The Great Hunt #3: Results!

It seems that there’s a new Great Hunt update every time we turn around! This time, we have the great pleasure of announcing the two winners from Round #3 of the great hunt, based loosely off the Cannes Festival:

Great Hunt 3 - winnerGreat Hunt 3 - winner

For the Women:
Beverly Myshrall from Canada with 700+ Likes
You can see her choice here

For the Men:
Daniel Albarran from Venezuela with 120+ Likes
You can see his choice here

The competition was just as stiff as ever, with participants from all over the globe posting their preferences and encouraging their friends, families (and enemies?) to hit the “Like” button on our Facebook fan page. The winner of our dress, Beverly Myshrall, will be wearing her winning pick to her Las Vegas wedding!

Our two winners have already sent in their specifications for their prizes, and our tailors are getting their needles and thread ready to start making their precious garments. As always, the photos of their prizes (and them) will be posted on our Facebook fan page once they’ve arrived. Congratulations again, Daniel and Beverly!

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