The Great Hunt #4: Sex.. And The City 2

Are you ready for Sex And The City 2? is celebrating right along with the rest of you, offering an outlet for all Sex And The City fans out there: shopping!

We know that the show is all about fashion. So here at LITB, we’re giving you a chance to be your own stylist. Shop through our massive collections of clothes and accessories, and find the perfect look for you!

The Great Hunt Round #4 will run from May 27 – June 7th, ending at 1AM EST (just past midnight).

great hunt 4 - poster

Now, for the Rules:

1. As always, you will have to become a fan of LightInTheBox Insider to participate.

2. Hit up and pick out three items to put together an ensemble from any of the following categories:
pair of shoes

3. Add up the total cost of your picks – remember that you have a maximum budget of $220!

3b. (optional) Make a collage of your ensemble for an additional 50 “Like” points and enter our Mini Competition! Scroll to the bottom of this post for details.

4. Copy/Paste the links to all your products onto our Facebook Fan Wall. If you are participating in the optional step, don’t forget to upload your collage along with all the links! (You can see how by reading Gael’s explanation post.)
Please note:
— in order to qualify, the URLs must be included in the wall post
– only the first submission will be counted
– past Great Hunt grand prize winners will not be able to win again

5. Don’t forget – it’s the post with the most “Like”s that wins! Get in touch with your friends, relatives, aquaintances, enemies, and get as many “Like”s as you can!
Tip: feel free to use other avenues, such as twitter or webforums, to get more “Like”s!

This round, the grand prize is the entire ensemble, so go crazy – what you pick is exactly what you’ll get!

.. and the Rules for the Mini Competition:

a. Make a collage of your three items using any imaging program (even paint!). The maximum size is 600 x 600 pixels.

b. Use your creativity! You can use other photos and images in your collage. Here’s an example:

Lightinthebox Great Hunt Sample Collage for Facebook

c. Post the completed collage along with the links to the products using the “Upload” function on Facebook (this is step 4 in the main competition – if you are unsure how to do so, please check out Gael’s explanation post!)

– Entries that include a collage will be given an extra 50 “Like” points when the totals are tallied
– All collage entries will be judged by the LITB Creative Team, and the most creative entry will win a bonus prize!

What are you waiting for? Go Shopping!

4 thoughts on “The Great Hunt #4: Sex.. And The City 2

  1. Always been a massive supporter of Sex And The City. Fab film, thought that after such a gap it would be strange seeing our old friends again, but no as soon as the open credits kick in and you hear the familar voice over it’s like your four best friends have never been away.

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