Tiny Sunglasses Are Going To Be Big In 2018

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Hey, Fashionistas! Today we will focus on one of the latest trends in the world of sunglasses – Tiny Slim Sunglasses that have already conquered celebrity world and slowly spreading towards us, regular people. If you have dozens of huge round, square sunglasses waiting for their turn under the sun – I’m afraid they will have to wait for their epoch to come back. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that tiny ‘90s sunglasses are back!

Even though these tiny little hotties might not be the best in terms of UV protection, but they are officially in trend now. Plus, what is better than grabbing the hottest trend straight off the catwalk?!  Scroll your Instagram feed and see it yourself – all celebrities, from Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, to Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, and even Millie Bobbie Brown, – all are under the hypnoses of these little fox’ sunglasses. 121111

But let’s look at this accessory from the practical point of view. Are they that good? Do they protect your gentle eyes from UV lights? Unfortunately, the answer is ‘No’. Moreover, despite the fact that they look so cool on all those celebrities, will they actually suit you? Before rushing to the next eyeglasses’ boutique, hold your breath for a moment and think – what face shape do you have, will these ‘Fox Sunglasses’ actually look good on you? If you have a tiny, oval face – tiny sunglasses is your thing. However, if you are a round, square type of face person, you will have to pass this tiny trend by without watching back.

So, ladies, before buying something, think twice!

Has this article encouraged you to follow this latest trend or helped understand what is best for you?

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