Tech News of the Week!

Obviously it’s been awhile since I’ve caught up on the news, and boy, are there tons of it!  From Amazon apps to Star Wars, I hope you enjoy reading!

This week, Amazon launched its AppStore in China, surpassing Google in sales.  Its apps are Android-based, but not free.  With about 75000 apps and China being the world’s largest market for smartphones, Amazon’s presence in China will go far!

Codename: Blue.  Windows 8 will be having a makeover this holiday season with 3 important features: evolving Windows 8 for touch, a more efficient customer feedback, and 7 and 8 inch screen sizes.  Will YOU want this updated Windows 8 in your stocking this year?

A long-time dream will finally come to reality: Disney and EA will be producing Star Wars video games for mobiles, social networks, tablets and online websites.  However, with EA voted as the worst company in America, will the games live up to gaming expectations?

3D rendering company, Otoy, in partnership with Mozilla, has produced ORBX.js.  For developers, this is exciting news!  With this piece of web technology, developers are now able to stream desktop apps on any browser and operating system.  Basically, Photoshop can potentially be run on a Kindle Fire.  Awesome, right??

Coming this year, budgeted iPhones will be launched, with a look of the iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPod classic.  They will be less durable, using more plastic, which is cheaper to manufacture.  For you non-Apple users, will you be tempted to switch to the Apple side with these affordable phones?

The boxed version of Creative Suite has been discontinued and Adobe will move to a subscription software-based model, known as Creative Cloud.  Customers have shown their anger at this new change.  For Adobe, this change means a few financial changes, defeating the software pirates, and a chance for customers to save money.  What do YOU think?

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