The First Free-Floating LIFE-SIZE HOLOGRAM!

Tech Tuesday: Weekly News Roundup

As usual, it’s been a busy week in technology. Read on to find out what’s been happening in the world of smartphones, tablets, apps and more!

  • The long-awaited Moto X was finally released over the weekend, and with voice-activated Touchless Control, long battery life and a fully-customizable exterior with over 2,000 colour combinations, the tech world is abuzz with iPhone comparisons. But is it a serious competitor? Only time will tell!

  • Futuristic 3D holographic projections are finally here; no viewing glasses required! The technology is all figured out, all that HoloVision’s creators need now is funding. Too bad the Kickstarter page has been taken down pending an intellectual property dispute!

BBK Vivo X3

  • Meet the world’s slimmest phone: Chinese manufacturer BBK is set to release the Vivo X3 later this month, and at 6mm thick, it’s slimmer than an iPod touch. No word yet on price or whether it will be available outside China, but we’ll keep you posted as details surface!

  • Sony and Panasonic have announced they are joining forces to develop a next-gen optical disc format with up to 300GB storage. If you haven’t finished updating your movie collection from DVD to Blu-Ray, you may want to hold fire, as the latter could be rendered obsolete as early as 2015!

  • Word on the street is the upcoming Kindle Fire HD will be a strong contender to unseat the Nexus 7 from its Android tablet throne. Leaked specs include a display sharper than full HD, 8 Megapixel rear camera and speedy 2GHz processor.

  • Freebies alert! As of last Friday, Apple will offer one free app, iTunes download or iBook each week through its Apple Store app. This week, it’s the relaxing abstract puzzle game Color Zen. Have you tried playing it?

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