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Meet the Team: Antoine


1) What is your position at LITB?

I’m Antoine, Senior Multimedia Marketing Manager
2) What is the best part you like about your job?
I love the variety of creative and technical projects and I love the team!
3) What is your ideal vacation place?
Somewhere sunny with good food!
4) If you can describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?
Creative geeky foodie!
5) What is your favorite recipe?
Love so much food, it could be my mum’s baked stuffed tomatoes, or any of the food I cook. Cooking is loving!

Meet the Team: Maria


1) What is your position at LITB?


I’m a member of LITB Social Marketing Team.  I manage our Facebook fan page and I’m the person who selects  interesting photos for you, reports fashion news and trends, giving makeup and hair tips and launching promotions and sweepstakes. Stay with us! It will be more interesting, I promise! ;)


2) What is the best part you like about your job?


The best part of my work is the possibility to spend as much time as I want reading fashion magazines, fashion blogs, talking to fashion bloggers, searching for beautiful heels or dresses. Also I like to reward our fans with nice gifts.


3) What is your favorite fashion accessory?


I don’t have favorite accessories.  My choice in choosing accessories depends on the trend: 1 year ago I was a huge fan of ear cuffs, collars and leather harness (from Hermes runway), now I’m into heavy necklaces in the baroque style. But I have favorite details which I prefer to see in every accessory I buy: they are neon colors and spikes.These details are always my favorite, regardless of the trend or accessory. I’m crazy about spikes and neon. The best thing I could buy is an accessory with neon spikes :)


4) What decade of clothing do you like the best?  


My favorite styles are glam rock and boho-chic. Glam rock was developed  in the UK in the early 1970s. I guess I fell in love with it when I was a student and was listening to Placebo and  David Bowie. Boho-chic is a style of early 1990s. It is associated with Sienna Miller and of course Kate Moss. That’s why my favorite brand is Alexander McQueen,  it’s all about extreme and glam-rock! So as you can see I’m a huge fan of British fashion.


5) What do you do best to RELAX?


The best way to relax for me is to spend at least one hour in Starbucks reading a book and sipping a hot latte. Or to go to spa with my girl-friends.

Meet the Team: Ellie

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re interviewing Ellie. She’s a Consultant in our Human Resource Department. If you’d like to join our staff you’ll have to go through Ellie first. Hint, a deep fried Mars bar and a ticket to Westlife will go a long way. So without further adieu, let’s get to know more about her…

Aloha. That’s hello in Hawaiian.

What’s your name?
Ellie Jones.

Not, “the” Ellie Jones?
I’m not sure what you mean.

Bit of an ice breaker there. What do you do at LightInTheBox.com Ellie?
I work in the HR department

And HR stands for?
Human Resources.

Oh, not Humungus Retar…oh dear! I almost slipped.
You almost said it!

Apologies. I almost said the R-Word. We’re having a campaign to stamp that out.
It’s a worthy cause. Go to www.R-Word.org today and help.

Right where were we… So what do you do at work?
I do administrative work and recruiting of new staff. My day to day varies depending on our needs and what stage I’m at in the recruitment process.

Break it down.
In a nutshell, I’m given vacancies by the HR department. These positions vary; some are IT, some creative, etc. I take these vacancies and write and edit their job descriptions – laying out what’s required for this position and what a candidate can expect to do here. Next I’ll post the job listing on job boards and other forums across the internet and begin searching for CV’s of potential candidates. When the applications come in, I’ll sort these, create short lists of candidates based on our requirements and submit this short list for the relevant department head’s approval. Next I’ll-

Give people raises.

Give James a raise.
No, I can’t do that. What I can do is make sure the department heads are happy with the candidates and ready to interview them. Then I will arrange the interview, book the interview room and make sure the candidates know how to find us and show up on time. Should a candidate pass the first round, I’ll set up the next round of interviews and eventually have the company CEO approve the hire. Last step is to get all of the candidate’s bank and salary details and present them with a formal offer, get the papers signed, and welcome them to the company.

Snooze fest.
It’s a nice job and I enjoy doing it.

Pinch me.
Are we finished?

What’s your goal?
Tough question. I would say it’s to gain more experience and take on more responsibilities within my department. I’d like to deal with more in-house troubleshooting and eventually become the direct liason to all of the foreign staff.

Where are you from?
Surrey, England.

Smashing! What’s nice about Surrey?
Harry Potter is from Surrey.

Is that Prince Harry?

That’s hardly a royal surname. Sounds like he’s handling clay all the time. Making pots.

Not very princely work.
Surrey is green and leafy and it has many pretty villages but is only a half hour commute from exciting London.

Why did you come to China?
Well the job market wasn’t good in England and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I moved in with my mother for a while which was swell.

Home cooking?
She’s a good cook.

Deep fried Mars bars?
We’re not Scottish! So my friend was in China working already. She wrote me and invited me here. I came out looking for work and found room in the H.R. field so here I am. Hurrah.

Imagine your airplane was shot down by monkeys, who have somehow managed to build giant catapults. You crash on their island and now you live with them. What are three things you’d want to have with you?
Planet of the Apes on DVD, bananas and an army tank.

Should’ve said monkey repellant.
I could throw the bananas at them then get in the tank.

It’d get hot in there.
You didn’t say the island was tropical.

It was implied. What’s your favorite movie, TV show and band?
My favorite TV show is Gavin and Stacey, a BBC sitcom. My favorite band is Westlife and favorite movie is The Sound of Music.

I’ve seen them live three times. Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian. Dreamboats. Brian is the fat one who left. I am cool.

Brian was married to Eric Cantona.
Kerry Katona.

Oh. That must’ve gotten confusing. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Well thanks for your time Ellie. I’ve started rating interviewees, using a complex algorithm. You get a 9/10, congratulations.
OK thanks bye.

Ellie’s run off to interview my replacement. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: SuSu

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re interviewing Liu Su. She’s a Designer in our Creative Content department. She does a lot of Photoshop, concept art and cracking wise. Let’s see what old Su Su’s got in store for us today…

Hi what’s your name?
My name is Liu Su but my peeps call me Su Su.

Your peeps?
Yeah that’s right.

What do you do here at LightInTheBox.com?
I’m a designer. Inspired by good times.

So what do you design?
Stuff. I like barbecue. Climbing.

I think our translator is broken.
Are you using Google?

Yeah but, what are you talking about?
Just answering your questions. Sometimes I use slang.

Yeah I’ve noticed. I really need to learn Chinese.
Sure that would sort the dog.

Ah yeah, so describe a typical day here what do you do?
Get up to the turtle to eat, then wash your face, go out to go to work – work, dinner with friends at home. Then regular weekend movies, that sort of thing. What do you think about my answer?

Man…alright nice. Are you doing this on purpose?
Maybe. Ha ha ha!

You’re clever but you’re not waterproof.
You’ll throw water on me?

Or something…
I work with the marketing department, designing banners and promotional material. I mainly use Adobe Photoshop. I’m responsible for graphic design on various projects. I work on promotions for Facebook and custom apparel graphics for our newsletter.

That’s better. So what’s your goal?
I just want all of our work to be beautiful and to be dynamic; to change with the times. I feel that my work gives me a good creative outlet. Obviously I can’t do everything I want to do creatively but I get enough creative input to feel happy in my work. I also work closely with other designers and with other members of the creative team. Usually the design process starts when a project lead comes up with a concept, then writes the initial copy. From there, one of the copywriters, like you, will come on board and polish the copy and consider the design’s basic layout. I’ll take it from there, ensuring the design meets the specifications of the project lead and writers, while being pleasing to the eye.

Sounds good. Where are you from?
I’m from Xinxiang in Henan.

Tell us about it.
Xinxiang has beautiful scenic mountains and Taihang monkeys. It also has walnuts, hawthorn, waterfalls, a skating rink…and my wonderful childhood memories.

What’s your favorite TV show, movie and band?
If we’re talking art, I have a lot of favorites. I like to focus more on the artist themselves. Russia’s Andrei Tarkovsky. Taiwan’s Edward Yang. South Korea’s Kim Ki-duk. Japan’s Shunji Iwai. Last but not least I love Antonioni from Italy. Oh and America’s Spielberg is cool too.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
I don’t like it.

Yeah, why should I eat that? It’s junk food. I’m trying to maintain my figure.

You’re a rake!
You’re a shovel.

Touche. Describe yourself in three words.
I’m creative, diligent and funny.

Well, that’s a wrap. Su Su is probably off to photoshop the next silly cat meme. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: Christine

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re interviewing Christine. She’s a Senior Brand Manager and makes a lot of phone calls. Christine is actually from Beijing and she has some interesting facts about China to share today. Let’s get to it, shall we…

Hi what’s your name?
Christine Xie. My Chinese name is Xie Ting but you can call me Christine.

What’s your job title Christine?
I’m a Senior Brand Manager. Is that enough information? Just my position?

Well, what do you do everyday? Break it down now…
Well we cooperate with 4A agencies and I’m in charge of liasing with them. 4A agencies are advertising agencies. They’re experts in creating brand strategies and can help us build up our company’s image. Right now I’m working on a new secret project. I can’t tell you about it.

Oh come on you can tell me. I’ll ask the readers to cover their eyes. Cover your eyes readers!
It’s to do with our wedding merchandise, it’ll launch soon and when it does it’s going to be amazing. That’s all I can say.

Right, well I’m going to have to torture you then. Open your eyes readers!
I’ll never tell. We need to prevent other companies from poaching our ideas before the launch. I’ll take this to the grave if I have to. Go ahead, pull off my fingers!

Well I was just going to tickle you…maybe have Teresa sing some Peking Opera songs, nothing that serious.
No! Not the opera! Just kidding. I love Peking Opera, it’s wonderful. It’s so full of historical stories.

Ugh, moving on. Where are you from?
I’m from Beijing, but my ancestors are from elsewhere in China. I’m a Chinese minority.

What do you mean?
China has many ethnicities and I’m one of the ethnic minorities. I’m Manchu. Manchu people are mostly from the North East of China. My people were dominant during the Qing period. These days most Chinese people are called “Han” and they are the ethnic majority. Approximately 95% of Chinese people are Han.

Fascinating stuff. What’s the best thing about Beijing?
It’s my hometown so the sites don’t interest me that much. I’d say the best thing is the food. There are many styles of Chinese cuisine and you can find them all here. From barbecued lamb to all kinds of soups, fish, noodles, you name it. Of course I like home cooking the best.

You’re making me hungry! What’s your favorite movie, TV show and singer?
My favorite movies are Lust, Caution, Brokeback Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. I just like some classic TV such as Honglongmeng, which means Dream of the Red Chamber. I’ve seen it many times. For music I like Ono Lisa very much. Her music is so warm and silent.

Come on now Christine, music can’t be silent.
I just mean it sounds like silence if silence were a sound. It sounds relaxing. I mean it sounds relaxing! My other favorite is Xuwei, a great chinese rock-and-roll singer.

What’s your favorite ice cream?
I don’t know, anything by Haagen-Dasz is okay I guess.

Describe yourself in three words.
Wow that’s a tough one. Optimistic, passionate and pure-hearted. See ya!

Christine has some top secret business to attend to, so we’ll catch up with her later. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: Teresa

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re interviewing Teresa. She works in the Global Expansion team and handles our Spanish markets. Teresa likes to sell things and wear colorful dresses. Let’s find out more about her…

Hi what’s your name?

I hear your nickname is Sterrilicious, what’s that about?
It means Sterri and delicious. Actually it means nothing I just copied it from the Fergilicious song.

What does Sterri mean?
That’s my other nickname.

So your nickname is your nickname’s nickname?
Yeah. Terri is short for Teresa, maybe easier for English speakers.

So why add the “S”? You said it’s Sterri…
That makes it sound hotter. Say Ssssss, see? Hotter. More style.

Sounds like a snake hissing. Are snakes hot?
No, snakes are bad women!

Come again?
In Spanish a snake, “vibora” is slang for a mean woman.

Very informative. What do you do at LightInTheBox?
I’m the Spanish online store manager. This means that I sell our products in other online stores for the Latin American market.

How would you describe the situation in the Latin American market these days?
I believe there is a big opportunity for e-commerce in Latin America and for Lightinthebox.com. Everyday there are more customers from Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Peru. They are discovering that shopping online is so easy, so they are beginning to TRUST the internet.

What’s your goal?
I’d like to make more sales and expand our team. I want the Spanish team at Lightinthebox.com to grow and hopefully we can achieve that.

What’s your top selling product these days?
Car DVD players. Do you want one? Free if you stop this interview.

Can it fit on my bicycle?
With enough tape it can.

No thanks. Where are you from?
Monterrey, Mexico.

What’s the best thing about Monterrey?
The meat, the mountains and the people. It’s a beautiful place. Many people visit it for Eco-tourism.

Drinking tequila in the forest?
Eco-tourism is when people go to pristine and protected areas to enjoy nature! You’re thinking about spring break…we’re also very proud of our soccer team! C.F. Monterrey.

Mexican and CONCACAF Champions.
Yes! For knowing that I’ll buy you a McFlurry.

I love Scottish food. What languages can you speak?
Spanish, English and Mandarin.

Which one’s the best for yelling at your boyfriend?

Good to know. Why did you come to Beijing?
Long story…I’ve been in love with China since I was eight years old. I used to read and see everything about China and its culture in my father’s encyclopedias. When I was older I started to read and write Chinese and continued this through university. I decided to come here to speak it and wound up working here. China is developing quickly and I’m excited to be a part of that change.

So you’re known around this office for being a bit of a fashionista.
Oh really?

I never lie. So, how would you describe your style?
That depends on the weather! I’m a big fan of our LightInTheBox dresses. I bought some for myself and they’re great!

You wear our dresses?
Yes I have four of them. The design and quality are good. I love the gossip girl dress.

You know your boss doesn’t read our blog right? You’re always selling!
I’m always buying!

What’s your favorite movie, TV show and band?
My favorite movie is Goodbye Lenin. My favorite TV show is…don’t laugh, Gilmore Girls. For music I love listening to the Peking Opera.

You actually enjoy the sound of Peking Opera?
Yes isn’t it beautiful?

No…it sounds like tiny car accidents, then cats being murdered. The first time I heard it I called the police!
It’s a different form of art. It’s what I love and I can’t find the same expression in anything else.

What’s your favorite ice cream?
Strawberry. Will you buy that for me?

Only if you promise not to sing Peking Opera.
I can’t make that promise.

Describe Teresa in three words.
Happy, hungry, dreamer.

Teresa’s off to paint her face and scream opera music, so ends our interview. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: Yu Ting

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re getting to know Yu Ting. She works in the Creative Content Department, and produces a lot of the product videos you’ll find on the product pages and YouTube. She loves shooting demo videos and takes her job seriously. Let’s find out more about our very own Steven Spielberg…

Hi Yu Ting!

Do you have a nickname?
My friends call me Ting Ting.

Can I call you Ting Ting?
No thank you.

Alright then. What’s your job here?
I make videos! They go on YouTube and our product pages. I shoot spy cameras, cell phones, faucets, lots of our products.

I see a lot of videos online now. How many products have you shot?
Oh a lot, hundreds. We do many videos every week to help customers gain a better understanding of our products and what they can do. It also helps build trust with customers. When they see our products in action they can know what they’re getting.

What’s your favorite kind of product to shoot?
The spy cameras are fun. We try to think of clever ways to present them. I also like products that let me go outside. We recently shot a lawn chair so I could take the product out to the park to shoot it. It’s spring now and the weather is nice so I hope to get more products like this.

What’s your goal for the video project?
Just help people understand our products better. If more people see our videos, that will make me happy too.

Which LightInTheBox.com video is your favorite?
Anything with the formal gowns, because I love working with the girls when they look like princesses. It all feels very nice and magical.

So not a video starring me then? Because you know we’ve worked on a few of these videos together…
Yes I know it. You are sometimes funny, but my first answer is right.

Where are you from?
My home is in the capital of North East China, Shenyang.

Why did you come to Beijing?
I came to Beijing to attend University. After that I decided to keep living here to pursue work.

What’s your dream job?
I’d like to direct a sci-fi movie. I also like singing.

So science fiction film director or pop singer?

You should direct a movie about singing aliens.
Why should I do that?

Because your interests are sci-fi and singing, see…
Yes you have combined my two interests but can this story work?

Maybe the aliens need to put on a large scale theatrical production of a hit Broadway musical like Cats in order to save their world. The problem is they can’t find anyone to hit the high notes, so come to Earth seeking just the right singer for their all-important production, played by either Lady GaGa or the woman from the Super Bowl whose shirt came off.
Janet Jackson?

Right! But here’s the catch! They want to do a production of the musical Cats but these aliens…look like DOGS!
OK I will think about it.

Credit me though.
Yes, fine. I will. I promise.

What’s your favorite TV show, movie and singer?
For singers I like Rihanna, Wang Fei, Young Wweet Boulay Ni, and others. Anyone, so long as they sing pleasant songs. I don’t like hip-hop music about overtly capitalist ideals such as “bling blong” and other forms of bragging. I also like rock and roll and jazz. For films it’s hard to say, since I like a lot of science fiction, dark humor and romantic films. Especially movies directed by Steven Spielberg.

I interviewed Yin last week. She said her favorite movie is Hudson Hawk
Oh with Bruce Willis singing?

Yeah that’s the one.
That movie is awful.

Tell me about it! Describe yourself in three words please.
Love, freedom and perseverance.

OK Yu Ting, last question. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Ice cream.

Well played.
Bye bye!

Yu Ting’s headed off to direct our masterpiece. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: Yin

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re getting to know Yin. She’s the fun-loving social media person in charge of MiniInTheBox on Facebook and Twitter. If you like gadgets you’re going to love Yin. Let’s find out more about her…

Who are you?
I sit behind you all day…you really don’t know? I’m Yin!

Oh that’s very YINteresting. See what I did there?
Yeah I see. Great.

What’s your job?
Aside from making the world a happier place with my laughter?

Yeah your laugh is crazy. Like a jackal on helium. What’s your job though?
I don’t laugh like that! I work in the creative content department. I develop content and do social media for LightInTheBox and MiniInTheBox. I’m in charge of all social media for MiniInTheBox so that’s my main duty these days. I’m always trying to keep in touch with customers on various platforms such as Twitter & Facebook. I announce our promotions and try to stir up some fun interaction. I also run games and contests.

What is MiniInTheBox?
MiniInTheBox.com is LightInTheBox.com’s sister site. It specializes more in small things, hence the name. All sorts of tech and gadgets. You’d be surprised how many products we have there, thousands of different items and a lot of them are really cool. Like any good online retailer, MiniInTheBox.com needed a social media platform to reach out to customers, so here I am!

What do you like best about this project?
We get new product arrivals every week, so it’s a lot of fun browsing through the new gadgets. I usually go through and find some I like to post on Facebook and Twitter. If it’s not cool, I won’t promote it. We’ve also got a pretty solid group of fans now who know about gadgets and like expressing their opinions. It’s a lot of fun.

I see you sometimes discuss sales issues with customers on Facebook and Twitter. Is part of your job customer service?
I think a common misunderstanding is that I’m on MinInTheBox for customer service. Actually I’m just the person responsible for MiniInTheBox on Facebook and Twitter, so I serve as a mediator between customers and customer service whenever there’s a problem. So in a nutshell, I’m the person that personally answers all customer questions on MiniInTheBox Facebook and Twitter.

So you personify, personally, the person who personally peruses customer problems and persuades customers to perhaps participate in prodding the prudent personnel? Personally?
You lost me.

What’s your goal for MiniInTheBox on Facebook and Twitter?
We’re trying to maintain and grow our presence on Facebook and Twitter by updating our fans and customers about the newest gadgets and by attracting more fans who love gadgets as much as we do! It’s about building a community.

Now back to you. Where are you from?
I was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I moved to Amsterdam later on, so I sort of grew up in both places.

Amsterdam is famous for…
Clean drinking water?

I was going to say windmills.
Sure you were.

What languages can you speak?
I speak Dutch, English and Cantonese fluently. I’m conversant in other languages like French, German and Malay. My Mandarin is coming along too.

What brought you to Beijing?
Well…my grandparents are from China. I wanted to learn more about my roots. Other than that, my main motivation was to learn Chinese. My parents taught me Cantonese, but not Mandarin. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn.

So now that you’re here, any plans on leaving?
Not yet. Why, do you want me gone?

I’ve had my eye on your chair…
I’d take the chair with me.

Hey come on, leave me the arm rest or something. Can’t we go Dutch?
I’ve got other things to do today, you know.

Sorry. What’s your favorite band, TV show and movie?
I like so much stuff hmmm…Skunk Anansie & The Shins. For TV shows I love Colbert Report and Glee. My favorite movie is Hudson Hawk.

Hudson Hawk? Are you serious? That movie where Bruce Willis is a singing thief? The ridiculous musical?! *laughter* that’s like the worst film of all time!
No, in Holland it’s very popular.

Are you kidding? No, you have to be joking!
When we were kids we all played Hudson Hawk, instead of cops and robbers or whatever you guys played.

Oh wow that’s…I’m speechless. OK. Wow. Moving on…Describe yourself in three words.
Outgoing, caring and diligent.

Gotta go!

Well Yin is off to wash her clogs over and over again. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: Carole

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re getting to know Carole. If you’re a member of our LightInTheBox Insider community on Facebook you’ve probably talked to her. Carole is a Junior Community Builder in our Social Media team. She’s from Belgium and when she’s not droning on and on about waffles and chocolate, she’s actually really fun to talk to.

Hi Carole, are you having a good day?
Yeah so far pretty good. Same as usual *laughs*.

You don’t need to lie…
No, no it’s really fine. This is for the interview right?

Sure is. So what do you do at LITB?
I’m working in the Creative Content & Marketing Department as a Junior Community Builder. I’m in charge of our Facebook pages for English, French, Spanish and LITB Wedding.

What do you do on Facebook?
I answer all the questions and comments left by our Fans on our wall. I try to help them when they’re facing some difficulties with their orders, or need some suggestions or advice. I also post things on Facebook such as our products, newsletter, blog articles, customer photos and reviews.

So you’re on Facebook all day here. Did you use Facebook much before you took this job?
Yes! Before I joined LITB I was already a Facebook addict, checking Facebook several times a day. I know this sounds crazy but there are a lot of people like this *laughs*. Now this job has really turned me into a Social Media Geek, thanks to my colleagues…and I really love it. So now I’m even more into it all than before.

What’s your goal for the Facebook project?
We’re always trying to maintain the highest interaction we can with our fans and trying to provide good content and customer service. Of course, I’d like to see our page growing even faster than it already is. But before thinking in numbers, I hope we can turn our page into an interesting place with a lot of useful content. We don’t just want to promote our deals and new products, we want to also create an environment where fans can share information on tech, fashion trends and other interests and really learn things and express themselves. I also aim to increase awareness for our LightInTheBox Wedding page. We’re all really proud of the growth there so far.

Zzzzzzzzzzz… oh sorry have you stopped talking? OK my turn. You handle several Facebook pages, which one is your favorite?
Haha! You’re really rude! I’d have to say our Facebook Wedding page is my favorite. We just had a great event there where couples were sending in pictures and their love stories, competing to win. It went very well, we had a lot of participants for the first round, over 70 people participated. It was really intense, a lot of people were really into the game and we had a lot of fun going through all these amazing stories. So yes I’m really excited about our new LITB Wedding fan page and really curious to see where it will go – so yeah it’s my favorite one. Fans there are so “happy”, “in love”, “getting married soon” so reading the comments always makes me smile, so yeah I like it *laughs*.

So you can speak English, French and Spanish. And French sign language. And Chinese. Where are you from?
I’m from Belgium, the French part… But I’m more European in my mind than Belgian.

How continental!
Haha I know it sounds weird but it’s true.

So how do you say ooh la la in French?
You said it right: “ooh la la”.

Well how do you say it in Flemish?
Of course everything is in the tone and accent otherwise it doesn’t work…but I don’t know how to say it in Flemish. The same thing with a Flemish accent probably.

And in French sign language?
*Makes some hand gestures*

Good to know. So what brought you to Beijing?
I was learning French-English-Chinese translation in Brussels and we had to go study in China for one semester. I ended up in the Foreign Studies University of Beijing and loved it here. After the semester ended I went back to Brussels, finished my degree, graduated and decided to return to Beijing for a year. I’m still here two years later!

What’s your favorite band/movie/TV show?
Sex and The City, Desperate Housewives, Weed and the Vs, My name is Khan, Eat, Pray, Love, The Game, oh too many to name them all! For music I’m into Corinne Bailey Rae, Sade, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, singers like that.

Favorite ice cream?
Oh the big question.

It’s important that we know this.
Well since a lot of my colleagues failed to answer to this one properly Ill be careful. I know the difference between ice cream and gelato. My favorite ice cream is pistachio.

Well done. Describe yourself in three words.
Passionate, complicated and adventurous. OK this interview was fun.

Wow you’re the first person who liked it. I’ll have to make a nice photo for you.
You’d better!

Well it’s late here in the office so Carole’s off to the nearest disco. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.

Meet the Team: Andre

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re getting to know Andre. He’s the Portuguese Search Engine Marketing Manager and oversees all the Portuguese language facets of our website. He’s got a cool beard and he can’t wait to talk about (and other things not beard related)…

Hi Andrew, I mean Andre. Why did I call you Andrew?
I don’t know.

So let’s get something out of the way here. I like the beard.
Thank you.

Very conquistador.
Thank you.

So what’s your job title here at LITB?
Portuguese SEM Manager. I work in the Global Expansion team.

Global Expansion? Conquistador beard? Are you trying to takeover the world?!
The Global Expansion department is responsible for languages including Spanish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. Basically we represent LITB in all non-English speaking markets.

Hmm I’ll relax for now. What are your responsbilities?
Right now I’m working on content translation, SEM and some costumer service functions.

What’s your long term goal here?
To further develop the Portuguese website.

What’s the fastest growing language/market these days?
That’s probably our Portuguese website and the fastest growing market is Brazil.

So where are you from?
Born and raised in Portugal.

What brought you to Beijing?
When I was studying in the U.S. I took a Chinese History class. That piqued my interest and I felt I had to experience China firsthand. It’s a completely different culture, different language and an emerging economic power. I got hooked!

What languages can you speak?
Portuguese, English, Spanish and I’m learning Mandarin.

You’re involved in selling all kinds of merchandise. Which products interest you the most these days?
Cell phones. I was thinking about buying an Othello phone for myself, but might wait out for a new top of the line Android phone coming this month.

Sounds like you’ve got some inside info. Can you tell us more about this phone?
Android 2.2, GPS and Dual SIM. Should be a bit faster than the Othello. Our tech is getting a lot better lately so I’m excited to wait and see.

Why should people shop at LITB?
We have great prices. We have an outstanding reputation for certain products, especially dresses. We also offer some products that are hard to find anywhere else.

What’s your favorite band/movie/TV show?
Right now it’s Doves, Heat and The Wire.

Favorite ice cream?
Orange gelato.

Gelato is gelato not ice cream…everyone fails this question. OK chance at redemption, describe yourself in three words.
Lost in translation.

Ooh..nice one.
I thought so.

Well Andre’s off to fire his musket and polish his metal hat so we’ll leave him to it. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.