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Tech Tuesday: Newsbytes From The Rumor Mill

Another week, another Tech Tuesday…And this time, we’ve got the scoop on the hottest upcoming product releases! Read on to find out about the next iPhone release, the highest-resolution laptop to hit the market, and which ecommerce giant is turning its hand to home gaming…

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The most common sangria uses white wine.  I, however, prefer white wines, with its sweeter and fruitier taste.  I would definitely try this recipe sometime!

DIY Guide: Part 2!

Heeeeere’s another awesome DIY guide!  From food to gadgets, amuse yourself indoors during this holiday season!

Crayon Art

Crayon art has been all the rage recently. This craft is perfect for all ages: simply glue the crayons to whatever backdrop is available, and have fun with the hair dryer!

Plastic Spoon Lamp

Don’t know what to do with all the leftover plastic spoons from some party of some sort?? Use the ends to create an awesome lamp!

Thai Tea Fudge

A healthy way to eat fudge! If you love Thai tea, you’ll love this fudge, it’s basically eating the solid version of your favorite drink!

White Wine Sangria

The most common sangria uses white wine. I, however, prefer white wines, with its sweeter and fruitier taste. I would definitely try this recipe sometime!

Bicycle Wheel Clock

I know, I know, analog clocks aren’t super popular anymore, in fact, it seems as though most people CANNOT tell time from analog clocks! Use a broken bicycle tire to create a stylish looking clock!

Lego USBs

Put those old legos to good use! Additionally, you can keep all your USBs stacked on top of each other so they wouldn’t get lost!

Mini Mania

Lately there has been so much talk about mini products.  In comparison to its predecessors 10 years ago, gadgets are now HALF the size.  Personally, I still prefer some of the retro predecessors (Mini iPod, anyone?)  Here’s a list of common gadgets that have come a looonnnggg way!


The Wii Mini.  Coming December 7th, 2012.  A complete redesign of the Wii console, with more accessories included, the Wii Mini is sure to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable!  This gaming console now comes in red, black, white, blue and pink.

Polaroid Photo Printer.  Remember way back when it was impossible to even print good-quality photos?  I remember using bubble-jet printers and waiting for HOURS (ok, not really) for a simple page of black and white pixelated text.


THIS, I haven’t seen before.  Stumbled across gadget during my research: laser lights are projected out of the tiny cube onto most surfaces, allowing people the ability to type almost anywhere!  COOL or not??

I remember lugging around vacuum cleaners that came up to my chest way back when (ok, I was about 10 years old then) or being woken up to the loud roaring of vacuum cleaners.  NOW, there are tiny vacuum cleaners that automatically twist and turn noiselessly around the house, without you having to lift a finger!

Who still sews around here??  I never really got the hang of it, but I remember seeing my grandma’s sewing machine, the size of a table with a pedal that you have to mechanically use to operate the machine.  Sewing machines nowadays are portable, not that you’d carry it in a purse or anything, but portable enough to store away for later use!

The Mac Mini.  Way back when, computers use to take up the entire room, run slowly (and probably loudly) and generally not easy to use.  Now there’s the Mac Mini, with amazing graphics, a larger storage, and something called the fusion drive, which automatically manages your data so currently used data stays on the faster flash storage!

The adorable Mini Cooper.  Haven’t seen THIS design nor have I driven it before, but I know it’d be a perfect person for a little spin around town.  The newest model, in my opinion, isn’t as attractive because it has increased in size.  However, I remember the rage when this car came out, it was also featured in The Italian Job (awesome movie, by the way!)  With an increasing population, owning smaller cars are the way to go in terms of staying on top of your daily chores!


Myths say that cameras suck out your soul.  I remember all the old black and white photos where people sat solemnly in rigid poses and thick clothes.  Nowadays, it takes a second to pass around photos you’ve just taken, alter (Instagram, anyone?) delete, etc.

The legendary iPad Mini.  The iPad itself was already beyond impressive, heck, I thought tablets were pretty damn awesome.  Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer having a bigger screen for multi-tasking and a keyboard to type on (I own a Mac Air.)

Ok, so the Mini iPod has been out of the market for years, but back when these MP3 players came out, the Mini iPodwas way before its time.  I still have my Sony Walkman that played CDs (I LOVE making playlists,) and that device became increasingly louder it was used more and more.

If you lived and remembered the 90’s, it’s quite interesting to see the evolution of gadgets, and how much easier our lives have become (and how our pockets have become lighter as well!)  On one hand, I’m not a fan of how people have become so dependent on electronics, however, with more and more every day tasks, hurdles, etc. I’m quite thankful for these innovations!

What gadget has played a significant role in YOUR life as it decreased in size?

LITB Customer Interview: Angel Lee

This week at LITB we will be meeting Angel Lee, an avid LightInTheBox and MiniInTheBox enthusiast, and finding out just what she loves so much about us!


Name: Angel Heaven Lee

Gender: Female

From: The U.S.A






1. What did you purchase on MiniInTheBox?

I purchased Mini’s 16 GB Butterfly USB Flash Drive Necklace.

2. Did your order arrive on time?

It arrived in perfect time! I wasn’t waiting a long time for it at all; in fact it went from being shipped to being in my mailbox within a couple of weeks.

3. Were you satisfied with the products you received?

This USB Drive/Necklace is breathtaking; it’s so shiny and very eye catching! Already, I’ve received several compliments on it and nobody knew it’s actually a USB Drive until I told them! I keep my contact/emergency information on it and basic medical information. The chain is sturdy too!

4. What are the best things about the product you bought?

One of the best things about it is how beautiful it is and no one knows that it’s actually functional as well as aesthetically pleasing!

5. How did you first hear about MiniInTheBox?

I first heard about MiniInTheBox because of LightInTheBox. I had ordered before from them and was extremely satisfied.

6. What do you like about shopping with us?

I absolutely love shopping with MiniInTheBox because of the fantastic products and excellent prices. The variety of things to purchase is simply amazing!

7. Would you shop with MiniInTheBox again?

I will continue to shop with MiniInTheBox for as long as they will have me as a customer.

Thank you MiniInTheBox!


Do you like the look of the product Angel ordered? Click here to go to the product!









Would you like to tell us about your great experiences shopping with us?

Write us a comment in the message box below!

Meet the Team: Greg

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re interviewing Greg. He’s our Creative Content Department’s resident tech geek. Greg is getting ready to leave our company, so wants to pass on some special wisdom. Let’s see what he has to say…

Hi Greg.

I know you, because I sit next to you.

You seem happy.
I’m always happy. I don’t get sad. When I get sad I still look happy so people ask me what I’m happy about and I’m like “dude, I’m upset right now. Go away.”

Where are you from?
Maryland, USA.

A lot of people in this company say you look like Barrack Obama. Care to comment?
I know someone who saw him once in a diner before he was a household name. Allegedly he was eating a hotdog with mustard on it and that’s wrong. Hawaiian pizza is wrong too, there’s a lot of things that bother me about food. Don’t get me started. Like, you can’t just say you have jerked chicken if you’re going to cut corners. You don’t come correct with your spice? I hate that. No, really – when people describe food a way and then don’t follow through and you go in there and look at the menu – and I don’t even want to start on misleading menu photos – and you’re left with I don’t know what on your plate it’s just insulting… and it sucks!

You’re known for your rants.
I like to talk. I’ve gotten in trouble around here a few times for my loud voice but that’s who I am. I’m Greg. People love me.

You can rant about anything. You’re like a terrible morning radio show host.
I don’t know about that. There’s some stuff I love to talk about.

You want me to talk about forks? Forks – OK maybe I can say a little about this…forks can be too pointy. I mean I’m not the type of guy who’s going to send a fork back in a restaurant for being too pointy, but, I’ll totally think it. If anyone’s sitting with me I might comment to them like “what’s the restaurant trying to do, kill us?”. I mean technically they’d be equipping us to kill ourselves, since they’re not sticking the way-too-pointy forks in our mouths, they’re just allowing us to do that ourselves. How sharp does a fork need to be? I’m not eating lettuce. Salad sucks. I never eat salad. If the meat is cooked properly – don’t get me started on dry meat oh my god – but it should be juicy and like, succulent. It shouldn’t need a samurai sword to pick off a plate. Seriously.

Fascinating. What do you do here?
I write tech related content for our blog and website. One of my main projects right now is LITB Labs. That’s where we review and show off our latest high-end tech and gadgets. We’ve had some cool sneak peeks lately where we’ve shown glimpses into our new tech developments. I love what’s happening with the Android tablets and smartphones. I’m a big Android fan. Some of the spy gear’s cool too but I’m into the more high-tech stuff. I read Engadget and stuff. I’m hip.

I hear you’ll be leaving us.
I’m leaving LightInTheBox now for new and exciting things, so Jack’s going to be taking over LITB Labs. I think he can do it. He seems a bit shaky. I saw a video with him presenting a tablet the other day he looked a bit strung out. I don’t think he’s been sleeping well. Someone needs to get him this Sleep-As-An-droid app. It listens to you sleeping and when you’re restless like you’re no longer in REM sleep, that’s when your alarm goes off. So you don’t get woken up when you’re in deep sleep which sucks. I hate that, especially if I was having a dream like I was flying. I love those dreams where you feel weightless and you’re flying over the city. Anyway, I’ve got that app on my awesome phone and it’s awesome and legit.

Jack is a bit of a mess…he’s slow.
I’ve been to Europe a few times. I’m a big Chelsea supporter. I even have a Chelsea desktop wallpaper with Drogba throwing money at homeless people. English people are like that sometimes, they get depressed. Not Drogba, he’s from the Ivory Coast.

Alright I’ll go easy on him. So what’s next for you?
It’s time to branch out and use my talents in the right way. I can’t be stuck behind a keyboard forever. It’s time to take on the world. Have you seen that guy Dr. Gadget? He looks like he’s having a good time and the dude is probably near retirement. Well, I think you’re looking at the next big thing.

So you’re going to become a blow-hard web personality?
Yeah but I’ll be different. I’ve got Jamaican in me, so I’ll put a cool Patois spin on it. So it’s like, I’ve got this tech I’ll be like “Whatagwarn? Rah blud! Dis ting bananas! Ya no see it? Tan’ dere I show yas. Bare features. Android Froyo innit? Buff tech! Ya too red eye! Don’t touch dis wire here, ya shock yaself. Trouble no set like rain!”

Sounds amazing. What’s the best LightInTheBox tech you’ve gotten your hands on?
I’m most interested in our Android tablets. The best tech I’ve used are our high-end tablets. The Malata Z-Pad and the SOWILL Oi Oi S7 are awesome. They’re our high-priced capacitive tablets and it shows. For mid-range tech, I recommend the Othello Tab. That’s a capacitive touchscreen you can afford. If you’re on a budget, Ouku Tab is the best 7 inch resistive touchscreen tablet.

Why did you come to China?
My Mom traveled a lot so I actually went to middle-school here. Returning as an adult felt a bit like coming home. I love Beijing and there’s a lot happening here now that makes it worth sticking around.

Imagine your airplane was shot down by monkeys, who have somehow managed to build giant catapults. You crash on their island and now you live with them. What are three things you’d want to have with you?
Laptop, Samsung Nexus S and a shipping container of Doritos.

No monkey repellant?
Monkeys are not my enemy.

Nor mine. What’s your favorite movie, TV show and band?
My favorite TV show is Archer. Favorite movie is Cabaret…or maybe rent? I love musicals and I love movies that empower homosexuals, I don’t know why. Favorite music, hmmm. I recently saw Fatboy Slim play the Great Wall of China, which was awesome. Shout outs to Yin and all my people in lock-down!

OK. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate, baby.

Decent interview Greg. I rate it a 7/10 because you really got off-track with the pointy forks.
That’s fine. Whatever.

We’ll miss you.
I’m off to get famous bro!

Greg is leaving us in pursuit of loftier things. Who can blame a man for following his dreams? Not this interviewer…no way. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

[LITB Labs] Sneak Peek: New Ouku 3G Smartphone

We’re back this week with more highly anticipated tech! Chinese tech manufacturer, Ouku, has been quietly developing a low-cost 3G Android smartphone – scheduled to go on sale exclusively on LightInTheBox.com next month. While they’re staying hush hush on the phone’s name and specs, we’ve gotten our hands on an early prototype for this special sneak peak at what’s sure to be a cool smartphone innovation.

You can’t go wrong with Android – the prototype’s running the oldish but stable Android 2.2 Froyo and we don’t expect that to change. This of course gives users access to Android Market’s thousands of free downloadable apps. The 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen seems very responsive. Using the same technology found in other high-end smartphones, you won’t need a stylus pen or any high-pressure button mashing to navigate the phone’s list of features. The phone also has multi-touch, which comes in handy for games and web browsing.

The 600MHz processor handles media nicely; from graphics intensive games like Angry Birds to high quality video. Front and rear-facing cameras will get your photo album started, or shoot and save video in AVI format. With the Ouku smartphone you can also get online and surf the web wherever you are using Wi-Fi networks, but you won’t have to. Thanks to the phone’s 3G capability, with a 3G enhanced SIM card you’ll always have high-speed internet at your finger tips.

For style enthusiasts, there will be four colors available (black, red, silver and white) with more possibilities on the way. Stay tuned for in-depth user reviews in the coming weeks!


[LITB Labs] Sneak Peek: The Ouku Star 3G, Second Generation Ouku Tab

This week on LITB Labs we’ve got a special treat for all of you. We’ve been given permission to give you an early glimpse of our highly anticipated 2nd Generation Ouku Tab, the Ouku Star 3G. All we can tell you about a release date is that it’ll be coming out in the next few weeks, and will be available in 4 different colors!

The Ouku Star 3G comes with a few added features that were missing on the original Ouku Tab. First off it’s got a Capacitive Touchscreen instead of Resistive, giving the Ouku Tab 3G unparalleled responsiveness and speed. The Ouku Star 3G will also come packed with 2 cameras, one front-facing and one rear-facing, allowing you video chat as well as take photos and video!

Unfortunately that’s all we’re allowed to tell you so far, but keep a look out for a full review of the Ouku Star 3G in the next couple weeks!