All you require is wood that can grip. You can also hire a professional carpenter if you cannot DIY. learn more DIY’s at

Wooden Hangers in the Kitchen

A Kitchen is the busiest room in any house. There are a lot of things that take place in the kitchen and this is why you should make it even more functional by adding wooden hangers. You can hang your mugs, kitchen towels, and aprons. The wooden hanger will give your home a vintage touch.

Add a Beautiful Wooden Coffee Table

Coffee tables made from glass are the most common today, but why be common when you can stand out from the rest by using a wooden coffee table? You do not need an expert to get you a wooden coffee table. You can decide to DIY, it is even cheaper compared to hiring an experts like GM Carpentery. All you need are sizable wood chunks put together. Just like the hangers in the kitchen, wooden coffee tables will add a natural yet timeless touch to your home.

Stunning Ways to Use Carpentry for Home Decor

How do Wooden Floating Shelves Around the House Sound?

Amazing! Right? There are so many things that you can do with wooden floating shelves. You can install them in your bedroom, kitchen, sitting room and even in the bathroom. The following are some ideas to help you make wooden floating shelves functional in your home.

  • Wooden floating shelves in your kitchen – in the kitchen, you can place spice containers or recipe books on top of these types of shelves. You can even place a small tin of planted mint or Rosemary on the wooden floating shelves
  • In the bedroom, you can place a picture with an inspiring quote or a beautifully framed picture of your loved ones on it
  • In the sitting area, wooden floating shelves can be used to save up space. You can place books to those beautiful vases that you have laying somewhere in the house

You can never go wrong with wooden floating shelves in home decor.

Try a Wooden Furniture in Your Study Room

Currently, a lot of people work from home. This has made many people include study rooms in their homes. Over the years, these study rooms have evolved and turned into offices where meetings are held and even clients come in and out. Installing wooden furniture in such rooms will make them appear timeless, the room will never go out of style. For example, you can have a desk made from wood and add a study lamp on it to make it complete. learn working from home ideas at

Up to You

There are amazing things that you can do using wood and many of them are DIY. Wood is a material that is readily available and cheap to purchase. The next time you are looking for a unique way to refurbish your home then think about carpentry, you will never go wrong.

Welcome Spring with 10 DIY Decor Projects

7 Affordable DIYs to Make Your Backyard Heaven


Summer is right around the corner, so it’s officially time to get your backyard in order. These ideas will make your outdoor space a true oasis. You’ll want to spend every spare second sipping lemonade and relaxing in your yard after implementing them!

1. Adorable cinderblock bench

All You Need:

  • 12 cinderblocks (6 for each side)
  • 4 pieces of 4″ x 4″ x 10 ft. lumber
  • concrete adhesive (to keep the cinderblocks grouped together)
  • cushions
  • Paint for the cinderblocks

(Credit: Buzzfeed)

2. Buried pot garden

All You Need:

  • Ceramic pots with a wide brim
  • Your choice of plants
  • Mulch, gravel or stones to fill in the space between pots
  • Rosemary to edge the garden

(Credit: Apartment Therapy)

3. Glow-in-the-dark planters

All You Need:

  • Planters of your choice
  • Glow-in-the-dark spray paint (you’ll want to do two coats of this)

(Credit: Buzzfeed)

4. Outdoor waterbed

All You Need:

  • Painter’s plastic (10×20)
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Parchment paper
  • Duct tape


  • Turn your iron on to its hottest setting.
  • Roll out the plastic and fold it in half.
  • Take a two-feet long piece of parchment paper. Fold it in half, length-wise and draw a line about 2-inches out from the fold. This will be your guide of how far into iron. Begin with the edge of plastic opposite of its fold, starting at the corner. Open up your parchment and place your plastic inside, aligning it to the fold of the parchment. Then, fold the parchment back over.
  • Use the iron to melt the plastic together by running the iron across the line of your parchment. The iron should not touch the bare plastic.
  • Let cool for a few seconds before removing the parchment.
  • Continue to seal all of the edges, overlapping a few inches to make sure there are no holes. After sealing the end opposite of the fold, work from the sealed edge toward the fold. Everything will align perfectly! Now, carefully cut a small slit in the folded end of the plastic, near the corner.
  • Place the hose in a few feet, and prop the corner up so that the water does not spill out while you fill your water blob.
  • Seal off with duct tape.

(Credit: Homemade Toast)

5. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

All You Need:

  • 1 empty and cleaned wine bottle
  • 1 Tiki Torch wick refill (thick)
  • Tiki Torch citronella lamp oil
  • 3/8″ diameter metal washer (or adjust washer size if bottle opening is larger/smaller)
  • Decorative glass rocks or beads of your choice


  • Place the decorative rocks/beads in the bottle.
  • Feed the wick through the opening of the washer, leaving about a 1/4-inch of the wick sticking out of the top.
  • Pour the oil into a bottle, using a funnel, enough to cover half of the wick.
  • Feed the longer side of wick into the bottle.

(Credit: When the Pigs Fly)

6. Inflatable pool fountain

All You Need:

  • Measuring tape
  •  String
  •  Battery operated floating pool fountain
  •  Scissors
  • Waterproof vinyl adhesive or pool sealant
  • Towels
  • Batteries
  • Water


  • Measure the fill depth of the baby pool by extending a measuring tape to the interior base from 2 inches below the rim.
  • Tie a string to the base of the floating pool fountain and extend it out to the measured fill depth plus one inch before cutting it off.
  • Glue the last inch of the string to the center of a dry baby pool using a waterproof adhesive. Allow the adhesive to fully dry according to the individual product instructions.
  • Place towels around the perimeter of the fountain prop to catch any over spray from the fountain. Load new batteries into the floating fountain.
  • Place the floating pool fountain in the center of the pool and pour in water until the string is almost fully extended. Turn the floating fountain on and adjust the height of the spray so the majority of the water falls into the baby pool.

(Credit: eHow)

7. Fire pit

All You Need:

  • Concrete mix
  • One extra-large bowl for exterior mold (ours was 17″ diameter)
  • One large bowl for interior mold (ours was 15″ diameter)
  • Non-stick cooking spray, or vegetable oil and paint brush
  • Large bucket for mixing
  • Medium-duty masonry trowel
  • Heavy objects such as exercise weights (or you can use the rocks below)
  • Sandpaper or sanding pad in coarse and fine grits
  • Gel fireplace fuel canisters
  • Replacement grill grate (ours was 14 1/2″ diameter)
  • Fire safe decorative stones


This one’s a little more complicated! Find the step-by-step directions, plus handy advice on ManMade.