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The Great Hunt #2: Daniela Silva Receives Her Prize!

Just thought we’d give you a quick update on one of the earlier winners of our Great Hunt contests.

Daniela Silva was the lucky winner of  Great Hunt #2 and she just sent us some gorgeous photos of herself wearing her prize – a grand wedding gown from LightInTheBox.com. We really were so excited to see them! I am sure you will agree that Daniela looks stunning, but if you know her, please don’t share this with her fiancée! :)

Great Hunt 2# Winner, Daniela, tries on her prize from LightInTheBox.com
Great Hunt 2# winner, Daniela Silva, tries on her prize LightInTheBox.com

As part of the Great Hunt #2, Daniela selected this halter ball gown from LightInTheBox’s bridal collection, posted it on our Facebook fan wall and collected a whopping 750+ likes from friends. How did she do it? Well, Daniela told us she got her best buddies involved and asked them to post her entry everywhere on Facebook – their own walls, other fan page walls and even on wedding websites and blogs! So there you have it, if you want to win the next Great Hunt, get some friends involved and ask everyone online to ‘like’ your entry!

And finally, here is a sweet message from Daniela, sent to us after she received her fabulous prize:

Dear LITB, my dress just came here and I just cant believe it!!! It’s gorgeous, absolutely fabulous, it’s much more than I expected!!! MUCH MUCH MOREEE!!!!!!!! I’ll always be so grateful to you LITB, this is just my perfect gift, you just don’t know how happy you’ve made me!”

Daniela will surely look stunning at her wedding, planned for early 2011. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

If you are inspired by Daniela’s win, why not join the current Great Hunt? Good luck!


Great Hunt #5: Let’s Play Dress Up!

It’s been a while since our last Great Hunt, hasn’t it?

For those of you who haven’t been to the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, it is a comic book, science fiction, fantasy and anime fan convention where fans turn up dressed up as their favorite characters. It’s a crazy affair and feels like you have stepped into a cartoon, comic book or video game!

Since it sounds like so much fun, we figured we’d join in (sort of) by hosting a Comic-Con-themed Great Hunt! You (and your friends) will have an opportunity to win not one, but TWO costumes!

The Great Hunt Round #4 will run from July 16 – July 22, ending at 1AM EST (just past midnight).

How to enter:

1. As always, you will have to become a fan of LightInTheBox Insider to participate

2. Hit up LightInTheBox.com’s Costumes & Cosplay category and pick out your favorite costume…

3. Copy/paste the link on our Facebook Fan Wall
(Please note that in order to qualify, the URL must be included in the wall post. Also, only the first submission will be counted – submitting more choices will not increase your chances to win, and may get you disqualified completely!)

4. Let everyone you know about your selection and get as many of them as possible to ‘like’ your costume selection!
(In the past, we’ve had complaints about people cheating. While advertising anywhere and everywhere is fine, creating a new account to ‘like’ your selection will get you disqualified.)

5. Find a friend. (You have those, right?)

6. Get your friend to repeat steps 1-4. No, we’re not doing this as a joke. If you win, you can chose a friend that wins with you. So if your friends aren’t participating, then you won’t have anyone to pick!


As usual, the selection with the most ‘Like’s, Wins!

The winner will win the costume that they’ve picked, and also be allowed to select from the list of participants one other person who will also win their selected costume!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and Get Started Now!

The Great Hunt #3: Results!

It seems that there’s a new Great Hunt update every time we turn around! This time, we have the great pleasure of announcing the two winners from Round #3 of the great hunt, based loosely off the Cannes Festival:

Great Hunt 3 - winnerGreat Hunt 3 - winner

For the Women:
Beverly Myshrall from Canada with 700+ Likes
You can see her choice here

For the Men:
Daniel Albarran from Venezuela with 120+ Likes
You can see his choice here

The competition was just as stiff as ever, with participants from all over the globe posting their preferences and encouraging their friends, families (and enemies?) to hit the “Like” button on our Facebook fan page. The winner of our dress, Beverly Myshrall, will be wearing her winning pick to her Las Vegas wedding!

Our two winners have already sent in their specifications for their prizes, and our tailors are getting their needles and thread ready to start making their precious garments. As always, the photos of their prizes (and them) will be posted on our Facebook fan page once they’ve arrived. Congratulations again, Daniel and Beverly!

The Great Hunt #4: Emma Rees is Stylin’!!!

We all had a fabulous time judging your Great Hunt #4 Mini Competition collages! The LITB Creative Team ooooed and ahhhed endlessly over the fabulous Sex and The City inspired ensembles –  they were all so imaginative and well put together. But unfortunately there can only be one winner. The creation we judged to be most creative and fitting to the Sex and The City theme is the entry by Emma Rees (from Australia). Check it out!

Emma Rees' collage for The Great Hunt #4
Emma Rees' collage for The Great Hunt #4

We really loved how Emma’s ensemble is both sexy and playful. Look at how she chose a picture depicting girl friends walking down the street, gasping in admiration at her fabulous creation on SJP! Also, love how the pieces were just cheekily cut-and-pasted onto Mrs Broderick. Emma received 55+ likes for her entry on our Facebook Fan Wall, and will also get a bonus prize ($50 coupon) for sending in the best collage. :)

Emma’s ensemble consists of the following LightInTheBox.com pieces:

A sexy and tight fitting white dress. Above the knee in length and topped off with an exaggerated bow – very Sarah Jessica Parker!

Pink satin Mary Janes accentuated with delicate bows on the side. Hmm…sensing a bow theme here Emma…

A very feminine pink and white leatherette tote bag. Being a generous size, it is perfect for women who like to carry with them absolutely everything they own– although, you might have trouble actually finding what you need! Every woman’s grief I am told! Oh, and bow theme well and truly noted.

We are still tallying up all the ‘likes’ on our Facebook Fan Wall to discover the overall winner of The Great Hunt #4. Hang tight. Results will be announced in a jiffy.


Lightinthebox lance Great Hunt – spécial Sex and the City 2 !

Profitant de la sortie internationale au cinéma de Sex and the City 2, Lightinthebox vous propose de repartir à la chasse avec Sarah Jessica Parker ! Great Hunt 4 vous propose de créer votre propre mode en choisissant 3 articles sur Lightinthebox.com parmi notre large collection. Comme d’habitude, c’est le publique qui décidera. La participante ayant reçu le plus de “J’aime” sur notre page Facebook se verra offrir l’ensemble sélectionné.

great hunt 4 - poster

Pour en savoir plus, lisez les règles dans le détail ci-dessous !
… Attention, il y a des nouveautés alors soyez attentives !

A noter : le concours débute le 27 mai et se terminera le 7 juin à 1h00 du matin (heure de New York).

1. Devenez fan de Lightinthebox sur Facebook.

2. Naviguez sur Lightinthebox.com et choisissez 3 articles
parmi les catégories suivantes :
Sacs à main

3. Le total des 3 articles ne doit pas dépasser 220$

3b. {optionnel} Faites un collage visuel de votre sélection pour obtenir un bonus de 50 “J’aime” et participez au concours du meilleur collage (cf. plus bas pour plus de détails).

4. Copier / Coller les liens des 3 produits dans un seul et même message sur le mur de notre fan page Facebook (si vous avez créée votre collage, c’est aussi le moment de le partager dans ce même post ; cf. mes explications en image – en anglais – dans cet article).

Important :
. Les liens / URL des 3 articles doivent apparaître dans le même unique post.
. Une seule participation acceptée par personne.
. Les gagnants des précédents concours doivent laisser la place aux nouveaux et s’abstenir, même si le curseur les démange de renouveler l’exploit.

5. Comment gagner ?
La participante qui aura reçu le plus grand nombre de “J’aime” pour sa sélection remportera l’ensemble. Une sorte d’applaudimètre où il est conseillé d’inviter sa famille, ses amis (voir ses ennemis). Alors n’hésitez pas à battre la campagne car la compétition est, comme toujours, féroce !

Que la chasse commence !

6. A propos de collage.
Nostalgique de vos travaux manuels à l’école primaire ? Voici l’excuse toute trouvée pour vous y remettre ! Faites un collage avec les 3 produits que vous avez sélectionnés et partagez-le sur notre mur Facebook en même temps que les liens vers les produits (voir mes explications en image, et en anglais, à ce sujet).
Un juré formé par l’équipe Créative jurera l’ensemble des collages, l’auteur du plus original sera récompensé par un prix spécial.

Important : votre image ne doit pas dépasser les 600 x 600 pixels. Example :

Lightinthebox Great Hunt Sample Collage for Facebook
Lightinthebox Great Hunt Sample Collage for Facebook

Vous savez tout désormais, alors emparez-vous de votre souris et courrez sur Lightinthebox.com pour faire votre sélection. Que la chasse commence !

– Gael.