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CES 2013!

Who attended CES 2013?  I wish I could’ve!  Take a look at some awesome quirky gadgets that were unveiled at this year’s tech festival! [slideshow_deploy id='14186'] [slideshow_deploy id='14185'] [slideshow_deploy id='14184'] [slideshow_deploy id='14183'] [slideshow_deploy id='14187'] [slideshow_deploy id='14188']

Confused: A LightInTheBox Soap Opera

Confused: Episode One

A LightInTheBox Soap Opera
It was a lovely summer evening in bustling Beijing and Jack was leaving the LightInTheBox offices to meet Carole. She was a beautiful Belgian girl whom he’d met in Vics, a popular night spot hip with the haves and reviled by the have-nots. It was a clichéd first encounter; their eyes met across a crowded room and Jack found himself being drawn to Carole’s enchanting gaze like a moth to flame. “Can I buy you a drink?” Jack asked, comfortable with his sudden bravado – for as Jack was a quiet man at work, he was never a slouch with the ladies…

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Tom Gadget: Episode I

Lightning crashed outside the apartment window. Cops will be here soon, I said. The three suspects trembled. A fat old cook named Earl, a frail Android coder named Mr. Buttons and Denise, a sexy psychiatrist with eyes like a foxy cat vixen. I could feel her purring at me from the couch where she sat curled up in a gorgeous red dress. I turned on them abruptly. But I’ll have this whole thing figured out before you can say LightInTheBox.com!

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[LITB Labs] Introducing The Othello Tab, Our First Capacitive Touch-Screen Tablet!(Updated: Added Video)

This week we’re happy to introduce to you the first installment of LITB Labs, our latest weekly technology column. The goal of LITB Labs is to give you, our customers, an in depth and behind the scenes look at the our Tech devices and gadgets so that you can make the most informed decision when making your purchases!

For our inaugural post we’re excited to introduce you to the Othello Android 2.2 (Froyo) Tablet, our first ever capacitive touch-screen tablet! This is by far our favorite device yet, and with impressive speed and responsiveness it’s no wonder why.

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Tech Tuesdays: Introducing The C-MID Slate, Our Latest Android 2.1 7-inch Tablet

This week we at LightInTheBox.com would like to introduce to you our latest Android Tablet, the C-Mid Slate, which is available now! This 7-inch tablet is the perfect device for all your daily needs, whether for work, or for play. It’s portability excellent user interface experience means that anyone can use the C-Mid Slate, no matter their tablet experience.

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