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Wabi-Sabi: Phildel’s Music and Fashion Embody Unique Aesthetics


Music lately seems to be inundated with a combination of catchy beats and sexual innuendo. Repetitive lyrics and commonplace melodies create an run-of-the-mill standard for music. We need an answer.

Enter Phildel.

London-born singer/songwriter Phildel is anything but ordinary. Her unique musical style is an ear-catching amalgamation of haunting melodies, electronic beats, and heavy emotional implications. Her voice is clear and cuts like glass, a refreshing sound in a world so tainted by auto-tune.

We had the privilege of asking Phildel a few questions about her background, musical influences and favorite LightInTheBox fashions and accessories.

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Elie Saab 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Haute Couture Collections

This spring and summer’s haute couture collections for Fall and Winter are over and we are in AWE of the beauty and innovation in the formal and wedding collections! We have selected some of our favorites to get inspired by for Fall and Winter events!

The haute couture shows every year set trends for formal wear for the following years to come! Get a head-start on these STUNNING innovations by some of the TOP designers! We here at LightInTheBox feel so inspired by these beautiful creations, we chose three of our favorites and we hope you feel energized and inspired for your formal events later this year! Mostly we just feel like these artistic designers truly know how to make a woman feel like a queen!

Elie Saab again has given us a airy fairy-tale feel in her feminine gowns!

Valentino puts their famous red in velvet embroidery and airy tulle for modern interpretations of what made their fashion house famous!

Zuhair Murad creates gowns that are every woman’s dream! Hugging all the right curves and leaving the right amount to the imagination! These designs look like they are from a mystical forest!

Fashion Friday: Ten-minute Hairstyles

I don’t know about you, but my hair is the last thing I do before leaving my house in the morning, and it often gets neglected. But each of these hairstyles only takes 10 minutes, so I’m going to try out one each day to really step up my style. Are you with me on this?

Click the photo to scroll through the slideshow:
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Do you style your hair every day?

Fashion Friday: The Perfect Interview Outfit

Looking to land your dream gig?  Don’t stress about what to wear to the interview along with everything else – we’ve got you covered.


The Corporate Interview

Show your style while still looking conservative.  Go with demure trousers or skirt and a blouse.  Add bold (but classy!) accessories or a bright mani.

Get the look:






The Artsy Interview

Especially when interviewing for a creative position, your personal style esthetic is important.  Put together a classy outfit, but make sure it doesn’t feature too many trends or labels.  Try a unique shoe or bag with an understated blouse and trousers.

Steal the style:



No idea?

If you have no idea how formal or informal the work environment will be, or even what exactly the job is, you can’t go wrong with this classic look:






Find more great styles on our website.  And good luck at your interview!

Which interview outfit are you most likely to wear?

Fashion Friday: Fall Fashion Trends

So it’s been getting cooler here and I totally can’t wait to start wearing more cute fall fashions :)  This week I want to talk to you ladies about some of the hottest trends to hit the runway during Fall Fashion Week.

TIP: Click on the links in this post to find similar styles from Lightinthebox.com!


First off – the colours!  Usually fall fashions are full of somber, dark colours.  But this fall, we’ll see a lot of white and tangerine.


Left to right: Concept Korea, Dennis Basso, Jenny Packham


Don’t pack away your maxi dresses just yet!  Layer up with a sweater, jacket, or scarf for a more seasonal look.


Left to right: Ralph Lauren, Rebecca Taylor


Finally, geometric patterns are still huge for fall!  Wear this trend as a dress, top, or bold skirt.


Left to right: Diane von Furstenberg, Rebecca Minkoff, Narciso Rodriguez


For more fab fall fashion, check out our Fashion Pinterest board!

What’s your favourite fall clothing item?

Click each photo to progress through slideshow:


Fashion Friday: Look hot in under 5 minutes!

Do you hit snooze too many times on Monday morning? Forget to set your alarm Wednesday night? No problem! You only need a few minutes to look hot and office-ready.

If you have:

2 minutes

Pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail or messy bun. Moisturize your face (tinted moisturizer is great for days like these!) and add some concealer under your eyes if needed. Finally, apply a quick layer of mascara and swipe some tinted gloss on your lips.

5 minutes

Do the same as for 2 minutes and then add foundation and some coloured eyeliner to make your eyes pop. A light-coloured eyeshadow applied just below your lower lashes will make you look more awake.

To make your ponytail a little more polished, grab a strand of hair and wrap it around the elastic to cover it and pin into place. If you have time, give the bottom of your pony a little curl (make sure you turn the curling iron on when you first get up!).


I love this “I’m late” video tutorial for getting a chic look with limited time in the morning. Check it out!

For more hair and make-up inspiration, check out our Pinterest board.  And don’t forget to get your makeup supplies here on our website.


Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Traditions Part 1

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Sound familiar?  This English rhyme has been around since the Victorian era.  So what does each piece mean, and why have I not heard of that last bit?


Something Old: The something old symbolizes the bride’s family and continuity with the past.

Something New: Something new offers hope and promise for the bride’s new life after she gets married.

Something Borrowed: Borrowing an item from a friend or family member shows the bride’s network of support she has for her new life.  The woman lending the item is usually happily married, so borrowing an item from her is supposed to bring good luck to the new marriage.

Something Blue: “Marry in blue, lover be true.”  Until about 150 years ago, blue was the most common colour of wedding dresses.  The colour symbolizes modesty, fidelity and love.

A Sixpence in your Shoe: The British tradition of a bride putting a sixpence in her shoe represents financial security.


Many modern brides are coming up with fun and creative ideas to incorporate this age-old tradition into their wedding ceremony.  Check back next week for Wedding Traditions Part 2 where we will take a look at some of these options!

As always, check out our website for great deals on wedding dresses, shoes and ceremony décor.



Wedding Wednesday: To look or not to look?

Happy Wednesday everyone!  In this installment of Wedding Wednesday, I want to talk with you guys about the concept of a first look.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, first look refers to seeing your husband (or wife!) to be before the ceremony.  It’s a break from tradition, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

The Pros:

~ You get to see your spouse-to-be for the first time without so many eyes on you so you can have a special moment together before the ceremony.  This also allows for some beautiful candid photos of the two of you.

~ A first look can be great for brides who are afraid of all those pre-wedding jitters.  A quiet moment together can really calm your nerves.

~ If you have a lot of guests, taking pictures with the wedding party before the ceremony starts can save time later.

~ Your big day is eventful- the ceremony, talking and greeting guests, toasting- that you don’t get much time to be alone with your partner.  Before the ceremony is a great time to spend just talking and being with each other.

~ Even if you see each other before the ceremony, you and your husband-to-be will still have that moment when you walk down the aisle.  Him seeing your dress beforehand doesn’t change that.

The Cons:

~ Traditionally, the bride and groom wouldn’t see each other until the bride’s father walked her down the aisle.  If you want a traditional wedding (like the royal wedding!), a first look probably isn’t for you.

~ If you wait to take photos after the ceremony, you’ll have that newlywed look in your eye (you just got married!), something that can be missing from photos taken before the ceremony.

The Compromise

Some couples are deciding to do what might very well be the best of both worlds.  Before the ceremony, they don’t actually see each other, they talk to each other through a door. Genius, right?  And the photos from this type of encounter are AMAZING :)


So let me know what you think!  Would you want a first look before your wedding?

And of course, make sure to check out LightintheBox Weddings for beautiful dresses and accessories.