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Every woman envies men when it comes to choosing a work outfit every morning as the choice of formal apparel is quite easy for them. All they need is to change shirts and ties. It’s not just frustrating and mentally draining deciding on your workwear looks, but also can lead you to being late for work.  And no one wants that, right? That’s why we have decided to share some tips in formal looks so that you don’t waste time on trying everything you have in your wardrobe on, but have already several ready-to-go looks. These outfits are easy to mix and match to create a new different look.

Pencil / Straight Skirt & Tucked in Blouse

A classic feminine look for every woman. If you are not sure about the potential work meetings, it’s always nice to look formal casual. Pensile skirt with a tucked in shirt or a blouse will make you prepared for any good opportunities that might come your way, and as you know, it’s better to be well dressed in such occasions. This look will never fail you!

Workwear 1Discover this elegant pearl embroidered silk blouse at $12.99, stylish check black-and-white knee-length pencil skirt at $12.57  with a matching pair of point-toe heeld shoes at $19.99. 

Culottes & Top/ Blouse

If you never tried culottes, you never lived! These are the most comfortable trousers one can imagine. It’s a perfect alternative for women who are always on the go. A well-paired top or blouse is a great way to polish your work look. Add a pullover or a blazer for cool weather. If your work attire allows you be more casual, you can always loosen up the top. Like the idea? Try it! Workwear 2Like this formal look? Get this charming vintage polka-dot top at $7.19, trendy black culottes at $22.99 with comfy point-toe shoes in pearl pink/ wine/ black colors at $11.99.


Formal Jumpsuit

There is a new modern tendency in choosing jumpsuits for formal casual looks. And it always works well. Just choose a jumpsuit with covered shoulders and modest decolte zone. You can never go wrong with a jumpsuit. Moreover, you don’t need to think what to combine it with. The work look is ready! Workwear 3Find this jumpsuit in black or navy blue at $12.99, formal blazer in various colors at $38.99 and our favorite point-toe shoes at $11.99.

Smart Dress

A good alternative to jumpsuit is a smart dress. Don’t always limit your choice on classic cut solid color dresses. There are way more colors than just black, white or nude. Add some colors as well as creativity to your formal looks. Try ruffles, floral print, short or long sleeve dresses. What do you think about our workwear choices? Would you wear them?

Moreover, as the summer is here, you definitely want to ditch pants completely, so dress up accordingly and enjoy work. Workwear 4Workwear 51) Navy blue floral dress at $34.99. 2) Vintage emerald green maxi dress at $55.99. 3) Vintage grey-yellow swing dress at $33.99. 4) Our favorite polka-dot long sleeve chiffon dress at $33.29.  5) Sky blue ruffle swing dress at $52.99. 6) Vintage geometric print black maxi dress at $17.99. 

Keep these tips in mind when choosing your next work outfit. Would you like to try them out?


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