Wedding Wednesday: Fabulous Bridal Accessories

When accessorizing your bridal look it isn’t about throwing on every shimmering piece that you find in the wedding accessories aisle; cause that would be the road to wedding fashion disaster! Whether you are looking for a perfect necklace, earrings, gloves, garter, shoes, or hairpiece, the key is to wear the adequate amount.

Bridal accessories is a delicate matter where too much is tacky, and too little is dull. So before pairing up your wedding gown with gorgeous accessories, first evaluate how elaborate your dress is – what I mean is how much embellishment there is. The busier your gown is, the less accessory it should be, and vice versa. Thus, the simpler your dress is, the more dazzling your accessories should be! The purpose of accessories is to be able to balance, compliment and complete your wedding day look.

If you are looking to boost your bridal look with some stunning accessories, is proud to present you its Bridal Accessory Collection. Every bride should look impeccably beautiful with a touch of a few elegant pieces. Below are my picks for this week’s top accessories. (Click on the images for more information)


Bridal gloves are the most traditional piece of accessories which symbolize grace and elegance. Though there is some basic etiquette with wearing gloves, it usually comes down to your own rules. However, do keep them on for your first dance as husband and wife, and also when receiving and greeting your guests.


It’s best that your jewelry matches the details of your wedding gown. Diamonds with diamonds, stones with stones, pearls with pearls, and so on. You can always mix & match as long as it coordinates properly.


Make sure your garter is stylish, attractive and matches your color theme. Though garters are made in white shade, our modern world has turned these bands into a lot more exciting colors!


#1 priority when selecting a pair or bridal shoes is comfort! Comfort is the only escape which will keep you standing throughout the course of the day. Remember, this is not the day to break-in any high stilettos.


If you are not the veil type of bride, the good news is there are endless varieties of headpieces available. Headpieces should be selected depending on the hairstyle you are going for. Remember to get a hairdo which defines you and your style. Don’t be someone that you are not!

Bridal accessories add a special touch and memory to the wedding day look, so choose wisely brides-to-be!

Happy Shopping!

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