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Must-Have Apps and Accessories for the iPhone

We all know that Apple’s iPhone prices are pretty steep if you want the best possible. Therefore, we compiled a list of apps and accessories where you would not have to drop a heavy dime!


iPhone Cases – cases are essential for every iPhone owner, especially klutzy ones (like me) who drop their phones almost every day. Check out our most popular cases for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5!

iPhone Earbuds – want to give those busy hands a rest OR do you just not have enough hands to juggle a phone on top of papers, bags, etc.?? Earbuds are a must-have if you have a super busy schedule (or just too plain lazy to use your hands :) )

iPhone Chargers – okay, this is pretty obvious, but I seem to go through what seemed like hundreds of chargers since I’ve owned the original Mini iPod…MITB has been selling the iPhone 5 Lightning Cables like hot rocks due to the shortage

iPhone Lens – instead of lugging around big cameras, the majority of iPhone owners seem to enjoy taking pictures with their phones and editing them in order to look vintage, grey, etc. (Instagram, anyone?) You can enhance your photos with cool-looking external lens so you yourself can look hip and professional at the same time!

Do YOU use any cool gadgets not mentioned above?  Send us links, pictures, etc. and we will post them on our Facebook Timeline!


Dropbox – helps move content between platforms, can upload pictures and videos, share links, etc. The benefit of this app is that it runs in the background so the transfers will not be interrupted in the middle!

Kindle/Nook – a virtual library app that is synced to the cloud system, so whatever page you were last on, you are able to pick up on that page on other electronic devices.

Skype – enough said! But seriously, this must-have app is perfect for making long-distance (video) calls across the world while walking to work or just lying in bed!

Find My iPhone – the title says it all. If you’re anything like us, TOO much time would be spent looking for this thin device. The app tracks the location of your iPhone if you’ve forgotten to set up the Mobile Me account.

Shazam – Whether you’re in a club, out at a restaurant, or just plain driving while listening to some tunes, use this app to identify that song you can’t seem to get out of your head!

Facebook, etc – these social networking apps give you instant notifications from other friends

Weixin (WeChat) – highly used all over Asia and Europe, a free alternative to WhatsApp, iPhone users can chat for free through text and voice messages. WeChat also has adding features where you can “look around” to find other WeChat users in a certain radius.

Instagram – a cool photo app that resembles a photo version of Facebook, where you can not only edit photos with different colors, but you can share them amongst friends and comment on other photos.

We know the apps above are the most mainstream and basic apps that everyone seems to have. Can YOU give us some app names of that are just as good and free??

The Digital Camera Acessories you NEED to Succeed.

If you are going to take photography seriously then obviously the most important thing you’ll need is a camera (duh!), however in this week’s LITB Blog we are going to focus on what accessories you need to get serious and take some great photos!


Which digital camera accessories are essential?

The first thing you need to get is a high quality case, if you’re going to be taking that camera everywhere then it needs to be padded and protected. The LAST thing you want is for your camera to break because you didn’t protect it well enough. We have a great selection of high quality camera cases right here.

We’d also suggest that you get yourself a decent sized memory card , and a card reader – plugging the camera directly into the computer itself can damage the camera and battery if done too many times.

Depending on how intent with fervour you are at the prospect of becoming a budding photographer, a spare battery might be a good idea! This way if you’re main battery runs out of power, you will not be left missing those great photo opportunities.


Which digital camera accessories will help you to take better photographs?

If you plan to be taking a lot of scenic, outdoor shots in bright sunlight then a polarizing filter is a must. A polarizing filter takes the harsh glint of the sun and mellows it, creating a great blend of colours in your picture.  Pretty much any professional scenic shot you see is taken using a polarizing lens.

Last but not least, a tripod is a must have item on every photography aficionado’s list! A tripod allows you to take long exposure pictures, which produce a softer effect than a short exposure snap, and are great for night shots.


That’s it! I’m sure as you become more and more proficient at photography you will discover what suits you best and what additional accessories you need. For those of you just starting out on the journey, this selection of accessories will help to ensure you can take the kind of pictures you’ve always wanted to!         Are there any accessories you can’t live without that we neglected to mention? Let us know in the comment box below!


Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Photography

If you’re like most brides, you’re excited about hiring a professional photographer so that you have beautiful wedding photos to look back at.  But don’t just leave it up to him or her to set up different shots!  Showing your photographer a shot list of pictures you want to have insures that you are 100% happy with your wedding photos.

I’m loving these beautiful wedding shots as inspiration! Click the photo to scroll through the slideshow:




Still have wedding essentials you need to buy before the big day?  Check out our website for wedding dresses, shoes and more!

What are your essential wedding shots?

Wedding Wednesday: Weddings by Numbers

DISCLAIMER: At the end of this post I’m going to tell you how to score FREE jewelry from LightintheBox. So scroll down if you just want to get to the good part :)


So one of the first things any good wedding blog or book tells you to do is to set a budget. But if you’re anything like the rest of us, you really have no idea where to start. How much do these things actually cost?

Luckily for us, earlier this year Brides Magazine figured out how much Americans spend on every detail of their weddings – from flower arrangements to food. So today I want to share with you the average cost of getting hitched in 2012.

And to make it less… well, terrifying, I put the average costs into a nice happy image. Don’t say I don’t try to do nice things for ya :)

So… that’s crazy, right?!? $26,989 is A LOT to drop on a wedding. But everyone is allowed to splurge a little!


So here’s where the good part comes in! We are giving away $45 worth of FREE JEWELRY to our blog readers who leave us a bit of comment love :) Here’s how:

All you have to do is post a comment telling us what your biggest splurge is/was/will be at your wedding! We will pick the SIX sweetest and most creative comments on Tuesday the 28th and those lucky ladies (or gents!) will be able to make their wedding that much more affordable.

What do you think your BIGGEST SPLURGE will be? Your dress? Music? Food? Booze?

Let’s hear it!