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“We’re Not Worthy!” Brazilian Blogger Heaps (Unsolicited) Praise on MiniInTheBox

Have you ever Fallen In Love? Well we have many MiniInTheBox fans that have! From the Free International shipping to the rock bottom prices, many people can’t sing the praises of MiniInTheBox enough! Read this prolific blog post about one shopper’s experiences!  Continue reading “We’re Not Worthy!” Brazilian Blogger Heaps (Unsolicited) Praise on MiniInTheBox


Rave Reviews for MiniInTheBox!

Many customers go online for their electronics, whether they are looking for accessories or devices. The market is competitive and top notch service definitely lends and edge. Recently a customer from the UK posted an glowing unsolicited review for MiniInTheBox! Read some excerpts here:

If you search the internet, you will find that more than 85 % of the people who use Miniinthebox.com are satisfied with the service they receive. The site has a wide range of choice as far as gadgets and other electronic devices are concerned and they offer their services in a large number of countries. They even accept payments in 16 different currencies including GBP and USD. Apart from gadgets, Miniinthebox offers a wide range of accessories for your electronic devices as well. This is a unique concept and one which is doing quite well if you ask me. I mean, there are thousands of websites where I can buy an iPhone 5 online, but there aren’t too many where I can buy a cover for my iPhone 5. And as far as choices are concerned, I feel that Miniinthebox gives you the largest choice among all websites on the internet…. Continue reading Rave Reviews for MiniInTheBox!

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Shop Safe with MiniInTheBox!

Many online shops have sprung up in recent years, especially sourcing their products from dubious sources. However MiniInTheBox stands above the rest!

Read what this customer had to say about their customer service experience at MiniInTheBox:

Continue reading Shop Safe with MiniInTheBox!


MITB News of the Week!

Recently there has been an influx of futuristic technology, with large corporations vying for the top spot.  Read more here!

Home Internet has just been made faster…in Japan.  Backed by Sony, So-net Entertainment has launched a fiber-based Internet service with download speeds of 2 Gbps.  Coming in second, the Google Fiber broadband Internet service offers an Internet speed of 1 Gbps per second.

In an area where upstart mobiles OSes have trouble building its own mobile operating systems, Firefox is taking the plunge.  Coming this summer, Firefox OS will be available in 5 European countries.  With Gary Kovacs’ resignation, what do you think Firefox’s future will be like?

Everyone knows that texting and walking is super dangerous, however, Juan-David Hincapié-Ramos will be creating an app that alert texters by measuring and sensing any obstacles in the  vicinity.

2013 seems to be the year of smartwatches.  Following rumors that Apple and Google are developing smartwatches, Microsoft is in talks to develop its own smartwatch.  Will YOU be sticking to your mobile phone or be wearing  “computer” on your wrist as well??

Bike safely!  Revolights has been creating bikes with built in tire lights with their Kickstarter funds.  Backers for this project can get a front wheel for $27, a rear wheel for $229, or the whole set for $399.  Is this project something YOU would back?

Fujitsu is developing a technology that detects objects your finger is touching, and can turn any surface in to a touchscreen.  One main feature involves the ability to copy and image or a text excerpt and storing that information in memory.  In my opinion, if this technology succeeds, the tablet market will be in big trouble…

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Cute iPhone Cases Review

Straight from the too trendy and adorable blogosphere comes this review from British blogger Islay! Her blog is full of the coolest nail art and cutest stuff in general! She bought two iPhone cases from miniinthebox.co.uk and loves her purchase! Check out her full post, and see more photos! Also make sure to see her excellent nail DIY!

“I don’t know about you, but I think that one of the best things about having an iPhone is the sheer number of phone cases that you can choose from to put on it. Before buying these two I had this one on which I still really love but I thought it was time for a bit of a change!
I bought these from a website called miniinthebox.co.uk and they came to just over £3 including postage all the way from America- BARGAIN. They took a couple of weeks to arrive but you can hardly complain as they were so cheap! They have a good range of different ones on the website and I had to restrain myself to only getting two but as they’re so cheap they’re hardly going to break the bank if you fill your virtual shopping basket with them!

Here’s the direct links to the ones I got- watermelonglitter but if you go here you can browse all of their iPhone 4/4S cases but they also have them for the iPhone 3 and 5 too I think!”

What do YOU think of her phone cases?

Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag

For this weeks LITB Blog we are going to investigate this Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag.
Do you ever find that your bag is just a huge mess of all your belongings? Do you have to search around for a good five minutes before you can find your keys? Has your phone stopped ringing by the time you manage to finally grab hold of it? If so, the Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag is for you!

It has two zipper storage parts for your valuable items, a generous main pocket and a number of mesh and fabric pockets on either side for you to categorize and store your belongings in an organised and efficient way. The bag is also padded to ensure protection for more delicate items like iPads, which may make you think it would be bulky and heavy, but at a feather light 83g this bag will not be weighing you down.
It’s petite size (30cm x 18.5cm x 8.5cm), and numerous separate compartments means it would also makes for an absolutely ideal toiletries bag! Whatever purpose you may have for this bag, it’s durable light weight design make it a great value must have item.

Sporty Armband for Apple iPhone 4S/4/iTouch 4

For this weeks LITB Lab we are going to take a look at the Sporty Armband for Apple iPhone 4S/4/iTouch 4. For any of you fitness enthusiasts out there, this is a must have piece of equipment. Have you ever tried going for a run with your phone or mp3 player in your pocket? I know I have, and it’s no fun; falling out all over the place, disrupting your pace. Especially if you’re an urban runner – then you stand the chance of it being stepped on or driven over. Who knew using mother natures gym could be such a costly experience?!
Well, it doesn’t have to be. This little badboy is a lifesaver. And at $4.69 there’s no good reason to skimp out. Unless of course, you’d rather stick a load of magnets into your forearm like this guy, in which case you’re beyond redemption anyway.
Furthermore, this will protect your precious phone/mp3 player from dust, dings and scratches whilst still allowing you to reach the buttons you need through carefully designed gaps.
Happy Shopping folks!

LITB Labs – Telescope 6X Zoom Camera + Case Holder for iPhone 4 / 4S

For this week’s LITB Lab we are going to take a peek at the ingenious Telescope 6x Zoom Camera and Case for iPhone 4/4S. This is a product that has me, as a budding photographer myself, enraptured. Camera technology on phones has become increasingly sophisticated over these past few years, with a noted increase in mega pixels and colour management. Indeed, one may even be bold enough to claim that recently the quality of pictures produced by certain camera phones is not a far cry from that of a true camera. However, what must be conceded is that the compact nature of a phone camera lens sacrifices both a decent zoom, and the ability to filter light in the same way as a true camera.

The rather impressive looking Telescope 6x Zoom Camera and Case is an end to the woes of phone camera inferiority. Its powerful 18mm lens is capable of producing a 6x zoom without the blurriness the inbuilt zoom of the iPhone produces on long shots. Its manual focus function allows you the freedom to physically control your shots, giving you an increased role in the outcome of your photography. It also provides the ability to take wide angle shots with good colour reduction; great for capturing that perfect sunset moment!

The Telescope Camera Zoom can be taken apart for ease of carrying, and reassembled when needed.

For those of you who look at this product and worry about its potential impracticality, fear not! The lens and case are detachable, making carrying it around less hassle than having to carry both a phone AND camera around with you wherever you go. Besides, at the unbelievable bargain price of US $11.69, you’d be mad not to give it a try!

MiniInTheBox.com: Gadget Mania!

Hello readers! As you know by now, MiniInTheBox.com stands for awesome gadgets for crazy prices! For the ones who didn’t yet discover us on Facebook: we have a Facebook Fan Page with fun contests, cool events and lots of enthusiastic fans! Because we love our Facebook fans, we have put together a crazy sale just for them!

This week, we will feature a new product every day at 7am (GMT) and offer it for an insane discount. Our fans will have exactly 24 hours to profit from this offer before another gadget will be on sale!

The first gadget in this Gadget Mania event has been announced: it’s the Colorful Universal Data Line for iPod/iPhone/iPad (http://litb.me/kwU13w) for only US$0.99! The offer lasts till Tuesday 7am GMT, so be quick!

Check in on our MiniInTheBox.com Facebook Fan page for more deals and other events!

MiniInTheBox.com: Bicycle Essentials

This week we are dedicating our MiniInTheBox.com blog post to the most environment and health friendly way of transport: bicycling! Whether you’re living in the city or on the country side, chances are that a bike is the most convenient way to get around. And if not, at least it is the perfect exercise and excuse to get out there!

Whether it comes to bike safety, extra functionality or practical tools, we’ve got it! Check out a small selection of the coolest bike gadgets we have and go to MiniInTheBox.com for more!

From left to right:
Solar Bicycle Light (US$25.69), Electronic Bicycle Power Horn (US$4.39), Tie-On Bike Lights (US$4.39)
5-LED Bike Light Set (US$5.69), Bike Compass (US$2.89), Wheel Lights (US$7.59)
Bicycle Turban (US$12.99), Bicycle Tire Repair Set (US$4.19), Bicycle Speedometer (US$6.69)
Bicycle Repair Kit (US$12.19), Bicycle Alarm (US$13.49), Tea Pot Shaped Bell (US$3.19)