Tech Tuesdays: Tablet Mania

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2012 may not have been the end of the world as the Mayans predicted, but it has caused a huge change in the technological world. It’s been a great year for Tech heads, with some fantastic technology already out and even more yet to come before we reach the end of the year.  Since the astounding reception of the iPad 3, it’s become clear that the Tablet is no longer a ‘fad‘ for entertainment purposes. Consequently everybody is jumping on the Touch Screen Tablet bandwagon, in a move away from mice and keyboards to a future long predicted in sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Minority Report !



Along with the rise in Tablet computers has come a rise in fantastic and innovative accessories for these Tablets, from external batteries to Bluetooth keyboards.


Grand Prize: Universal Stand for iPad and All Other Tablet PCs x 1

Runner Up Prize: Modern silicon band analogue wrist watch x 4

Universal Tablet Stand
Modern Silicon Analogue Wristwatch











To get those free prizes, tell us:What is your favourite Tablet accessory and why?”  We will pick our 5 favourite entries to WIN!

Check back here on Tuesday 4th September to see who the lucky winners are!


24 thoughts on “Tech Tuesdays: Tablet Mania

  1. The Apple smart cover (not case) because it is a) by Apple and b) because it is simple, elegant and works Brilliantly!

    I would have chosen Apple Keyboard but that isn’t tablet specific :P

  2. I love my solar charger for ipad, you can charge your ipad in any site, and don’t need to search an electric point.

  3. My favourite accesory is the keyboard case because many tablets either have a screen that is too big, or too small to type comfortably on but with a keyboard case, it is usually a good size. it is also comforting to feel the haptic feedback given from clicking a key, which you don’t get from a touchscreen keyboard. And, they double as a case! :D

  4. My favorite is my Stylus. I have real greasy skin. When I use my finger to touch screen, it leaves a greasy fingerprint, and the stylus keeps my screen clean.

  5. I finally found a steering wheel tablet mount (and combo table) that blows away all others I have used over the last several years. I do not want to provide a direct link, as the site administrator scolded me last week for doing something similar. However, the seller is carpenter.314 on eBay. You can also do a search on eBay for “Ipad Steering Wheel Table.” This combo steering wheel hanging tablet mount and table ROCKS.

  6. My favourite Tablet accessory is iCade, an arcade-style game controller designed for iPad. iCade puts my iPad into an authentic, mini arcade cabinet complete with full-sized joystick and arcade-style buttons. I love it because it helps me to change my Ipad into an Arcade Game Machine and It is very cool and fantastic! I can bring it everywhere and impress my friends, family and co-workers with its great-looking retro design, and then challenge them for high-scores on the most entertaining iPad accessory imaginable!

  7. I love the universal tablet stand for i am fond and addicted of watching films and youtube parody videos over the net, it would be very nice and cool if i will have it.

  8. My favourite Tablet accessory is the case I have for it. I have 5 daughters who love to use the tablet. I like the cover because it has protected it through all of their mishaps. :)

  9. My favorite accessory is protection screen. Because walking around with a tablet there is a big possibility to scratch it or destroy it. So better if it is more safe.

  10. I’d have to say the Universal Tablet Stand, way up above the rest!

    Having an android tablet myself it’s usually hard to find a stand that is NOT meant for ipad alone, seeing that one lets me know that Android has some support for gadgets left after all ^^. A stand like that is very useful to put your tablet on your desk both at home and at work, so you can see what’s displayed without having to bend over your desk to be able to read it

  11. Hello,
    This is my favorite accessories:
    Bose® – SoundLink® Wireless Mobile Speaker
    Rocketfish™ – Universal Case for Most 10″ Tablets
    Belkin – Kitchen Cabinet Mount for Most 7″ – 10″ Tablets
    ZipKord – USB Vehicle/Wall Charger
    Forward Industries – Power Tube 4400 External Battery for Most USB-Powered Devices.

    All this accessories expands tabs’ capability and saves nerves in the most cases.
    Thank you all.

  12. Hi,

    For me, the best accessories of all over the world, it’s the universal tablet stand. Because, i have got Ipad and Samsung galaxy tablet, and when i want to use ipad or samsung, i must change the stand.
    it is difficult to find a suitable position to use the tablet in good condition. A stand is very useful to put your tablet on your desk both at home, at work, or on the dashboard of your car. And the most is that even though I have my ipad or my samsung, I do not need to change the stand, I use the universal stand which is much better ergonomically. =)

  13. My favorite is the Stylus, preferrably the Adonit. It’s a great help for my work,sketching designs and boards. I can still do work while taking my daily commute to work. No wasted time for me.

  14. Some great accessories here guys, a lot of them I’ve never heard of! We’re glad to have such a positive response to our blog post. Don’t forget to check in tomorrow to find out who the winner is!

  15. Congratulations to our winners!
    Grand Prize Winner: Steven Chin
    Runner Up Winners: Ashish Sharma, Igor Strelnikov, Carla Coe & Jeffrey John Imutan
    Thanks for supporting us and once again congratulations.
    If you didn’t win the Tablet Mania contest don’t worry, keep your eyes open for new blog posts in the future!

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