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MITB News of the Week!

Recently there has been an influx of futuristic technology, with large corporations vying for the top spot.  Read more here!

Home Internet has just been made faster…in Japan.  Backed by Sony, So-net Entertainment has launched a fiber-based Internet service with download speeds of 2 Gbps.  Coming in second, the Google Fiber broadband Internet service offers an Internet speed of 1 Gbps per second.

In an area where upstart mobiles OSes have trouble building its own mobile operating systems, Firefox is taking the plunge.  Coming this summer, Firefox OS will be available in 5 European countries.  With Gary Kovacs’ resignation, what do you think Firefox’s future will be like?

Everyone knows that texting and walking is super dangerous, however, Juan-David Hincapié-Ramos will be creating an app that alert texters by measuring and sensing any obstacles in the  vicinity.

2013 seems to be the year of smartwatches.  Following rumors that Apple and Google are developing smartwatches, Microsoft is in talks to develop its own smartwatch.  Will YOU be sticking to your mobile phone or be wearing  “computer” on your wrist as well??

Bike safely!  Revolights has been creating bikes with built in tire lights with their Kickstarter funds.  Backers for this project can get a front wheel for $27, a rear wheel for $229, or the whole set for $399.  Is this project something YOU would back?

Fujitsu is developing a technology that detects objects your finger is touching, and can turn any surface in to a touchscreen.  One main feature involves the ability to copy and image or a text excerpt and storing that information in memory.  In my opinion, if this technology succeeds, the tablet market will be in big trouble…

MEIYING – HD Android 4.0 Tablet

For this weeks LightInTheBox Blog post I’m going to give you the low down on the MEIYING Android 4.0 Tablet computer. Not only is this little tablet aesthetically pleasing, it also packs a punch under it’s sleek exterior!

Flash Compatibility

It offers full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to access Flash-enabled websites; thus making sure all video and tube streaming websites display and load fully without any issues.

Powerful Graphics
This Android 4.0 Tablet comes with GC800 3D graphics, guaranteeing you an exceptional gaming and video viewing experience. The GC800 Graphics delivers super fast frame rendering. It merges the integegrated graphics acceleration software with the on-board / pre-installed 1.2GHz CPU; but that’s not all! Whilst most tablets will let you down with the tendency to slow to a crawl when you keep open several apps at once, the Meiying possesses 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM, ensuring cache and data files do not slow you down if you happen to need several apps open at once!

Yes, the MEIYING Android 4.0 Tablet computer truly is a powerhouse in a smooth and attractive outer casing. You’ll be the envy of your friends and you’ll love using the tablet, so why not give it a try today!

[ LITB Labs ] Aurora Windows 7 Tablet


This week we have a rather unique product for review in the LITB Lab and it comes in the form of the Aurora Tablet. The Aurora tablet is a little different to the majority of the tablets currently on the market as it is one of the few touchscreen tablet computers that runs Windows 7 operating system and the only Windows 7 tablet available at Light In The Box.

After spending the last year or so swamped with tablets running various versions and builds of Google’s Android OS, which is now as familiar and natural to me as signing my name on a piece of paper, this is the first Windows 7 tablet that I have ever used and I was excited to get my hands on it and to see what it can do.

At this point I should probably note that I’m not overly familiar with Windows 7, I spend the majority of my time on OSX, Jolicloud, Android and unfortunately the old workplace favorite Windows XP, so I am by no means a Windows 7 advocate. In fact I generally avoid Windows whenever possible!

My first thoughts when I turned on the Aurora tablet were, “this is weird”, but at the same time “this is interesting and kind of cool”. Using a Windows 7 touchscreen tablet computer was a completely new experience for me, so I thought back to the first time I used the Android OS way back in 2008 to see if the two experiences could in anyway compare.

I remembered that with Android, even though it was a completely new OS that I had no experience of, it just felt right. From the first time I picked up my T-Mobile G1, I knew how to use it, I knew how it worked and it worked well. Having Windows 7 on a touchscreen tablet however was a different story.

Once I had gotten over the initial novelty of seeing Windows 7 where I was so used to seeing Android 2.2, 2.3 or 3.0, I started to explore the device. Navigation around Windows 7 OS felt clumpy and awkward, but then that is no real surprise when you remember that Microsoft did not develop Windows 7 with touchscreen tablets in mind.

Web-browsing was also a little frustrating, scrolling was awkward using the scroll bar at the side and the pinch and zoom function didn’t work as well as on Aurora’s iOS and Android counterparts. This said I did enjoy being able to use full versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers on the Aurora tablet, even if it wasn’t the slickest of browsing experiences.

The Good…

There is a lot to like about the Aurora tablet, it has a 9.7 inch screen like the iPad, that has superb HD video playback. There is the speedy 1.66GHz processor, which keeps the tablet running smoothly. The in-built camera is perfect for video calling with Skype, Gtalk or other VOIPs. The build quality of the Aurora tablet is excellent and if you’re a fan of Windows 7 then the OS itself will be a huge positive.

The Bad…

For me the major drawbacks lie with the fact that Windows 7 is not an OS designed for a tablet. The Aurora is not as good as a Windows 7 netbook nor is it as good as an Android tablet or an iPad, it is caught in the middle and doesn’t perform as well as the alternatives. The lack of an application market is also off putting and I know will be a big turn-off for most people. Then of course there is the price, at $439.99 it is probably not cheap enough to attract many people.

The Summary

As expected the Aurora tablet isn’t for everyone, if however you’re a fan of Windows 7 and have been looking for a Windows 7 tablet, then the Aurora tablet is definitely worth considering. For everyone else Android tablets are a far better option.

The Aurora touchscreen tablet computer is now available at Light In The Box for $439.99.

Confused: A LightInTheBox Soap Opera

It was a lovely summer evening in bustling Beijing and Jack was leaving the LightInTheBox offices to meet Carole. She was a beautiful Belgian girl whom he’d met in Vics, a popular night spot hip with the haves and reviled by the have-nots.

It was a clichéd first encounter; their eyes met across a crowded room and Jack found himself being drawn to Carole’s enchanting gaze like a moth to flame. “Can I buy you a drink?” Jack asked, comfortable with his sudden bravado – for as Jack was a quiet man at work, he was never a slouch with the ladies.

With a twinkle in her eye Carole smiled “Oh, I don’t see why not…” her voice trailed off on the cool evening air as she averted Jack’s seductive eyes. “I’ll have a mojito.” They chatted about simple things, agreeing not to mention the tedious and inglorious realm of the workplace. Their thoughts wound down an enchanted road; from fine dining to amusing tales from their childhoods. They laughed quietly together, chatting until the early hours and before parting, they had arranged their first date. They would meet again on Friday and Friday had arrived.

Tonight’s the night“, Jack thought, combing his hair back as he walked the busy street. He thought of Carole waiting for him at Scarlett, the secluded and romantic wine bar and hurried to walk faster. He hoped that they click over canapés and French wine… and perhaps take this encounter a little further.

Jack approached his destination and checked his wrist for the time. He was early, as always, thanks to his Genome LED watch which he’d set 15 minutes fast. It was a trick he’d picked up from his superstitious aunt, who mistakenly believed (and taught) that tardiness was one of the 7 deadly sins.

Jack entered Scarlett and as he checked his reservation with the hostess, he spotted a familiar and unpleasant face. Jack caught a chill. It was James, a dangerous man, and one Jack had hoped he’d never again encounter. James was sitting at a table alone, Othello tablet in hand and looking dapper in a black tux. “Has he seen me?” Jack thought, rubbing a worried thumb across his teeth. Nervous, Jack turned and hastily made his way up the black spiral staircase to the roof, praying that he had not been seen.

Once on the roof, Jack breathed a little relief, his heart resuming its normal hollow thud. He placed the single red rose he had bought for Carole on the table in front of him, ordered a bottle of Bordeaux from the waiter and with a sense of smugness knew the wine would have time to breath before his date arrived. It was all set.

Some time passed and as Jack swirled wine in his glass, he grew a little restless – when suddenly a waft of lovely perfume caught his nose across the terrace. Looking up, Jack saw Carole gliding towards him in a lovely black outfit. He couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. Her high-heels , Pleat Rose clutch and gold bracelets accented her natural beauty, giving her the aura of a movie star. “She’s special,” Jack thought. “She’s got something… different.”

Jack stood up as Carole reached the table. Like a true gentleman he kissed her on the cheek, presented her with the rose and offered her a chair. As they sat down the waiter appeared to pour the wine. They stared into each other’s eyes, as the sun set over the city in a comfortable silence. They barely spoke, happy to enjoy the moment. They both felt as if they’d known each other for years…

Suddenly Jack’s Versio Sunrise phone rang, awakening the lovers from their trance. He looked down at the call display. It was Luisa calling. Jack’s wife.

To Be Continued…

Meet the Team: Greg

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re interviewing Greg. He’s our Creative Content Department’s resident tech geek. Greg is getting ready to leave our company, so wants to pass on some special wisdom. Let’s see what he has to say…

Hi Greg.

I know you, because I sit next to you.

You seem happy.
I’m always happy. I don’t get sad. When I get sad I still look happy so people ask me what I’m happy about and I’m like “dude, I’m upset right now. Go away.”

Where are you from?
Maryland, USA.

A lot of people in this company say you look like Barrack Obama. Care to comment?
I know someone who saw him once in a diner before he was a household name. Allegedly he was eating a hotdog with mustard on it and that’s wrong. Hawaiian pizza is wrong too, there’s a lot of things that bother me about food. Don’t get me started. Like, you can’t just say you have jerked chicken if you’re going to cut corners. You don’t come correct with your spice? I hate that. No, really – when people describe food a way and then don’t follow through and you go in there and look at the menu – and I don’t even want to start on misleading menu photos – and you’re left with I don’t know what on your plate it’s just insulting… and it sucks!

You’re known for your rants.
I like to talk. I’ve gotten in trouble around here a few times for my loud voice but that’s who I am. I’m Greg. People love me.

You can rant about anything. You’re like a terrible morning radio show host.
I don’t know about that. There’s some stuff I love to talk about.

You want me to talk about forks? Forks – OK maybe I can say a little about this…forks can be too pointy. I mean I’m not the type of guy who’s going to send a fork back in a restaurant for being too pointy, but, I’ll totally think it. If anyone’s sitting with me I might comment to them like “what’s the restaurant trying to do, kill us?”. I mean technically they’d be equipping us to kill ourselves, since they’re not sticking the way-too-pointy forks in our mouths, they’re just allowing us to do that ourselves. How sharp does a fork need to be? I’m not eating lettuce. Salad sucks. I never eat salad. If the meat is cooked properly – don’t get me started on dry meat oh my god – but it should be juicy and like, succulent. It shouldn’t need a samurai sword to pick off a plate. Seriously.

Fascinating. What do you do here?
I write tech related content for our blog and website. One of my main projects right now is LITB Labs. That’s where we review and show off our latest high-end tech and gadgets. We’ve had some cool sneak peeks lately where we’ve shown glimpses into our new tech developments. I love what’s happening with the Android tablets and smartphones. I’m a big Android fan. Some of the spy gear’s cool too but I’m into the more high-tech stuff. I read Engadget and stuff. I’m hip.

I hear you’ll be leaving us.
I’m leaving LightInTheBox now for new and exciting things, so Jack’s going to be taking over LITB Labs. I think he can do it. He seems a bit shaky. I saw a video with him presenting a tablet the other day he looked a bit strung out. I don’t think he’s been sleeping well. Someone needs to get him this Sleep-As-An-droid app. It listens to you sleeping and when you’re restless like you’re no longer in REM sleep, that’s when your alarm goes off. So you don’t get woken up when you’re in deep sleep which sucks. I hate that, especially if I was having a dream like I was flying. I love those dreams where you feel weightless and you’re flying over the city. Anyway, I’ve got that app on my awesome phone and it’s awesome and legit.

Jack is a bit of a mess…he’s slow.
I’ve been to Europe a few times. I’m a big Chelsea supporter. I even have a Chelsea desktop wallpaper with Drogba throwing money at homeless people. English people are like that sometimes, they get depressed. Not Drogba, he’s from the Ivory Coast.

Alright I’ll go easy on him. So what’s next for you?
It’s time to branch out and use my talents in the right way. I can’t be stuck behind a keyboard forever. It’s time to take on the world. Have you seen that guy Dr. Gadget? He looks like he’s having a good time and the dude is probably near retirement. Well, I think you’re looking at the next big thing.

So you’re going to become a blow-hard web personality?
Yeah but I’ll be different. I’ve got Jamaican in me, so I’ll put a cool Patois spin on it. So it’s like, I’ve got this tech I’ll be like “Whatagwarn? Rah blud! Dis ting bananas! Ya no see it? Tan’ dere I show yas. Bare features. Android Froyo innit? Buff tech! Ya too red eye! Don’t touch dis wire here, ya shock yaself. Trouble no set like rain!”

Sounds amazing. What’s the best LightInTheBox tech you’ve gotten your hands on?
I’m most interested in our Android tablets. The best tech I’ve used are our high-end tablets. The Malata Z-Pad and the SOWILL Oi Oi S7 are awesome. They’re our high-priced capacitive tablets and it shows. For mid-range tech, I recommend the Othello Tab. That’s a capacitive touchscreen you can afford. If you’re on a budget, Ouku Tab is the best 7 inch resistive touchscreen tablet.

Why did you come to China?
My Mom traveled a lot so I actually went to middle-school here. Returning as an adult felt a bit like coming home. I love Beijing and there’s a lot happening here now that makes it worth sticking around.

Imagine your airplane was shot down by monkeys, who have somehow managed to build giant catapults. You crash on their island and now you live with them. What are three things you’d want to have with you?
Laptop, Samsung Nexus S and a shipping container of Doritos.

No monkey repellant?
Monkeys are not my enemy.

Nor mine. What’s your favorite movie, TV show and band?
My favorite TV show is Archer. Favorite movie is Cabaret…or maybe rent? I love musicals and I love movies that empower homosexuals, I don’t know why. Favorite music, hmmm. I recently saw Fatboy Slim play the Great Wall of China, which was awesome. Shout outs to Yin and all my people in lock-down!

OK. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate, baby.

Decent interview Greg. I rate it a 7/10 because you really got off-track with the pointy forks.
That’s fine. Whatever.

We’ll miss you.
I’m off to get famous bro!

Greg is leaving us in pursuit of loftier things. Who can blame a man for following his dreams? Not this interviewer…no way. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

[LITB Labs] Sneak Peek: The Ouku Star 3G, Second Generation Ouku Tab

This week on LITB Labs we’ve got a special treat for all of you. We’ve been given permission to give you an early glimpse of our highly anticipated 2nd Generation Ouku Tab, the Ouku Star 3G. All we can tell you about a release date is that it’ll be coming out in the next few weeks, and will be available in 4 different colors!

The Ouku Star 3G comes with a few added features that were missing on the original Ouku Tab. First off it’s got a Capacitive Touchscreen instead of Resistive, giving the Ouku Tab 3G unparalleled responsiveness and speed. The Ouku Star 3G will also come packed with 2 cameras, one front-facing and one rear-facing, allowing you video chat as well as take photos and video!

Unfortunately that’s all we’re allowed to tell you so far, but keep a look out for a full review of the Ouku Star 3G in the next couple weeks!

Tom Gadget: Episode I

Lightning crashed outside the apartment window. Cops will be here soon, I said. The three suspects trembled. A fat old cook named Earl, a frail Android coder named Mr. Buttons and Denise, a sexy psychiatrist with eyes like a foxy cat vixen. I could feel her purring at me from the couch where she sat curled up in a gorgeous red dress. I turned on them abruptly. But I’ll have this whole thing figured out before you can say LightInTheBox.com!

The Old Man had hired me over the phone just hours ago. He feared for his life and wanted to see me face to face to discuss it. Now he’s dead, vaporized. Sliced to bits with a laser then set on fire; a pile of ashes on the floor. One of them did it, and I was about to discover who.

I sprang into action, cornering the fat man. Come here cook! His arms flew up in innocence, but I forced him into a Tamifu reclining chair, where he became so comfortable he immediately fell asleep.

Wake up! I screamed, shaking his fat cheeks. He asked how much the chair cost. Click the link! I told him, and he got confused. I reached into my handy Gadget Sack and pulled out an Infrared Laser Thermometer. Aiming carefully at his head I pulled the trigger. He was hot.

Well it seems the only thing you’ve been cooking up – is MURDER! The cook screamed like a girl. You’re burning up, cook. The thermometer doesn’t lie… He told me he’d been making meat loaf for the Old Man and the oven had him hot and bothered. I rushed to the kitchen where I found the meat loaf in question. It was barely warm! I confronted the cook. He told me the meatloaf was cold because he put it on an incredibly useful laptop cooling fan, which apparently can also cool food. I lifted up the meat loaf tray and found the cooling pad resting under it. He was telling the truth. Convinced, I put the Infrared Thermometer gun away, considering its many industrial uses, its amazing accuracy and its affordable price. In the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Buttons squirm…

Alright Buttons, your turn to face the music! I grabbed the geek by his nose – he screamed nasaly geekish screams as I led him to the bathroom shower. I turned the shower on, revealing a high tech and stylish purple LED shower head. The room glowed beautifully as I gave him the wet treatment. What are you doing in the Old Man’s house, besides killing him? Mr. Buttons gasped as the water filled his mouth and eyes. He said the Old Man asked him to build a new app for his Othello Tab and Stargate Smartphone that would stream video from the hidden surveillance cameras located inside his home.

I left Mr. Buttons soaking and walked casually back into the living room. The cook stared at me from his comfy chair, but it wasn’t him I was after. Denise – you sultry demon of the night. You are so hot. I just said that out loud.

I reached into my Gadget Sack and pulled out a USB Mini Fridge. I opened the fridge and took out a tasty cool beverage, tempting the seductive suspect before me. Want a drink? She accepted. The psychiatrist, sizing me up no doubt. Determining my worth in her sexy little mind. So…would you like to confess to any murders? She sipped slowly, eyes fixed on mine. We did the eyeball dance. It was a tango and when it was over, I still didn’t know what color her eyes were, because I’m partially blind.

After staring at each other became awkward, she told me the Old Man hired her for a therapy session and she’d arrived to find him already dead. I strode past her, briefly admiring the affordable high quality hand painted art on the wall, and picked up the innocent looking clock on the living room table. I turned it upside down and slid the case open. A spy camera! The geek was telling the truth. I removed the spy camera’s 4GB TF card and inserted it into my lightweight and portable Ouku Tab. The video gave me a heavy heart. Sultry Denise, was a killer.

I should’ve known, I told her. A beautiful lady shrink with a stylish dress, shimmering necklace and delicious shoes…what’s the catch? The catch is you’re a killer – and you’re caught!

As the sound of police sirens drew closer, only one question remained. Why did Denise kill him?

[LITB Labs] Introducing The Othello Tab, Our First Capacitive Touch-Screen Tablet!(Updated: Added Video)

This week we’re happy to introduce to you the first installment of LITB Labs, our latest weekly technology column. The goal of LITB Labs is to give you, our customers, an in depth and behind the scenes look at the our Tech devices and gadgets so that you can make the most informed decision when making your purchases!

For our inaugural post we’re excited to introduce you to the Othello Android 2.2 (Froyo) Tablet, our first ever capacitive touch-screen tablet! This is by far our favorite device yet, and with impressive speed and responsiveness it’s no wonder why.

Tablets are becoming the go to devices these days for everyone’s browsing, gaming and communicatons needs. With apps that allow you to do everything from read free e-books, to apps that let you video chat with friends for free. We’ve been personally excited for quite some time about going hands-on with this tablet. It’s not only our first ever capacitive touchscreen we’ve gotten at Lightinthebox, but it’s also the first that’s got some serious power under the hood.


To begin our in-depth hands-on review of the Othello Tab we’ll start with a look at the hardware. The first thing you’ll notice when you take the Othello Tab out of the box is the fact that it almost looks like a large iPhone 4, except of course for the big Camera that’s placed on the tablet just above the screen. It’s got a sleek looking black plastic back casing with a silver lining like side casing. The front of the tablet is a tough glass that’s very smooth to the touch and helps to make the usage more seamless. It’s got one external speaker on the back that looks more like two tiny paper cuts in the back of the casing.


The Othello Tab has got a glossy 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, with a 800×480 (16:9) resolution. The responsiveness of the capacitive screen is excellent and almost completely lag free, probably mostly thanks to the heart of the tablet. Beating beneath the surface is a 1GHz SAMSUNG S5PV210 Cortex A8 processor that’s got a built in graphic processing unit (GPU) to power through any 1080p (1920×1080 resolution) HD videos you plan on watching. The processor is coupled with 512Mb of RAM to allow for some truly excellent multi-tasking speeds.

The device comes with an internal WiFi card, and has a slot for an external 3G USB dongle. The slot is compatible with WCDMA networks using any of the following 3G dongles: HUAWEI E220/E1750/E156G and ZTE MF637U. The Othello Tab also comes with a built HDMI slot for playing videos on your television or computer monitors.


The overall performance of the Othello Tab is really quite great, and in fact better than we were expecting. Web browsing is a breeze, and any other basic tasks. The built in GPU allows you to play any and all games available on the Android Market without a hint of lag. Games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja run exceedingly smoothly making for an overall awesome gaming experience.


The Othello Tab runs on the popular and widely used Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. If you want to learn more about it, we’ve already created an All You Need To Know About Android Page where you can learn about all the exciting features the Android operating system has to offer!

Wrap Up

Overall we’d say that the Othello Tab is really an excellent device. It’s got a great screen that, because it’s capacitive, has top of the line responsiveness. The size and portability of the tab are an added bonus as well. All of that wrapped around a 1GHz Samsung processor, and we’re talking some serious speed and power.

We really did love spending time playing with the Othello Tab, and are sure you will too! With more and more manufacturers finally realizing that capacitive touch-screens are the way to go, you can definitely expect us to be getting our hands on more of these!



Tech Tuesdays: Introducing The C-MID Slate, Our Latest Android 2.1 7-inch Tablet

This week we at LightInTheBox.com would like to introduce to you our latest Android Tablet, the C-Mid Slate, which is available now! This 7-inch tablet is the perfect device for all your daily needs, whether for work, or for play. It’s portability excellent user interface experience means that anyone can use the C-Mid Slate, no matter their tablet experience.

Key Specs:

The C-Mid Slate comes with a highly sensitive 7-inch touchscreen that’s the perfect size for any task. Watch all your movies and TV shows in stunning 720P HD on the C-Mid Slate’s bright screen. The size of the screen is great as well because it means that the C-Mid Slate is extremely light, and it can even fit in your back pocket.

Operating System:
The C-Mid Slate runs on the popular Android 2.1 (Eclair) Operating System (OS) that boasts incredible speed and design. With nearly limitless customization options, the Android 2.1 OS is the perfect system for any user. Whether you want to surf the web, play games, or just read a book, you’ll be able to do it all with ease using one of the most advanced operating systems on the market.

The C-Mid Slate runs on a 700Mhz Rockchip Processor that gives the tablet blazingly fast speeds. Use multiple apps simultaneously and quickly switch between different programs with ease. This speed coupled with the responsiveness of the screen gives the C-Mid Slate unparalleled usability.


The only real way to find out if this phone is for you is to get your hands on one! To do so, head over to the product page!

What’s in the Box:

1 X Tablet PC
1 X USB cable (for connecting to the PC)
1 X User Manual
1 X earphone (3.5MM)
1 X Standard Charger

C-Mid Slate