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Tech News Part: 140938409254

So many news, so little time!  This year boasted a ton of upgrades (Samsung, Apple. Microsoft, anyone?) and tons of concept designs.  Read more for what’s in store in 2013!

Okay, so this isn’t the REAL iPhone 6, but one can dream, can’t he/she?  Of all designs that I’ve seen, the general consensus is a built-in projector that can be shown on any surface.  Apple will have its keynote on June 10th at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, where it should release some iPhone 6 news!

Does your phone ever get overheated, thereby rendering the phone impossible to use?  Never fear!  The NEC Medias X 06E has recently been produced, and can be cooled by a liquid cooling pipe located behind the display and next to the processor. Do YOU think this liquid-cooling phone is a good idea?

At Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2013, Samsung will be displaying several new gadgets, as well as its new 13.3-inch notebook with 3,200×1,800 (WQXGA+) pixel resolution, which surpasses Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro.  However, with such a small display, what can you really do with such an excellent resolution?

Watch out, Apple fans!  Coming this July, the iPad 5 will be in stores!  With the same resolution of  9.7-inch 2048 x 1536, the iPad 5 will be even lighter, with an improved LED backlighting.  Also in store for Apple this year will be two new iPad Minis, one of which has the Retina display.  Are YOU excited for these new gadgets?  Or are you not an Apple fan? =)

“We promise not to screw it up.” –  Marissa Mayer, in regards to Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, for a whopping $1.1 billion.  With different demographics, can Tumblr survive under Yahoo’s rule?   With a lot of adult content in Tumblr, Yahoo can potentially face several lawsuits in the upcoming years.  What other troubles lie ahead?

Doodle3D is a new drawing tool that brings your sketches to a three-dimensional life.  This tool was created from a Kickstarter campaign, and geared towards an audience with a less serious drawing skills but interested in 3D printing at the same time.  The tool is actually a device itself that can be plugged into your iPad and 3D printer.  COOL or not??

So there it is, the news of  week.  Which devices/upgrades are you most looking forward to seeing come to life??




A Special Thanks To Our Customers!

I wanted to thank all the reviews we’ve found on the Internet since the beginning MITB.  It’s really great seeing the enthusiasm from our customers of all ages, as well as reading feedback in order to improve our company.  Here are some awesome reviews from our Social Media pages!


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Received them today! I’m sooooo in ♥ thank you!



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Just ordered this cuuute case at @miniintheboxcom! They have so many cute things. You should definitely check it out!

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Tech News Galore!

Happy 2013 everybody!  As usual, the tech world is ever-changing, so of course, I dug up the latest, most interesting and quirkiest news I could find.  Enjoy reading!

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Cool Gadgets of the Week!

So we all know that MiniInTheBox has a HUGE assortment of gadgets, but it’s pretty difficult to find the certain unique gadget that would make an awesome gift for yourself or family and friends. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of unique and lesser-seen gadgets in the MITB store! This guide may also help give you a kick-start on Holiday gifts!


Nose Shower Dispenser:

At first glance, this shower dispenser looks very unsanitary, but why not liven up your shower experience (for those who hate to shower) with a NOSE dispenser??




iPad monitor touch gloves:

We know you have a perfectly good pair of hands that can use the iPad directly, but wearing these gloves would be pretty neat, making you feel like you’re in a sci-fi flick!




Balloon LED Lights:

Hard to find colorful light bulbs, might as well use these awesome LED lights where colors can change based on the balloon colors!





Skull Rhinestone Ring:

You can jazz up your outfit with this shiny ring, and it’s perfect for both brave men AND women.





LED Wrist Watches:

The future of all watches! Easy to read and you won’t have to be digging around in your purses/pockets in order to check the time.





Santa Claus Outfit for Dogs:

Ok, I’m not the biggest fan of dressing up pets, in fact, I think it’s rather pointless. HOWEVER, you gotta admit that this simple Santa Claus outfit is quite cute for dogs :)




Robot Dog Wire Organizer:

For all you people whose rooms are cluttered with piles of wire (but you really need them there,) organize the wires with a cool robot dog wire organizer!





Red Rose Panties:

It’s never too early to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts, or those “just because” gifts. Treat someone (or yourself) to sexy lingerie encased in a beautiful rose.





12-set Nail Polish:

It can be a pain having to hunt down specific colors in more than one area. This set is perfect for a ladies’ night!





Skull and Cross-bones 3D Glasses:

Freak your friends out with these awesome 3D glasses. Not only do they give the skull and cross-bones illusion, the colors change as well!




We know there are a lot more gadgets out there, even I don’t know the whole store.  What’s the most unique gadget YOU’VE purchased?


The “Underdogs”

With all the recent hype surrounding Apple products (namely the iPhone5 and Mini iPad,) it is easy to overlook the other tech products that have premiered recently (or will be premiering in upcoming months.)  So here’s a quick overlook on the Kindle Paperwhite, Samsung Galaxy Premiere, and Microsoft Surface RT:



Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has recently ceased all Kindle touch production and selling in order to make room for the latest: Kindle Paperwhite.  Its primary feature that makes this product differ from the rest is the 24 levels of patented built-in backlight, illuminating the surface text (however, keep in mind that the lighting depends on the environment you are in.)  The Kindle Paperwhite is reported to be the world’s most advanced e-reader, with higher resolution, contrast touchscreen, and up to 8-week battery life.  Gone is the text-to-speech function, so unless you are perfectly fine with the Paperwhite’s new adaptations, it is not recommended to buy this product.  More features include: no visible buttons (coming a long way from the original Kindle,) six different types of fonts, and the parental locks.  Kindles are now used in classrooms in order to enhance hands-on learning for students.


Samsung Galaxy Premiere

A phone faster than its predecessor (Galaxy Nexus,) the Samsung Galaxy Premiere has faced several rumors and leaks due to the excitement surrounding it.

This new mobile device will come out with Android 4.01 (Jelly Bean) with a 720×1280 resolution using a micro-SD card.  Some of its numerous features include: voice activation, face detection, and media-sharing for easy easy file-swapping.  This mid-range smartphone will be available in 8/16 GB, with an 8-megapixel rear-facing cameraSamsung’s Galaxy Premiere is reported to be launched in December.



Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT has a lot of competition to face with Apple’s new Mini iPad.  Microsoft has really stepped up its game, becoming more minutely aware of every function and display the Surface RT has to offer.  Furthermore, with the premiere of Windows8, the tablet is another way to market the new OS hype.

The Surface RT comes with a thin and light kickstand, and an optional Touch keyboard for those who prefer to type separately from the screen.  This product also has a Splitscreen feature, so users may write an email while doing voice chatting on Skype!

Keep in mind that this new product is NOT a laptop.  Like other tablets, the Surface RT is in a market entirely of its own.

For more information regarding the Windows8, please refer to our previous article here.

For those who prefer to SAVE money on electronics, check out some just as awesome alternatives at LightInTheBox:

Now it’s YOUR turn, folks.  Has this post swayed your decision in buying a tech product OTHER than an Apple product?  If you’ve used or purchased any of the products mentioned above, let us know what you think!

LITB Customer Interview: Edwin Ornedo

For this weeks customer interview blog we are hearing from Edwin what keeps bringing him back to shop here at MiniInTheBox!

Another satisfied customer!

Name: Edwin Ornedo

Gender: Male

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

What did you purchase on MiniInTheBox?

Cases for my Ipad, Iphone 4S and Ipod. Bulb and Light holders, Shoot thru umbrella, USB cable for apple. All sorts of stuff really!


Did your order arrive on time?

My orders arrive ahead of (expected) time, which was nice.


Were you satisfied with the products you received?

I am indeed satisfied with all the products I bought from MiniInTheBox.


What are the best things about the product you bought?

Firstly the great quality and secondly the great price.


How did you first hear about MiniInTheBox?

By browsing on the internet (Facebook ads I think).


What do you like about shopping with us?

As well as the huge range of products to select from I was also pleased with how you handled the issues I had when purchasing one product. The promptness and courteousness of the staff is really commendable. I am pretty sure your company will have more business with the attitude you have towards customer service.

Would you shop with MiniInTheBox again?

I will definitely continue shopping with MiniInTheBox. Thank you!


Do you like the look of the products Edwin ordered with us? Click here to browse our excellent selection of Apple products!


Tech Tuesdays: Tablet Mania

NOTE: At the bottom of the article is news on how to score yourself FREE GIFTS from MiniInTheBox!


2012 may not have been the end of the world as the Mayans predicted, but it has caused a huge change in the technological world. It’s been a great year for Tech heads, with some fantastic technology already out and even more yet to come before we reach the end of the year.  Since the astounding reception of the iPad 3, it’s become clear that the Tablet is no longer a ‘fad‘ for entertainment purposes. Consequently everybody is jumping on the Touch Screen Tablet bandwagon, in a move away from mice and keyboards to a future long predicted in sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Minority Report !



Along with the rise in Tablet computers has come a rise in fantastic and innovative accessories for these Tablets, from external batteries to Bluetooth keyboards.


Grand Prize: Universal Stand for iPad and All Other Tablet PCs x 1

Runner Up Prize: Modern silicon band analogue wrist watch x 4

Universal Tablet Stand
Modern Silicon Analogue Wristwatch











To get those free prizes, tell us:What is your favourite Tablet accessory and why?”  We will pick our 5 favourite entries to WIN!

Check back here on Tuesday 4th September to see who the lucky winners are!


MEIYING – HD Android 4.0 Tablet

For this weeks LightInTheBox Blog post I’m going to give you the low down on the MEIYING Android 4.0 Tablet computer. Not only is this little tablet aesthetically pleasing, it also packs a punch under it’s sleek exterior!

Flash Compatibility

It offers full support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to access Flash-enabled websites; thus making sure all video and tube streaming websites display and load fully without any issues.

Powerful Graphics
This Android 4.0 Tablet comes with GC800 3D graphics, guaranteeing you an exceptional gaming and video viewing experience. The GC800 Graphics delivers super fast frame rendering. It merges the integegrated graphics acceleration software with the on-board / pre-installed 1.2GHz CPU; but that’s not all! Whilst most tablets will let you down with the tendency to slow to a crawl when you keep open several apps at once, the Meiying possesses 512MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM, ensuring cache and data files do not slow you down if you happen to need several apps open at once!

Yes, the MEIYING Android 4.0 Tablet computer truly is a powerhouse in a smooth and attractive outer casing. You’ll be the envy of your friends and you’ll love using the tablet, so why not give it a try today!

[ LITB Labs ] i-Helicopter

This week in the LITB Lab we’re taking a look at something a little different. We have one of the latest gadgets that everyone is talking about and what a fun gadget it is. The brand new range of radio controlled i-Helicopters landed on MiniInTheBox.com last week and we’ve been flying them around the office ever since. These fun little flying machines are cleverly controlled using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, all you need to do to turn your Apple device into a flight controller is plug in the small adapter, download the app from the App Store and its chocks away!

When I first heard about these i-Helicopters I must admit I was somewhat skeptical about; how well it would fly, how easy it would be to control and how fragile it would be. Needless to say going into my maiden flight I was fairly cautious, particularly due to the number of civilians milling about the office where an out of control helicopter has the potential to cause some amusing carnage.

However I needn’t have worried about my previous concerns and no civilians were harmed during my many flight hours around the office (although a number of plants found themselves receiving an abrupt trimming at the hands of the fast moving rotary blades).

I’ll start by talking about the controls. I was using a (borrowed) iPhone 4 as my flight controller and I was seriously impressed; firstly about how easy the i-Helicopter was to control and secondly with how responsive the controls were. I was flying it around a fairly small area and after only a couple of minutes flying the i-Helicopter I was able to control it pretty well. On the touchscreen of your chosen Apple device, the controls are nicely set out and very simple, on the left side you have the control for moving up and down and on the right side a joystick for moving forward, backwards and left to right. It’s that simple.

The i-Helicopter gets off the ground and flies very well, much better than I personally expected and if you get it outside you can have a lot of fun. If you are feeling daring you can fly along close to the ground or get it up to 20 ft and cruise about up there. When it comes to the fragility of the aircraft, although it appears rather delicate and flimsy, it took a number of crashes and collisions (from less skilled pilots than myself) and maintained a perfect working condition. This is not to say that this fun toy is indestructible, but I think breaking it through normal use would be quite difficult.

To summarize, the new range of R/C i-Helicopters at MiniInTheBox are fun gadgets that give you something a little different and novel for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you’re looking for a serious flying machine then these probably won’t be for you, but for anyone looking for an interesting and fun toy, that won’t break the bank, then I’d certainly recommend one these i-Helicopters

Prices for the i-Helicopters start at just $38.29 on miniinthebox.com.