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Go Bold or Go Home: 4 Great Runway Jewelry Trends That Will Have You Crying for More


When the girls on the catwalk start strutting, the focus is usually on the clothes. However, if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see some incredible jewelry rolling by as well. The spring 2014 fashion shows have been littered with some pretty amazing pieces, and we’re here to show you what they are, and where to get them. Continue reading


Awesome MITB Reviews!


Mary Gine Javier - Super Stereo Headphones.  Looking for good product with low price but high performance it can give. Finally, I found MiniInTheBox.com.  This amazing headphone will give you a good sounds quality. Clear sounds when you listen to music, super bass, and the color is so much beautiful. Looks fashionable, elegant and excellent product.  Good customer services, they all kind and I love them all. Fast Transaction, amazing product and FREE SHIPPING. you can buy it in a low price but the quality is good. The combination of color is awesome, its really fit my cellphone, laptop and tablet. Additional to it, having a headphone. I’m sure music lovers will want to order and buy this headphone. Two thumbs up LightInTheBox and MiniInTheBox. :))

Benjamin Parmier - Super !!!! Happy with my order


Lara Penner - Retro Camera Pattern Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 (Multi-Color)


people are asking me where i got my cases bc of this tweet pic.twitter.com/miSdDYv77t i got them at http://miniinthebox.com !!

Yes! Mn Miniinthebox ringetjes zijn binnen! ♥ (Yes!  My Miniinthebox rings are in!)


Holiday Wish List: Staff Picks!

Admit it, you LOVE unwrapping and receiving gifts.  I know I do!  I asked around and here are some awesome gifts my coworkers wish to receive, hope these items help YOU if you’re in need of ideas!


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Is there anything in particular you want from MITB?  Don’t forget to check back weekly with our special Holiday deals and remember to order early for the presents be delivered on time!


Cool Gadgets of the Week!

So we all know that MiniInTheBox has a HUGE assortment of gadgets, but it’s pretty difficult to find the certain unique gadget that would make an awesome gift for yourself or family and friends. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of unique and lesser-seen gadgets in the MITB store! This guide may also help give you a kick-start on Holiday gifts!


Nose Shower Dispenser:

At first glance, this shower dispenser looks very unsanitary, but why not liven up your shower experience (for those who hate to shower) with a NOSE dispenser??




iPad monitor touch gloves:

We know you have a perfectly good pair of hands that can use the iPad directly, but wearing these gloves would be pretty neat, making you feel like you’re in a sci-fi flick!




Balloon LED Lights:

Hard to find colorful light bulbs, might as well use these awesome LED lights where colors can change based on the balloon colors!





Skull Rhinestone Ring:

You can jazz up your outfit with this shiny ring, and it’s perfect for both brave men AND women.





LED Wrist Watches:

The future of all watches! Easy to read and you won’t have to be digging around in your purses/pockets in order to check the time.





Santa Claus Outfit for Dogs:

Ok, I’m not the biggest fan of dressing up pets, in fact, I think it’s rather pointless. HOWEVER, you gotta admit that this simple Santa Claus outfit is quite cute for dogs :)




Robot Dog Wire Organizer:

For all you people whose rooms are cluttered with piles of wire (but you really need them there,) organize the wires with a cool robot dog wire organizer!





Red Rose Panties:

It’s never too early to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts, or those “just because” gifts. Treat someone (or yourself) to sexy lingerie encased in a beautiful rose.





12-set Nail Polish:

It can be a pain having to hunt down specific colors in more than one area. This set is perfect for a ladies’ night!





Skull and Cross-bones 3D Glasses:

Freak your friends out with these awesome 3D glasses. Not only do they give the skull and cross-bones illusion, the colors change as well!




We know there are a lot more gadgets out there, even I don’t know the whole store.  What’s the most unique gadget YOU’VE purchased?

Wedding Wednesday: Weddings by Numbers

DISCLAIMER: At the end of this post I’m going to tell you how to score FREE jewelry from LightintheBox. So scroll down if you just want to get to the good part :)


So one of the first things any good wedding blog or book tells you to do is to set a budget. But if you’re anything like the rest of us, you really have no idea where to start. How much do these things actually cost?

Luckily for us, earlier this year Brides Magazine figured out how much Americans spend on every detail of their weddings – from flower arrangements to food. So today I want to share with you the average cost of getting hitched in 2012.

And to make it less… well, terrifying, I put the average costs into a nice happy image. Don’t say I don’t try to do nice things for ya :)

So… that’s crazy, right?!? $26,989 is A LOT to drop on a wedding. But everyone is allowed to splurge a little!


So here’s where the good part comes in! We are giving away $45 worth of FREE JEWELRY to our blog readers who leave us a bit of comment love :) Here’s how:

All you have to do is post a comment telling us what your biggest splurge is/was/will be at your wedding! We will pick the SIX sweetest and most creative comments on Tuesday the 28th and those lucky ladies (or gents!) will be able to make their wedding that much more affordable.

What do you think your BIGGEST SPLURGE will be? Your dress? Music? Food? Booze?

Let’s hear it!

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Traditions Part 2

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

credit: Anya Albonetti Photography

Take a picture of your "somethings."

So last week we talked about the meaning of this old English rhyme.  This week, I want to give you ladies (and men!) some ideas on how to incorporate something old, new, borrowed, and blue into your wedding.


Something Old:

The “something old” should be something from your family that is special to you.  One really sweet idea I have seen is from a bride whose grandparents had passed away before her wedding.  She put small photos of them into a locket and tied the locket to her bouquet, so that she had her grandparents with her on her wedding day.


Something New:

Many brides’ something new is their wedding dress.  But it could be anything new that you get for your wedding that symbolizes your new life as a married woman.


Something Borrowed:

Many brides choose jewelry as their “something borrowed” item.  Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s tiara at her wedding.  But if you’re not in the royal family, borrow a string of pearls from a happily married friend, or tie your mother’s wedding ring to your bouquet.

credit: Sequins and Candy Photography


Something Blue:

I love all the creative ideas I have seen for the “something blue.”  Blue shoes, or blue rhinestones spelling out “I do” on the bottom of the shoes is becoming a popular choice for brides.  You could also have a blue garter or stitch your wedding date in blue on the inside of your dress.  The possibilities are endless!


Looking for more wedding inspiration, ideas and products?  Check out or wedding Pinterest board!


Wedding Wednesday: A Colorful Bride

There’s no argument—a bride should be the center of attention on her wedding day. This is usually achieved by being the only person at the ceremony who is wearing a bright white dress, but lots of modern brides are choosing to stand out in a different way. With a pop of color! In this week’s post you’ll see some fantastic options for colorful brides.

These days, brides (and grooms!) are incorporating their creativity into their weddings in lots of different ways—DIY décor, fun photo booths, wacky socks or neckties, funky shoes or bright jewelry. Wearing items with a pop of color allows a bride to showcase her sense of style and get creative on her big day.

Wearing a wedding gown that’s in color is a daring choice; if you’re not fully committed to donning a colored dress, no need to worry! Try starting small; colorful wedding wraps, jewelry, shoes or handbags are all fabulous choices. With all the amazing options out there these days, you’ll have no problem finding the right colorful accessory for you!

As always, feel free to check out our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection for more ideas!

Click a photo to visit the product page.


Wedding Wednesday: A Pop of Color

One of the fastest growing trends in the bridal community is quite a colorful one! Brides have found themselves bored with the usual white or ivory colored wedding gowns and are seeking more youthful looks for themselves. This week’s post will show off some great choices for the bride who wants to add a pop of color to her life!

If you’re not comfortable with an entire gown in a non-traditional hue, there are several other ways you can add some color to your wedding day ensemble! The next step down would be to rock a dress with colored inserts or embroidery, but you could also opt for a colored sash or embellishments. But even if you choose to wear a simple dress, you can still spice up your outfit with colorful accessories! The possibilities are endless—you could choose funky-hued shoes, a bright handbag or vibrant jewelry. You could even try multicolored fingernails!

Here you’ll find some of my favorite colorful choices, but you can check out our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events collection for more inspiration!

Click a photo to visit the product page.


Fashion Friday: Holiday Accessories

As most women know all too well, it’s easy to look dowdy during the colder months when the only thing your wardrobe consists of is a pile of coats and scarves. But with all the holiday parties and family gatherings that will be happening this season, you can add some excitement to your attire really easily! Although your fashionable party dress might be enough to show everyone that you still like to look hot in cold weather, why not throw on some fun accessories too?

There’s no need to look dull and frumpy this winter when you have lots of trendy accessories that can add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe! A great item that complements your look and has a touch of your own personality in it can take you from feeling drab to feeling fab!

Our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection has a wide variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, handbags and shoes, but here are a few of my favorite picks! Click on a picture to go to the product page.


The right pair of earrings can quickly change your simple, everyday outfit to party-ready. It doesn’t matter if you choose studs, chandeliers, or hoops just make sure they’re sparkly or colorful!


A holiday party is the perfect occasion for you to whip out that statement necklace you’ve been dying to wear! It can have charms, jewels, a dangly pendant…it doesn’t really matter as long as it stands out!


Think bright, bold colors with this trend. Wearing a skinny belt over a simple dress can really add some zest to your outfit! A bow accent is perfect for the holidays as well.


Try a tote bag with a fun design for the day and a simple clutch for nighttime parties. An over-the-shoulder bag in the right color could be perfect for any time of day!