Wedding Wednesday: Weddings by Numbers

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So one of the first things any good wedding blog or book tells you to do is to set a budget. But if you’re anything like the rest of us, you really have no idea where to start. How much do these things actually cost?

Luckily for us, earlier this year Brides Magazine figured out how much Americans spend on every detail of their weddings – from flower arrangements to food. So today I want to share with you the average cost of getting hitched in 2012.

And to make it less… well, terrifying, I put the average costs into a nice happy image. Don’t say I don’t try to do nice things for ya :)

So… that’s crazy, right?!? $26,989 is A LOT to drop on a wedding. But everyone is allowed to splurge a little!


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All you have to do is post a comment telling us what your biggest splurge is/was/will be at your wedding! We will pick the SIX sweetest and most creative comments on Tuesday the 28th and those lucky ladies (or gents!) will be able to make their wedding that much more affordable.

What do you think your BIGGEST SPLURGE will be? Your dress? Music? Food? Booze?

Let’s hear it!

34 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Weddings by Numbers

  1. Our biggest expense other would be the attire wedding dress, all groomsmen and grooms and made of honor… but the one big thing we decided not to go with out was a photographer she was at top of the list of must have.

  2. My biggest spend in the budget so far is my wedding dress – hubby doesn’t know how much it is but it’s my gift from my Mum & my Dad, I was brought up with second hand clothes and had a second hand dress & tie dyed suit for my school formal – there was no way I was skipping on the most important outfit of my life. I love my dress – it’s just perfect!

  3. Our biggest splurge was the dj videgrapher and photographer; we got a packaged deal but their work is amazing and the people are great we cant wait! Memories!

  4. Our biggest splurge will be the photographer-after the food, drinks, and music are gone; when the dresses and suits are gone; I’ll have fantastic photos to remember the day I married my best friend!

  5. My husband and I have been married 20 years in january, so we are renewing our vows in a ceremony on phuket beach, Our last wedding cost a FORTUNE !! so this time around we are doing it simple , i have hired a company in thailand that organise everything (though i am opting to buy my own dress) but our biggest expence wll be airfare and ccomodation for us and our 3 teenage children (australia to thailand) but will be worth it to have them with us to celebrate still being in love with my best friend <3

  6. Next to my wedding dress (because I wouldn’t settle for being married in anything other than my “dream” dress), it would be the honeymoon. What a better way to relax (and to start a married life) after the hectic wedding day, spending the first couple of weeks with your significant other?

  7. Our biggest splurge is on alcohol, food and our DJ/band! We figured that people remember food/drink and music at weddings, so wanted to make sure that we went all out there so that it would be memorable for us, and all our guests!

  8. We decided to have a small and simple wedding on a beach in December. The wedding itself won’t be a big splurge, but we did splurge on paying for tickets for our family members outside the country so they can join us on our big day… and Christmas too!

  9. Surprisingly, our biggest splurge will be our wedding “favors”. We’ve decided to have each guest choose between either an organization a friend of mine started called Be-a-number, (which helps women in Africa to be able to financially support their families[]), and our local humane society where I got my marvelous dog Timmy, who I love, second only to my fiance. :p With the ridiculous cost of weddings, Detroit being #10 most expensive in the country, it’s nice knowing that we are able to help other people feel joy from our special day.

    1. Jasmine,
      That’s such a great idea for unique and meaningful favours! I think that would be totally worth the splurge.

  10. Organic locally sourced vegan cake and 6 course dinner for 150 at over $30 a head is biggest splurge but so worth it. Better for local business /farmers/bakers/etc, better for our bodies and best for mother earth!

  11. Well for me is for a friend she will like to have her wedding and she doesn’t have that much of money to make a wedding and Iam trying to help her in everything I can since she was the one who helped me for my wedding but mine wasn’t that much of a big wedding I wished for but at least had one and she is struggling with hers now Iam trying to find a lot of economic things for a wedding I just wish the best for her since she is my only best friend …..

  12. To help guests and us remember our day,
    We thought we better get the best photography right away.
    We found the one we love the most so we decided to spurlge
    After all we couldn’t fight the urge.
    To have our memories proud and clear
    to look over year after year.

  13. I know its a little silly but my future hubby loves ice cream so we are splashing out on an icecream truck with an icecream man!
    I am very excited about it too…. It will be a great treat for summer

      1. I hope people get into it on the day!
        No one knows about the truck except my future hubby, me and my brother(we thought we should tell someone about it so it no one turns it away when it turns up)

  14. My husband and I got married in the courts, we plann to renew our vows in 2013. My biggest splurging will probdly be buying two dresses, thai traditional dress and the wedding gown. I want to make make sure this will be special, not just for myself and my husband, but my parent to see me wear the traditional thai dress. :)

  15. my biggest splurge will be our venue and foid.weve tried to cut down on other aspects but its proving really marry my man in wiv nothing and go mcdonalds but he says i deserve to have the wedding iv always wntd x

  16. The biggest expense so far is my dress, but I will b taking it on our honeymoon for photographs on the beach the hopefully have it made into a christening gown for when we have children so worth every penny I say :)

  17. Our biggest splurge is hiring Suites at Melbourne Crown Towers hotel for all our wedding party for the night before the wedding. This is our big thanks to our wedding party for being there for us every step of the way.

  18. The reception of course! That way everyone gets to enjoy the splurge of funds and my fiance and I still get to be the centre of attention :) EEEK SO EXCITED

  19. My biggest spend is our reception the food and drink package. Im getting married on Feb 9th 2013 and im happy to spend it as 2 weeks ago my dream venue called me to say that we could no longer have the venue as the council wanted it so i had to look for somewhere else i was so upset we found somewhere else but it has made me realize that as long as our friends and family are there thats all that matters. Oh and if i look good too ha ha

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