Win your Prom Dress on Lightinthebox!

That’s right. No tricks, no hidden fees, the smartest hunter will win a Prom Dress.

The Great Hunt on Lightinthebox

1. The Rules

Your flair and sense for fashion will be challenged by all the other participants.

a) Become a fan of Lightinthebox on Facebook.

b) Browse and pick THE dress you think is the best for you.

c) Share it on our Facebook’s fan page and add your own comment.

d) Collect “Like”s and comments from others (tip: you better invite your friends to help you!)

e) After 2 weeks, the user whose dress has the most amount of “Like”s will win!


2. The Prize

The dress you selected and shared got the most “Likes”? Congratulations! When you win, I will contact you and ask for your measurements. Our tailor will then create your personal dress and we will send it to you in a couple weeks.

And as I said, no hidden fees – we will even ship the prom dress to you for free.


3. Fairplay

To the winner. Indeed, I’m sure that not only the Lightinthebox Team but all the fans will be curious to see the final result. So, share some pictures of your new tailor-made dress on our Wall as a nice gesture.


4. …

No #4! Hurry now! Become a fan, browse and pick your dress, share it and then rally your supporters to win the dress!

Fashion Hunter, I want to see your prize on our Facebook’s Wall. Let the Great Hunt Begin!

– Gael, your online referee.

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  1. Jane January 17, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    Do I have more chance of winning if I invite my friends to also Like the page on facebook? I really want that prize! :-)


  1. Diana - April 23, 2010

    Одессе, Днепре недвижимость недвижимост

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