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These shoes are SLAMMIN! There is no party I wouldn't wear this to!

New Shoe Arrivals!

Happy Fashion Friday! Today we are going to showcase new additions to the LightInTheBox footwear collections! We are going to show off some of our staff favorites!

Ekitzel’s Pick’s -

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Maria’s Studded Selection:

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Angela’s Favs!

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Aggie and Anita’s TOP CHOICE!

Aggie: I like this pair. I’d wear them for a party maybe. I like the bowknot and the color, haha.
Anita: I like the colorful ribbon that makes the stilettos stand out, so that it is not just a regular pair of black heels. I would wear these shoes because it can match with any outfit I choose!

Check out our new footwear arrivals and spice up your style for Winter and the coming Spring season!

Share your favorites from our footwear collections!

Wedding Wednesday: Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Happy Wednesday, ladies! If you’re like me then you are in serious need of a midweek pick-me-up, and I’ve got the perfect thing to help…wedding shoes! No woman can turn down a good pair of pumps or an excuse to put on her dancing shoes! In this week’s post you’ll see lots of amazing shoe options for your big day!

Spring 2012 is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, so let your feet breathe! Peep toe pumps and strappy sandals are perfect for this hot weather and LightInTheBox.com has a ton to choose from! We’ve got all the hot colors too—anywhere from traditional white and ivory, to classic gold or silver or even funky hues like green or purple! And if you’re still looking for that perfect “something blue”, why not try blue shoes? That’s a huge trend right now and modern brides are really taking it to the next level!

A few of our favorite bridal shoe trends are really making a comeback this year— floral detail, bows and rhinestones are all the rage for summertime! If your bridal shoes have a hint of color or a flash of sparkle, you are definitely on trend!

Our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has such a wide variety of styles to choose from, you can’t really go wrong!

Click a photo to visit the product page.

Fashion Friday: Leopard Ladies

Leopard print is all the rage these days! From the runway to the sidewalks, we’re seeing this trend all over the place. In this week’s post you’ll see some fab items that will make you want to find your inner animal!

Leopard print signifies sensuality, authority and confidence, which is really what power dressing is all about! We’ve seen celebrities and common-folk alike rock this trend, so don’t be afraid to try this trend! Try pairing that leopard mini dress with your leopard pumps for a wild night out! Or, if you’re going for a more subtle look, opt for a skirt with leopard details or even a cute bag with leopard print! Try playing around with different colors too.

This animal print trend is back—and in full force. Here are just a few items from our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection that are sure to turn you into a full blown leopard lovin’ lady!

Click a photo to visit the product page.


Wedding Wednesday: A Pop of Color

One of the fastest growing trends in the bridal community is quite a colorful one! Brides have found themselves bored with the usual white or ivory colored wedding gowns and are seeking more youthful looks for themselves. This week’s post will show off some great choices for the bride who wants to add a pop of color to her life!

If you’re not comfortable with an entire gown in a non-traditional hue, there are several other ways you can add some color to your wedding day ensemble! The next step down would be to rock a dress with colored inserts or embroidery, but you could also opt for a colored sash or embellishments. But even if you choose to wear a simple dress, you can still spice up your outfit with colorful accessories! The possibilities are endless—you could choose funky-hued shoes, a bright handbag or vibrant jewelry. You could even try multicolored fingernails!

Here you’ll find some of my favorite colorful choices, but you can check out our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events collection for more inspiration!

Click a photo to visit the product page.


Fashion Friday: Go Nude!

No, not that kind of nude! The color nude is the hottest trend these days. We’re seeing nude all over the place—on celebrities, businesswomen and everywhere in between. This week’s post features some fierce outfit inspirations in the color nude, just in time for the weekend (and we all know the weekend is just an excuse to wear your cutest outfit)!

The great thing about this trend is that you can wear this color any way you like. From shoes and bags to dresses and coats, anything goes! If plain nude is just too boring for you, mix in a pop of color for a little fun! And be sure that your outfit has flaunts some interesting embellishments and a perfect fit so you can stand out from the crowd.

Here I’ve picked out some of my absolute favorite pieces in nude. And don’t forget to check our great selection in the LightInTheBox Fashion Collection, we get new items regularly!

Click a picture to go to the product page.


Wedding Wednesday: Simply Elegant

It’s not every day that a lady gets to dress in her most stunning ensemble, which is all the more reason to go all out on your wedding day! And the great news is you can look stylish and graceful without breaking the bank! In this week’s post you’ll see some simply elegant items that are both chic and affordable.

Elegant is defined as “tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, or design” and a wedding should have all of those qualities. But having an elegant soiree does not necessarily mean that it has to come with an extravagant price. In fact, with a little time and effort put into the planning, it is absolutely possible to have an ornate wedding that is also budget-friendly!

The key is to looking elegant and chic is to keep things simple! If you’re wearing a dress that has lots of embroidery or other details, keep your accessories to a minimum and make sure that they blend well with your dress. On the other hand, if your dress has a simple design you can get a little more creative with your jewelry and other accoutrement! Whether you’re browsing for yourself or for your bridesmaids, be sure to check out our selection!

From shoes to gowns, our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has everything you need to have a simply elegant wedding night! Click on a picture to go to the product page.


Wedding Wednesday: All That Glitters

After months of wedding planning and stressing out, you deserve to be the center of attention on your big day! All eyes will be on you as you’ll be the only one wearing white (hopefully!), so don’t be afraid to shine, both figuratively and literally. In this week’s post you’ll see some glittery pieces that are sure to dazzle everyone around.

Although you don’t have to be getting married to wear an outfit that sparkles, a wedding is the perfect occasion! Each bride already has their first and most important piece of sparkle taken care of—the ring! While the ring will be the focal point for most people, you are allowed to add some more glitter to your ensemble!

Whether it’s on your feet, in your hair, on your ears or even on your dress, adding some sparkle to your look can be done easily! There are so many styles and accessories available to today’s brides that it’s simple to find the right piece of glitz for you. You can rely on sequins, crystals, broaches, beading, appliqués, or even rhinestones to give you the extra shimmer you’re looking for!

Here are some sparkly options from the LightInTheBox Weddings & Events Collection that are perfect for the bride that wants to shine!

I’ve included close-up pictures of the gowns so that you can see all of the glittery detail! Click a photo to go to its product page.


Wedding Wednesday: Something Blue

Every bride-to-be has heard the age-old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” but not every woman knows how she can apply that to her own wedding celebration. In this week’s post you’ll see some fun ideas on how to wear something blue for your big day!

Most brides will already be wearing ‘something new’ on their wedding day—-a wedding gown! That one’s easy; it’s the other three that can be tricky. Instead of hunting down two separate items, lots of ladies choose to combine the ‘something old’ and the ‘something borrowed’ by wearing a piece of heirloom jewelry or lace given to them by their mother, grandmother or another family member.

In the past, brides would embroider their new initials with blue thread or pin a blue ribbon inside the wedding dress. But many modern brides are having fun trying to find new ways to incorporate that something blue into their own weddings. Many ladies are wearing blue nail polish, blue costume jewelry, blue shoes, blue garters and lingerie or even having blue accents on their wedding gowns! Needless to say, having a ‘something blue’ included in the festivities can take your wedding day from fun to fantastic! And don’t be shy about it—blue is a funky color and you should enjoy picking your very own ‘something blue’!

Here are a few of my favorite blue items for you to consider for your own wedding! Our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events Collection has a lot of stuff for you to choose from, so happy shopping!


1) Blue Crystal Earrings

2) Crystal Charm Bracelet

3) Crystal & Alloy Necklace

4) Blue Glitter Stilettos

5) Peep Toe Heels with Rhinestones

6) Satin Appliqué Handbag

7) Sequin Shell Handbag

8) Satin Wedding Garter

9) 2-Piece Wedding Garter

10) Satin Beading Wedding Jacket

11) Blue Accents Strapless Gown

12) Blue Belted Ball Gown

Wedding Wednesday: Black Tie Optional

For any lady attending a wedding the day of the festivity is filled with hours of primping and grooming, just to be followed by a few more hours of standing up and dancing. Needless to say, a wedding is a celebration and no matter what type of wedding you’ll be attending you should look your best! Whether you’re a bridesmaid, a wedding guest or the bride herself a wedding is the perfect occasion to show off your style and make sure everyone sees that you clean up nicely!

Although there are many different themes a couple could choose to base their wedding on, when it boils down it there are only three types of weddings—informal, semi-formal and formal. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what to wear to a wedding and even harder if you’re not sure what the dress code is. But since pictures will be taken throughout the day, you definitely want to look appropriate!

Here are some outfits from the LightInTheBox Weddings & Events Collection that will be perfect options for that fun-filled day!


A flowery dress, flirty sandals (heel or flats!) and a floppy hat are perfect for daytime or outdoor weddings.


A cocktail dress that is not too bright and not too revealing is ideal for this setting. Pair it with some fun jewelry and a unique pair of heels and you’re all set!


It’s appropriate for you to wear a floor length evening gown for formal, black tie weddings. You can also strut around in some killer stilettos and break out the flashiest clutch you have!