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Wedding Veil Diagram

Quick Veil Guide

Veils are a defining feature of bridal couture, historically women used to wear their hair flowing down their back for their wedding to show their purity and the veil came to symbolize this and has become synonymous with bridal wear for many hundreds of years!

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect veil for you!

Bird Cage veils don’t cover the whole face usually or just barely cover the face, and are usually part of a barrette or head piece.

Blusher Veils just cover the face and are often lifted up to revealed the bride either at the beginning or end of the ceremony.

Elbow Veils come to the elbows and are less formal.

Finger Tip veils fall to the hips or the finger tips and can be used in a variety of wedding settings from semi-formal to very formal.

Waltz Veil is knee length and sometimes called Ballet style.

Chapel Veils fall to the floor and usually are worn with dresses that have a brush or chapel train.

Cathedral Veils are worn with very formal dresses that have equally long or longer cathedral trains.

Royal Cathedral Veils, you’re marrying Prince Harry – congratulations!

Tiered Veils incorporate drama into simple dresses and often just add blusher veils to traditional veils.

Are you going to wear a veil in your ceremony?

Wedding Wednesday: Dazzling Jewelry to match your Dress!

It’s important to employ a great balance while accessorizing your Bridal Look.  It’s important to consider all sorts of factors; neckline, dress embellishments, bridesmaids accessories, hairstyle, and floral arrangements.

We will discuss each of these factors and how they should help govern your jewelry choices!

1. Neckline – whether you are going sweetheart strapless or high-collar, it’s important to consider the line you are creating around your decolletage.  If you are exposing more collar bone, with a strapless dress, a necklace is completely acceptable.  However, be aware of large earrings paired with necklaces(!) this can be too much bling and distracting over all.

2. Dress embellishments – if your dress bodice is covered in pearls or appliques, it is better to tone down your jewelry.  Have some simple stud earrings or an understated necklace or hair piece.  If your dress is simple and stately, you can have more lavish jewelry and a statement hair piece.  If there is a lot of bead work or rhinestones on the neckline of your dress, forgo a necklace completely – it will be too much.


3. Bridesmaids accessories – make sure you talk to your Bridesmaids beforehand about jewelry(don’t want them to outshine you!) if the Bridesmaids are in strapless dresses, necklaces are totally acceptable, however it might be better for them to all be matching – it could be their bridesmaids gift!


4. Hairstyle – plays a big role in jewelry so decide early what your hair is going to be like.  If you have short hair, smaller hanging earrings are ideal.  If you have long hair and are leaving it down, you can choose anything from studs to statement earrings depending on the feel you want to create.


5. Floral arrangements – it sounds crazy – but this does make a difference! If you are using a BIG luxurious bouquet, bracelets are completely not necessary.  Bouquets are an accessory and part of your whole ensemble.  If you have a brooch bouquet or a bouquet that is being accented by other items, then you don’t want to draw attention away from that, so don’t wear a bedazzled belt or big bracelets.  You can however include flowers in your headpiece for a romantic feel!



Have a sister or friend offer their second pair of eyes to make sure you aren’t under-done or over-dazzling! What sorts of unique and interesting jewelry did you have on your wedding day? Share a comment or photos with your stylish jewelry additions to your Bridal Couture!


Wedding Wednesday: DIY-athon

Get your craft hands ready to add personal touches and unique atmosphere to your wedding!  Doing It Yourself with some items will save you big money, but you must be willing to spend some time!


You can easily make a cupcake liner pomander that will compliment you colors perfectly! Use them on the chairs to decorate your ceremony, then move them over to be used as center pieces or table decorations at the reception! These can be made with paper flowers, tissue paper, silk flowers, ribbons and even more! Great for Spring and Summer weddings!

Different Use of Empty Jars

Empty glass jars and bottles that you collect from your friends and family can be used in a variety of ways! Put candles in them for table decoration, put flowers in them, fill with water and floating candles or use mismatched jars with tags for escort and have them use them throughout the night! This is ideal for Rustic and Vintage weddings!

Ribbons are a colorful and playful way to bring your colors to different areas of your wedding! Make ribbon curtains to add drama to your ceremony area, or as a backdrop to areas of your reception.  Decorate chairs at the reception or at the ceremony venue with ribbons for a touch of elegance or playfulness!

Hot Chocolate Take Away FavorApple Cider Wedding Favor

With Winter in the air, create warm treats for your guests for a favor that will warm them up on cold nights! Personalized tags and plastic bags make the gift special and the contents will definitely be appreciated!

Do YOU have any great Wedding DIY ideas you would like to share? Post them in the comments!




Glitzy Heel Pumps

Wedding Wednesday: Add Sequins for a Winter Wedding


Adding Sequins to your wedding will give a great glam effect!  In Winter turn up the heat for a sparkling wedding!

Jenny Packhard’s Fall 2013 collection was full of vintage Hollywood glitz and glamour!  Having a sparkling dress is sure to add drama to your wedding! Accessorize with sequined clutches and hair pieces for you or your wedding party! PUMP up the volume with some showstopping shoes! At last, add some dazzle to your bouquet with brooches, crystals or pearl inserts for the ultimate shimmer showdown!

Remember to not over-sequin your shine! Accents in the right places will add just the right amount of glamour to your Winter Wedding!

Wedding Wednesday: Kids at weddings + Giveaway!

At the end of this post I’m going to tell you how you can win FREE JEWELRY!  Scroll down to check it out :)


Having kids at weddings  can be a wonderful part of the celebrations.  But they can also lead to some hard decisions – can they come to the ceremony but not the reception, will only children of a certain age be allowed, will only children of close family members be allowed, will children not be invited to the wedding at all – the list goes on and on.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding:

  • If you will have kids at your reception, make sure to serve kid-friendly options (for those under age 12) and provide crayons, paper and other games to keep them occupied.  Depending on your budget and venue, having a separate kids’ room with a sitter is a great option.
  • If you have a flower girl and ring bearer in your ceremony, they should be invited to the reception.  Don’t put the parents in a position where they have to explain to their child that he or she is part of the wedding but can’t come to the party.
  • Whether or not you’re inviting kids to your wedding, check in with all the parents that you’re inviting.  Call them and let them know whether or not their kids are invited and if they are, what childcare (if any) will be available.
  • If you only want a few kids in the wedding, it is okay to just invite children over a certain age, or children in the immediate family.  Just be sure all parents are aware of this to avoid any awkwardness later on.

So here’s the good part!  Win FREE JEWELRY by sharing your experiences with kids at weddings.  Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea?  Will/did you have kids at your wedding?

Let me know in the comments!

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Wedding Wednesday: Your Bridal Party

Picking which of your close friends and relatives you want to have in your bridal party isn’t easy.  But with these guidelines, your choice will be a little easier (I hope!):

Photography by Amanda Kraft / Bridesmaid dresses by LightintheBox

How many Bridesmaids?

A good guideline to follow is one bridesmaid and groomsman per 50 guests.  A big wedding party usually indicates a formal wedding, while a small wedding party is more suitable for a small, intimate wedding.  Don’t worry if you have a different number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, as long as the difference is only 1 or 2 people.

Also keep in mind that with more bridesmaids, the bigger the chance that there will be disagreements on the bridal shower date, colour of the dresses, etc.  And with more bridesmaids, the cost of the wedding goes up (think of all those bouquets!).

Blood is Thicker Than Water

It’s worth including family members (and soon to be in-laws) in the wedding party.  It avoids unnecessary conflict and will give you more bargaining power later on.

Time Commitment

"Propose" to your bridesmaids

Before asking out-of-town friends to be bridesmaids, think of the time commitment that you expect from them.  Do you want them to help with the décor, planning, and everything else?  Or do you just want their moral support?  You don’t want to be frustrated with a friend who has a busy schedule and can’t give you all the help you expected.

Spread the News

Once you’ve made your decision on who will be in the wedding party, spread the news!  There’s nothing worse than a friend who assumes she’ll be a bridesmaid, only to find out a month before the wedding that she isn’t.


How many bridesmaids will you have in the wedding party?  How did you decide who to include?  Let me know in the comments!

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LITB Customer Interview: Denise Phillips

Denise, a newly engaged gal from Singapore, recently bought this dress from LightintheBox.  Here’s what she has to say:

The dress is really very pretty. Order on the 31st of July and received on the 8th of Aug, now thats really quick delivery. The dress itself is very well structured, quality of the material is pretty good! Definitely worth the price. 2 or 3 sequins have come loose but I expect that out of any dress with sequins. I ordered the blushing pink one to go in with my wedding colour scheme.

Its super shiny and sparkly, looks great in pictures. I order a size 12 even though I can fit into a size 10, just in case it was tight, I could always tailor.

It’s a little too brightly coloured for me. (I was hoping for a more pastel or baby pink since there are no swatches for sequins), I think this dress looks better with dark colours. Overall, I have yet to decide whether I like the pink to wear it at my wedding but service and workmanship wise, Lightinthebox.com is pretty awesome.

We think you look lovely, Denise!  To see more photos of Denise in her dress, check out her blog.

And as always, check out Lightinthebox.com for more great fashion deals!

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Photography

If you’re like most brides, you’re excited about hiring a professional photographer so that you have beautiful wedding photos to look back at.  But don’t just leave it up to him or her to set up different shots!  Showing your photographer a shot list of pictures you want to have insures that you are 100% happy with your wedding photos.

I’m loving these beautiful wedding shots as inspiration! Click the photo to scroll through the slideshow:




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What are your essential wedding shots?

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Traditions Part 2

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

credit: Anya Albonetti Photography

Take a picture of your "somethings."

So last week we talked about the meaning of this old English rhyme.  This week, I want to give you ladies (and men!) some ideas on how to incorporate something old, new, borrowed, and blue into your wedding.


Something Old:

The “something old” should be something from your family that is special to you.  One really sweet idea I have seen is from a bride whose grandparents had passed away before her wedding.  She put small photos of them into a locket and tied the locket to her bouquet, so that she had her grandparents with her on her wedding day.


Something New:

Many brides’ something new is their wedding dress.  But it could be anything new that you get for your wedding that symbolizes your new life as a married woman.


Something Borrowed:

Many brides choose jewelry as their “something borrowed” item.  Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s tiara at her wedding.  But if you’re not in the royal family, borrow a string of pearls from a happily married friend, or tie your mother’s wedding ring to your bouquet.

credit: Sequins and Candy Photography


Something Blue:

I love all the creative ideas I have seen for the “something blue.”  Blue shoes, or blue rhinestones spelling out “I do” on the bottom of the shoes is becoming a popular choice for brides.  You could also have a blue garter or stitch your wedding date in blue on the inside of your dress.  The possibilities are endless!


Looking for more wedding inspiration, ideas and products?  Check out or wedding Pinterest board!