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Welcome Spring with 10 DIY Decor Projects

Welcome Spring with 10 DIY Decor Projects

Since spring officially starts March 20,  it’s time to roll out the welcome mat for the new season! Literally. Give your home a spring makeover with these 10 DIY projects .

1. Fruity Welcome Mat

Make the watermelon mat:

1. Fold your circular mat in half and mark it on either side with a Sharpie to create a reference mark for the middle.

2. Create a line down the middle with your ruler and cut down this line.

3. Spray paint the rugs white to act as a base color.

4. Create a stencil of your rugs on paper by tracing them.

5. For the watermelon, cut two rings out along the outer edge. They should be 1″ for the outermost and 3/4″ for the inner.

6. Cover the middle part of the watermelon. Leave the inner most ring on and cover it with coins to keep it down.

7. Spray the outermost part green.

8. Once it’s dry, cover it with the ring again. Take off the center covering and spray paint it red.

9. Let dry overnight. Cover the middle section again and trace where you want the seeds.

10. Cut out the seeds.

11. Replace the stencil and hold it down with coins. Spray it black. Let sit until it’s dry.

Make the lemon mat:

1. Repeat the same steps until you get to spray painting it red. Instead, pray this mat yellow.

2. Cover the outer rings with the stencil you already made and hold it down with coins.

3. Make your inside stencil by creating the shapes of the inside of the lemon with a Sharpie and cut out the pieces.

4. Spray paint it white and let it dry.

Welcome Spring with 10 DIY Decor Projects

2. Tissue Flower Votives

1. Cut the tissue paper down and wrap it around the votive, securing it with the double sided tape.
2. Cut out petal shapes on strips of paper long enough to wrap around the votive. Using the double sided tape again, secure the petal strips around the votive.
3. Once the paper is secured, adjust it with your fingers, pulling the petals back and giving them shape like actual petals.
4. Place a candle in the votive!
3. Egg Carton Wreath
1. Deconstruct egg cartons. Use the portion that holds the egg to create the flowers. Give some rounded petals and some fringed. Use the flat parts of the carton to make leaves.
2. Paint each part. Use yellow, red, green, blue and green paints.
3. Cut out a large cardboard circle for the base and paint it green.
4. Use a hot glue gun to attach the parts to the base as you like.

4. Egg-celent Centerpiece

1. Start with a chicken roaster to get the effect.
2. Fill the outermost area with Easter eggs.
3. Use the center for the flowers.

 5. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

1. Fill an empty and clean wine bottle about 1/3 full with glass pebbles.
2. Insert a Tiki refill wick into a brass coupling doohickey.
3. Fill the bottle with Tiki fuel.
4. Insert the wick and that’s it!

6. Planter Chandelier

1. Remove all electrical wiring from the chandelier and the plastic “candle” holders with wire cutters.
2. Attach terra cotta saucers with putty and glue.
3. Attach the pots in the same way. Let dry for 1-2 hours.
4. Spray paint the entire thing, including the chain. Hanging the chandelier from a low tree makes this easy.
5. Let dry, then plant your flowers!

7. Cloud Lights

1. Pull cotton batting until it looks fluffy.
2. Hot glue it to the outside of a paper lantern.
3. Insert flameless, LED candles.

8. Rainbow Centerpiece

1. Add a few drops of gel food coloring to each vase.
2. Use a toothpick to help blend the coloring and water. Add more water to make it lighter or more gel to make the color more bold.
3. Insert your choice of flower. White flowers really pop against the coloring!

9. Umbrella Wreath

1. Fill an umbrella with flowers and close it.
2. Tie a ribbon around the center.
3. Hang it on your door with a hook.

10. Flower Pot Fire Pit

1. Fill the flower pot with rocks.
2. Even out the rocks, so that you have a flat surface.
3. Place chafing fuel container on top of the rocks. Make sure it sits a little bit higher than the pot.
4. Evenly place more rocks around the chafing fuel container.
10 Easy and Creative Easter Egg Ideas

Think Outside the Carton: 10 Easy and Creative Easter Egg Ideas

OK, so Easter is right around the corner and your kids are probably starting to mention all that comes with it — the Easter bunny, candy, egg hunts, and of course, decorating Easter eggs!  This year, get really creative with the family-bonding tradition. Skip the basic dye kits, and try one of these equally easy, but vastly cooler ideas!

1. Temporary Tattoo Eggs

temporary-tattoo-eggs(Credit: Uncommon Designs)

1. After hard boiling, make sure the egg is completely dry. Take the clear plastic cover off of the tattoo and place the tattoo face down on top of the egg. Make sure it’s placed exactly where you want it.

2.  Dab a damp washcloth on top of the paper.  Don’t saturate it too much, but do make sure the tattoo is removed in its entirety from the paper label. Done!

2. Marbled Nail Polish Eggs

2015-03-11_1442(Credit: Hello Natural)

1. Fill a plastic cup up with room temperature water. If the water is too hot or too cold, it won’t work.

2. Put lots of nail polish into the cup. Combine a variety of colors that you think will be fun together. If the polish sinks, the temperature of the water isn’t correct. The polish should spread out on top of the water. Swirl it with a toothpick.

3. Hold your egg between your fingers, so that you cover the least amount of surface area on the egg. Then dunk straight down into the water, hold for a second underwater and then bring it up. The polish will cover about half of the egg. Sit the egg in a carton to let it dry.

3. Sprinkle Eggs

DIY-Sprinkle-Covered-Easter-Eggs3(Credit: Studio DIY)

1. Pour your sprinkles into a medium size bowl.

2. Squeeze some tacky glue out of the bottle onto freezer paper or wax paper.

3. Using your paintbrush, cover your hard-boilded egg in a good, even layer of the glue.

4. Now dip your egg in the sprinkles and press down firmly, covering about half your egg in sprinkles.

5. Let go of your egg in the bowl, and using a spoon, cover the other half of the egg with the sprinkles

6. After your egg is fully covered in sprinkles, firmly press the arc of the spoon against and around your egg, helping to “seal” the sprinkles on.

4. Beans, Seeds and Rice Eggs

11053416_861490317242497_3662044294377849311_n(Credit: Praktic Ideas)

1. Simply follow the same steps as the sprinkle eggs. Replaces sprinkles with your choice of beans, seeds or rice.

5. Sharpie Eggs


1. This is the simplest craft, ever. Use pastel Sharpies to draw anything you like on your hard-boiled eggs!

6. Kool-Aid Eggs

kool-aid-colors-1024x682(Credit: Passion for Savings)

1. Prep by hard boiling your eggs and mixing each Kool-Aid packet with about 2/3 cups water.

2. Pour each color into a different container large enough to dip the eggs.

3. Dip your eggs with a spoon or wire egg-dipping tongs.

4. Let dry!

7. Crystal Eggs

Crystalegg(Credit: Bitz & Giggles)

1. Instead of hard-boiled eggs, use metallic plastic eggs.

2. Fill a small bowl with epsom salts. (Fine grained, not coarse!)

3. Squeeze some glue onto a plate. Clear glue is preferable.

4. Dip the egg into the glue. Make sure the glue is smeared all over the egg.

5. Place the egg into the salt bowl.

6. Grab a spoon and start spooning the salts over the egg, while using your other hand to rotate it. Use the backside of the spoon to pack the salts onto the egg . This helps them stay on.

7. Let dry for 30-45 minutes.

8. Despicable Me Eggs

2015-03-11_1621(Credit: A Thrifty Mom)

1. Separate yellow and blue plastic eggs. Merge the top part of the yellow eggs to the bottom part of the blue eggs.

2. Cut black electrical tape into a thin strip and stick it to the top yellow half.

3. Use a dot of glue to stick a googly eye in place, and draw hair and a mouth with a black Sharpie.

9. Pantone Eggs

1-Pantone-easter-eggs(Credit: How About Orange)

1. To dye eggs like this, stand them vertically in a small cup of traditional egg dye.

2. Use tattoo paper to create the labels. Remember to type the words backwards. Then apply the “tattoos” to the egg.

10. Lace Eggs

6-LaceWrap(Credit: Celebrating Everyday Life)

1. Prep by hard boiling your eggs and cutting your lace into strips (lace ribbons work beautifully!).

2. Tie the lace strips very tightly around around your egg.

3. Dye them in traditional egg dye.

4. Alternatively, you can dye just the egg. Then wrap fresh lace around it.