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Cute iPhone Cases Review

Straight from the too trendy and adorable blogosphere comes this review from British blogger Islay! Her blog is full of the coolest nail art and cutest stuff in general! She bought two iPhone cases from miniinthebox.co.uk and loves her purchase! Check out her full post, and see more photos! Also make sure to see her excellent nail DIY!

Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag

For this weeks LITB Blog we are going to investigate this Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag.
Do you ever find that your bag is just a huge mess of all your belongings? Do you have to search around for a good five minutes before you can find your keys? Has your phone stopped ringing by the time you manage to finally grab hold of it? If so, the Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag is for you

Sporty Armband for Apple iPhone 4S/4/iTouch 4

For this weeks LITB Lab we are going to take a look at the Sporty Armband for Apple iPhone 4S/4/iTouch 4. For any of you fitness enthusiasts out there, this is a must have piece of equipment. Have you ever tried going for a run with your phone or mp3 player in your pocket? I know I have, and it’s no fun; falling out all over the place, disrupting your pace. Especially if you’re an urban runner – then you stand the chance of it being stepped on or driven over. Who knew using mother natures gym could be such a costly experience?!

LITB Labs – Telescope 6X Zoom Camera + Case Holder for iPhone 4 / 4S

For this week’s LITB Lab we are going to take a peek at the ingenious Telescope 6x Zoom Camera and Case for iPhone 4/4S. This is a product that has me, as a budding photographer myself, enraptured. Camera technology on phones has become increasingly sophisticated over these past few years, with a noted increase in mega pixels and colour management. Indeed, one may even be bold enough to claim that recently the quality of pictures produced by certain camera phones is not a far cry from that of a true camera. However, what must be conceded is that the compact nature of a phone camera lens sacrifices both a decent zoom, and the ability to filter light in the same way as a true camera.