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Gadgets Galore: 3 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Experience

Do you consider yourself to be a good cook? Whether you’re a culinary king or your signature dish is toast, simple kitchen gadgets can drastically improve your cooking in both taste and time. Focusing on preparation, measurement and some special extras, we’ve rounded up some great gadgets to help you become the next master chef. Continue reading Gadgets Galore: 3 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Experience

ipad stand

Save Some $$$ With DIY Projects!

Holiday season is long over and your wallets are probably feeling a lot lighter after all the shopping :( Here are some projects you can complete around the house to save some shopping trips AND $$$!

iPad/Laptop Stand

Now THIS is a cool idea.  Not only can you save tons of money on a fancy stand, you can have a customized case that looks and seems a lot more comfortable to use!


  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • fabric scraps for the flower
  • self covered button
  • polyfill
  • a stone or weight
  • cardboard

How-To: Click here!

Embossed Wallet

A nice twist from those boring plain leather wallets.  Plus, I guess if you’re bored on the bus one day, you can “doodle” on your wallet to pass some time!


  • Small candy tins, such as Altoids tins, emptied and cleaned
  • Aluminum foil tape
  • Scissors
  • Plastic spoon
  • X-Acto knife
  • Self-healing cutting board
  • Pencil
  • Empty ballpoint pen (optional)
  • Sharpie markers in assorted colors (optional)
  • Cardstock (optional)

How-To: Click here!

Egg Art

Ok, so this project is for kids, but I would totally have fun with this.  After you create the paint-filled eggs, you can toss them at anything (hopefully just a canvas) to create your own version of splatter art!


  • Egg shells with a small opening at the top (washed and dried)
  • Egg shell halves
  • Washable paint or sidewalk paint
  • Strong glue (hot glue gun is best)

How-To: Click here!

Crated Furniture

I feel like with crates, you can hold a lot more things rather than buying a whole set of chest drawers…


  • Top MDF Board (approx 40cm wide, 140cm long, 2cm thick)
  • Back board, plywood or MDF (approx 140cm long, 60cm wide)
  • Some wood to construct a bottom frame
  • 8 crates (i´d also try to create the drawer functionality by making an
  • interior frame structure and adding sliding rails, that the crates could lean on (and be pulled out from).
  • 4 fun furniture legs (perhaps chopped off from an old piece)

How-To: Click here!

Ideal Birthday Cake

Perfect 2-in-1: cake AND present.  Also, as a cake, everyone will have something they like!


  • Empty 2 liter bottle (with the top cut off so it sits flat)
  • 8 soda cans of your choice
  • 12-14 mini candy bars of your choice
  • wide ribbon for the cake
  • thin ribbon for the top
  • candle
  • cake plate
  • tape

How-To: Click here!

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls have always been my favorite dessert…now if I can just get off my lazy butt and actually make them =)

Ingredients: Click here!

How-To: Click here!


Holiday Wish List: Staff Picks!

Admit it, you LOVE unwrapping and receiving gifts.  I know I do!  I asked around and here are some awesome gifts my coworkers wish to receive, hope these items help YOU if you’re in need of ideas!


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Is there anything in particular you want from MITB?  Don’t forget to check back weekly with our special Holiday deals and remember to order early for the presents be delivered on time!