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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Headpieces

Most brides spend a lot of time thinking about their dress – the cut, style, if it will be pure white or cream – the list goes on and on. But another choice, one that is arguably just as important, is what you will wear on your head.

First – veil or no veil?

If you picked veil:

Pick your veil based on the look of your dress:

Longer veils are better suited to floor-length gowns or gowns with a train. Conversely, shorter dresses look better with shorter veils. If your dress has a high neck or is a more eclectic style, a very short visor veil is a good option.

The most popular veil length is the fingertip length which goes down to (you guessed it!) your fingertips.

If you said no veil:

Many modern brides are choosing head adornments other than the traditional veil. Some wear elaborate headbands, tiaras, or pins, while others simply leave their heads bare.

Brides with long faces look better with headbands or decorative flowers pinned on the side. Brides with rounder faces are more suited to tiaras or bridal hats pinned near the top.


Whether you choose to wear a veil or a different type of head-wear, make sure it doesn’t take away from an intricately designed dress. But if your dress is simpler, your head-wear can be more elaborate!

What kind of veil or headpiece do you want to wear at your wedding? Show us pictures of your ideas in the comments!

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Wedding Wednesday: A Colorful Bride

There’s no argument—a bride should be the center of attention on her wedding day. This is usually achieved by being the only person at the ceremony who is wearing a bright white dress, but lots of modern brides are choosing to stand out in a different way. With a pop of color! In this week’s post you’ll see some fantastic options for colorful brides.

These days, brides (and grooms!) are incorporating their creativity into their weddings in lots of different ways—DIY décor, fun photo booths, wacky socks or neckties, funky shoes or bright jewelry. Wearing items with a pop of color allows a bride to showcase her sense of style and get creative on her big day.

Wearing a wedding gown that’s in color is a daring choice; if you’re not fully committed to donning a colored dress, no need to worry! Try starting small; colorful wedding wraps, jewelry, shoes or handbags are all fabulous choices. With all the amazing options out there these days, you’ll have no problem finding the right colorful accessory for you!

As always, feel free to check out our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection for more ideas!

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Fashion Friday: Look Of The Day!

Happy Friday, my fellow fashionistas! If you’re in the market for a cute & trendy summer outfit, then you’re in luck! In this week’s post you’ll see my choices for the look of the day––the perfect ensemble to rock all summer long!

Whether your summer will be spent on vacation or at the office, this look can definitely be adapted to fit the occasion! To see more fabulous and fashionable items, visit our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection.

1) This adorable orange mini dress is right on trend with the decorative detail on the shoulders. The short hemline is balanced by the high, rounded neckline and cap sleeves—which makes it perfect to wear on vacation or at work. Pair this bright dress with some neutral accessories for an up-to-date look!

2) No summer ensemble would be complete without a fantastic pair of sunnies, and these retro inspired sunglasses don’t disappoint! This tortoise shell style goes perfectly with a solid colored dress, and there are 4 other shades to choose from.

3) Every girl needs a neutral colored purse, and this chain shoulder bag in camel doesn’t disappoint! The chain straps are very ‘in’ right now and its gold fixtures go perfectly with this ensemble.

4) Neutral accessories are great, but pairing such a bright dress with another bold, solid color is so exciting! These chunky heel sandals in deep turquoise add some much needed flair to this otherwise too-boring outfit!

5) Gold is the hottest metal for this summer, and orange and gold look fabulous next to each other! Adding a thick gold bangle really draws everything in this outfit together.

6) These jade & rhinestone earrings are the perfect toppers to this orange/gold/turquoise ensemble! The jade color mimics the dark turquoise in the shoes and the gold setting & rhinestones draw the eye upward.

Fashion Friday: Purple Haze

Hello again you fashion fiends! If you’re looking for some colorful inspiration to brighten up a dull wardrobe, then you’re in the right place. And let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t want a wardrobe makeover?? In this week’s post we’re showing off some fab finds in this season’s hottest color–purple!

If you’re a gossip hound like us, then you’ve probably noticed that a ton of celebrities are stepping up their fashion game this year. One of the most popular choices in color is purple—lavender, plum and everything in between! Celebs are even wearing this grapey color in every way possible! From simple accessories like jewelry and shoes, to show stoppers like all-over purple ensembles or even hair!

If you’re not too adventurous with color, start small—a cute pair of lavender pumps or a plum colored handbag will do the trick too! If you’re ready to show the world just how crazy you are, go for a bright purple skirt or a sexy, purple accented bodycon dress.

If purple’s not your color, no worries! We have tons of other colorful options in our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection, check it out!

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Fashion Friday: Bright Style!

TGIF! TGIF! TGIF! In case you were wondering, I’m so happy it’s Friday! Friday means it’s time for lots of weekend fun and nights out with friends—the perfect occasion to show off that new outfit of yours! And a night out under the bright lights of the city calls for an outfit that’s just as bright! In this week’s post you’ll be seeing our newest styles in the brightest colors…so get ready!

From the hottest celebrities to your next door neighbor, everybody loves a pop of color to brighten their day! And as we’re seeing all over the fashion blogosphere, bright hues are the “it” trend right now. This trend is definitely versatile enough to go straight from the office to a night out on the town, and you’ll look fabulous doing it! Dress this look down for the office with a pair of simple black flats and a black handbag, and then put on that matching pair of electric blue pumps to hit the bars!

If you’re not totally devoted to neon, no worries! There are lots of different ways to adapt this trend to fit your tastes. Try just one piece to get you started—a striped blouse or chic blazer with bright details will do just fine! But if you’re feeling more adventurous, a pair of fuchsia trousers or a multihued mini dress will really turn heads!

To see even more bright styles, check out our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection! Happy shopping!

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Fashion Friday: Sexy Sleeves

Even though the weather is warming up and spring is here full force, you don’t have to resort to tank tops and short shorts just yet! You can transition easily from season to season with this new trend—long sleeves! Here you’ll see some hot fashions with sexy sleeves that are sure to make you look cool!

This is a trend we’ve been seeing on celebrities everywhere, from the red carpet to everyday life! The key to making long sleeves work for you is to make sure the silhouette of the dress flatters you. Make sure the neckline fits and the shoulders are not too broad or too tight. Since a dress or blouse with long sleeves is a statement piece, you want it to fit you perfectly!

If you’re still not sold on the virtues of wearing long sleeves in the warmer months, all you need to do is find a piece made of light material. A dress with thick, sequined sleeves is obviously more appropriate for colder weather, but anything with mesh, chiffon or lace sleeves will keep you cool in the summertime!

To check out more items with sexy long sleeves, visit our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection!

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Gown Tips Pt. 3

Welcome to the final installation of our Wedding Gown Tips report! Over the past few weeks you’ve seen lots of different wedding gown options for all different body types, and this week is no different! Here you’ll see some fab gowns for tall, petite and full figured ladies.

There are a lot of factors you should consider when shopping for that perfect wedding gown. Price, current bridal trends, your personal style and the season of your wedding are all things you should be thinking about! But one of the most important factors to consider is your body type. Picking a dress that flatters your unique silhouette is the best way to guarantee that you will look amazing on your wedding day.

If your specific body type isn’t featured in this week’s post, check out our Wedding Gown Tips Part 1 and Part 2 for more options. And, as always, our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has more gowns than even we know what to do with!

Full Figured

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Just avoid anything too clingy or too loose, they can both add pounds! These style dresses will show off your womanly curves and be flattering at the same time:

V-necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines, ball gowns, empire with a high waist (just under your bust line)


You should find a gown that accentuates your statuesque height! Make sure you pick a dress with a defined waist. Go for dresses with the following characteristics:

Deep v-necks, halter tops, open back, sheath silhouettes, mermaid/trumpet gowns, ball gowns


Smaller brides should stick with simple gowns; too much embellishments or appliqués will overwhelm your look. You should also go for a style that creates length. Try these styles to look your best:

Sweetheart necklines, halter tops, empire waists, a-line gowns, soft sheath/column (think Grecian goddess!)

Fashion Friday: Leopard Ladies

Leopard print is all the rage these days! From the runway to the sidewalks, we’re seeing this trend all over the place. In this week’s post you’ll see some fab items that will make you want to find your inner animal!

Leopard print signifies sensuality, authority and confidence, which is really what power dressing is all about! We’ve seen celebrities and common-folk alike rock this trend, so don’t be afraid to try this trend! Try pairing that leopard mini dress with your leopard pumps for a wild night out! Or, if you’re going for a more subtle look, opt for a skirt with leopard details or even a cute bag with leopard print! Try playing around with different colors too.

This animal print trend is back—and in full force. Here are just a few items from our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection that are sure to turn you into a full blown leopard lovin’ lady!

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Fashion Friday: Look Of The Day!

♪♫ It’s Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday! ♪♫ If you love Friday half as much as I do, I know you’ll be singing this song all day long! Since Fridays have become synonymous with going out and having fun, why not strive to look your best! In this post you’ll see my choices for the look of the day— the perfect ensemble to start your weekend off right!

Here’s just a taste of some seriously fabulous items that will set you apart from the crowd! To see more great options, visit the LightInTheBox Fashion Collection.

1) You can rock a modern day trend with this vintage inspired fuchsia dress! This dress is as sweet as it sexy, and it’s refreshing to learn that you can have some sex appeal without a low-cut neckline or short skirt. Pair this bright dress with some funky accessories and you’re good to go!

2) This peacock feather headband with burgundy bow is the perfect topper for that fun & flirty dress! The bright turquoise color of the feathers is just the right contrast with the deep, rich fuchsia color of the dress.

3) This pair of teardrop-shaped jade earrings looks amazing with this outfit! The gold and rhinestone accents are perfect for a flashy, nighttime look. And jade is the perfect shade to match the headband!

4) Wearing this set of bohemian inspired bangles is a great way to tie things together! The pearl pink, turquoise and ivory colors along with the gold hued alloy metal echoes the colors previously seen in the ensemble, which is ideal.

5) These patent leather pumps are the ideal shoe to pair with this ensemble! The barely-there pink hue of the shoe goes really well with the saturated color of the dress & it’s neutral enough to balance out the whole look.

6) Although you might be thinking ‘why a black clutch??’ this patent leather wristlet is the perfect complement to this outfit! The patent leather here mirrors the same material used in the pumps, which really pulls things together.