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Wedding Wednesday: Black Tie Optional

For any lady attending a wedding the day of the festivity is filled with hours of primping and grooming, just to be followed by a few more hours of standing up and dancing. Needless to say, a wedding is a celebration and no matter what type of wedding you’ll be attending you should look your best! Whether you’re a bridesmaid, a wedding guest or the bride herself a wedding is the perfect occasion to show off your style and make sure everyone sees that you clean up nicely!

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Wedding Wednesday: Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Although shoes are certainly not the most important aspect of wedding planning, what a bride wears on her feet is very important. She and the groom will more than likely be on their feet for hours at a time on their big day—standing at the altar, greeting guests and dancing the night away—and that can take a toll on the body! In this week’s post, you’ll see some fabulous shoes that won’t break the bank but will keep you on your toes!

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Wedding Wednesday: Go Glam!

If you’re the kind of gal that enjoys getting glam, then you’re in luck! A wedding is the perfect opportunity for a woman to show her closest friends and family just how chic she is. From your engagement photo shoot all the way to your reception, you can WOW your wedding guests with fabulous and simple details that won’t break the bank.

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Your Wedding: 3 Styles For Each Season

As we mentioned before, the time of year your wedding falls in is quite a big thing to consider when you’re picking your dress. It really wouldn’t do, for example, to be shivering in a breezy, knee-length affair in the middle of winter… sweating unattractively through your make-up in summer. It seems to us that […]