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Sweater Weather: 5 Picks for Chilly Temps! (And a GIVEAWAY!)


Oh my goodness! It’s getting seriously cold out there. For us, the highlight of this temperature shift has to be the arrival of Sweater Weather. (Sorry, Pumpkin Spice Lattes!).

To get you just as excited for this new season as we are, we’ve found five LightInTheBox sweaters that’ll make these downright cold temps downright amazing. Continue reading Sweater Weather: 5 Picks for Chilly Temps! (And a GIVEAWAY!)

[LITB Labs] Ouku 3G Smartphone Beta Test

The Ouku 3G Android Smartphone is the latest in Ouku’s affordable tech stable. Last time we gave you a sneak peak at the new phone and today we’ve got some first-hand reviews of the phone’s prototype. Following a hunt on our LightInTheBox Insider Facebook page, we found two willing beta testers ready to try out some early versions. We shipped these two gentlemen early test versions of the phones and asked them to give us their thoughts. Today we have their feedback, glitches and all, as Ouku moves one step closer to a 3G smartphone that fits every budget.

Beta Testing Report

Tester: Fred
Location: USA
Product: Ouku 3G Smartphone Prototype
Test Duration: Approx. 7 days

– Square works on this unit. The app recognizes when the credit card reader is plugged into the headphone jack.

– Mildly disappointed with the buttons. The buttons on this unit are faulty. The Home and Menu Keys linked to the Volume Up and Down, which is causing some issues.

– The compass was pretty much non-functional. Recalibration was terrible. The only saving grace is the excellent GPS overtook the lack of quality.

– When I mentioned that the 3G was working, I didn’t realize that that the data transfer was only working on 2G/EDGE Network. I am guessing that it never worked to begin with since the system didn’t allow me to select any 3G networks. The 4th of July weekend the phone shined while all my other friends were complaining that they couldn’t make calls or use Facebook but that was only because I wasn’t using 3G at all.

– Audio quality in the earpiece is poor. Over time, this has degraded and for many calls, it makes conversations sound like vibrations at best.

– The USB interface has a problem. It looks like the housing of the port is pulling the pin connector away from the mainboard.

– On 2G/Edge, it’s just as good as the Midnight I purchased a couple of months ago. Actually, as undergunned as BOTH the Midnight and Eclipse are (both I own) they are better in build and quality till those problems are fixed.

– I want to give this unit a fair review but it was doomed from get-go. I would love to see if I can get an exchange to really test out what you sent it to me for, 3G data and calls.

Beta Testing Report

Tester: Evin
Location: France
Product: Ouku 3G Smartphone Prototype
Test Duration: Approx. 7 days

– The capative touchscreen is beautiful. 3.5 Inches and very responsive.

– The camera was installed upside down. Oops! Be sure you fix that before final production! The camera is pretty good, aside from the fact it’s upside down. The Android software allows for many customizations including save format, zoom, exposure, effects and even adjust the megapixels.

– After a few days, the port connections broke off. I suppose they need to be re-soldered. It’s most likely due to removing the power cable, perhaps you may need more re-enforcement to hold it in place.

– It has a plastic shell which is comfortable and light. The phone itself is extremely light as compared to other smartphones such as the iPhone.

– Decent battery life and a spare battery for road trips. The micro USB charging port makes charging the phone convenient, universal and simple to use.

– To be honest I was very surprised to find out that there was only a 600MHz processor. The phone handles extremely well. Not once did it hesitate to return to the home screen or quit an app. Compared to my iPhone 3G it’s very responsive.

– Regarding the 3G, this is the first Chinese phone I’ve come across with 3G capabilities. Not only have you made it 3G but running dual SIM. I was honestly very impressed. I have tried it with a 3G sim card and it worked perfectly. No problem receiving signal even though I live in the countryside. It did drop to EDGE and GPRS when signal was low, however these still functioned as usual. Overall speed was good and no delay in loading web pages, browsing emails or keeping up to date on Facebook. 3G ran perfectly alongside another sim receiving texts and calls.

– Youtube videos have bufferless playtimes between 3G highspeed internet and excellent processing.

– Games handle quite well. The screen is responsive and I enjoyed some Angry Birds on the phone. The TF card means you can expand the phone’s memory and get a lot of games and other apps and media on there.

– Calling quality is good. The speaker is loud enough and it can connect well with Bluetooth.

– The phone is nearly perfected with a few flaws to be wiped away before final shipment. Thanks!

The Next Step

We’d like to thank Fred and Evin for their great reviews! We’ve sent their reports on to Ouku who are grateful to have some outside opinions. Once Ouku’s finished the testing phase and works the rest of its bugs out, we’ll be sending Fred and Evin the finished Ouku 3G Smartphones and getting their thoughts on the final version of this handset. Stay tuned!

[LITB Labs] The Huawei Ideos S7

This week for LITB Labs we’ve decided to continue on our hot streak of awesome world-class tablets, and introduce to you the Huawei Ideos S7 Android tablet. This is the second of our world-class tablets that we’re reviewing, the first being our the ever popular Malata Zpad. The Ideos S7 is a smaller 7″ alternative to the Zpad, but it’s still a powerhouse machine.


The first thing you’ll notice when you take the Huawei Ideos S7 out of it’s box is it’s solid and sturdy feel. The weight reminds you that this isn’t a junk tablet made from just any material that was lying around at the time. It’s got a solid metal back that’s got a great looking aluminum looking finish. The screen is rock solid as well and extremely crisp. On the left side of the screen are the home, menu and return buttons, while on the right are the call/end call buttons as well as a touch sensitive select button that you can use to maneuver through Huawei’s build of Android 2.2.

As per usual we’ll first take a look at the hardware on the SOWILL OiOi S7 for the in-depth review of the device. I was utterly impressed when I first took the device out of it’s box. It’s light weight yet has a pretty sturdy feel despite the back being made out of some sort of plastic. The grooved back panel feels pretty nice on your hand and helps with grip as well. The sleek screen and touch buttons located on the front remind me of the Samsung Nexus S, and it’s got the same responsiveness as one. The OiOi S7 also comes stocked with an impressing 2MP front facing camera for all your video chatting needs!


Underneath the Ideos S7’s sturdy exterior lies the tested and powerful 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 processor, 512Mb of DDR2 Ram, and


The overall performance of the device is absolutely excellent, which is why we’ve labelled the SOWILL OiOi S7 a favorite! Swiping from screen to screen comes completely without lag. With a GPU built in, the OiOi S7 is capable of running any and all games that are available on the Android Market fluidly. This means that games like everyone’s favorites Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja can be played without a hint of lag. Reading e-books was also simple and easy and the installed e-book reader ran beautifully.


The SOWILL OiOi S7 runs on the popular and widely used Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. If you want to learn more about it, we’ve already created an All You Need To Know About Android Page where you can learn about all the exciting features the Android operating system has to offer!

Wrap Up

Like we said before, the SOWILL OiOi S7 is our favorite tablet so far! Not to say that we didn’t absolutely love the Othello Tab, but there was just something about this little guy that had us wanting to keep it after our testing. It’s portable, powerful, and a beautiful looking piece of technology, and at the end of the day there wasn’t much negative we could say about it. Get your hands on a SOWILL OiOi S7 here, we have no doubts that you’ll love it as much as we did!



iPad 2 Promotion Winners!

Yes, we did it again! Our monthly iPad Promotion has resulted in another free give-away of two brand new iPads 2! LightIntheBox.com and MiniInTheBox.com have each chosen a lucky shopper who have written a review on a product. This time the iPads go to Birgit Bergmann from Germany and Giovanni Lucchesi from Italy! Birgit and Giovanni both win a 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi!

Both winners were automatically entered in the draw by writing a product review on our website in the month of April. Juliet wrote a review on the Jewel Satin Tulle Wedding Dress on the LightIntheBox website, while Giovanni reviewed the Wii Controller Grip on the MiniInTheBox website.

How to win? Simply head over to LightInTheBox.com or MiniInTheBox.com for a chance to win your own iPad 2! All you have to do is to write a review on the product page of the item you purchased before May 30th 1AM EST – and you will be automatically entered for our next lucky draw in June! Include a picture of your purchased product to win an additional iPad 2 case! Want more tips on how to write a good review? Check our blog post on the iPad Give-Away Promotion.

So keep checking back, and we hope to see your name in our next announcement! Happy shopping!

[LITB Labs] Introducing The Stargate 3.5-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen Android 2.2 Phone!

This week on LITB Labs we’ve decided to take a look at your newest and favorite Android smartphone, the Stargate! It’s our Top-Selling phone so far this month, and for a very good reason. We took it home with us and had an extended look to get a real feel for the device. We got a feel and we absolutely loved it…


As will be the usual on LITB Labs, we start with the hardware on the Stargate phone. When we first took it out of the box was its matte black looking finish which actually feels quite smooth in your hands. At the bottom of the device you’ve got the Home, Menu, Select, Return, and Search buttons that allows you to get the most functionality out of the Android 2.2 operating system. The tough glass covering the screen of the Stargate is nice and smooth as expected and, after a few weeks of use, has proven its durability and resistance to scratches.

There’s a small slit on the lower back side of the device for the speaker, which is quite powerful. We tested the speaker by playing music, watching shows, and using it while testing the speaker phone test. Each time we got more sound than expected out of the little guy. One weird thing about the device is that it’s actually got a 2.5mm headphone jack located on the top of the device next to the power button, as the typical headphone output size these days is 3.5mm. It’s very easy to solve this issue though, by buying a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter that you can get right here for a mere US$ 2.44!

The camera (which is 2 mega-pixels) and flash are located at the upper back side of the phone, as is standard practice these days. At the bottom of the phone you’ll find a Mini-USB port and the power socket. There are volume buttons on the left side of the phone and the power/standby button is located at the top, again, pretty standard.


The Stargate Smartphone is packed with some decent internal hardware that gives the device an impressively smooth feel during use. It runs on a MediaTek MTK6516 460MHz+280MHz processor, 512MB ROM, and 256MB+32MB RAM which means it handles everything from movies, games, and multi-processor pretty cleanly. It also comes with WiFi and GPS capabilities that make it great for navigating through cities or while on road trips.


When it comes to performance we were pleasantly surprised by the Stargate. The screen was clear and very bright, and one other major positive of the screen is that it’s glare isn’t a problem even in direct sunlight. It has got a pretty decent battery life during regular usage (ie: making phone calls, using WiFi, etc), but where it really hit it’s stride was when he used it as a media player. We were able to listen to Mp3’s, watch videos, and play video games constantly for about 6 hours before we had to think about charging the thing. When it came to making phone calls we were surprised by how clear the sound game through and how well others were able to hear us on the other end. The speaker phone worked perfectly especially with such a loud speaker.


The Starlight Smartphone runs on the popular and widely used Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system. If you want to learn more about it, we’ve already created an All You Need To Know About Android Page where you can learn about all the exciting features the Android operating system has to offer!

Wrap Up

In closing, the Stargate Smartphone is definitely our favorite phone so far. It’s solid performance on all fronts meant that at the end of our testing period we really didn’t want to give it back. This is the perfect phone for day to day use, and because it’s priced at only US$ 199.99 it’s the ideal smartphone for anyone on a budget.

The only way to find out if it’s perfect for you is to get one yourself, so buy one now here!


Check out more photos over at the product page!

Stargate Smartphone