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Sweater Weather: 5 Picks for Chilly Temps! (And a GIVEAWAY!)


Oh my goodness! It’s getting seriously cold out there. For us, the highlight of this temperature shift has to be the arrival of Sweater Weather. (Sorry, Pumpkin Spice Lattes!).

To get you just as excited for this new season as we are, we’ve found five LightInTheBox sweaters that’ll make these downright cold temps downright amazing. Continue reading Sweater Weather: 5 Picks for Chilly Temps! (And a GIVEAWAY!)

Wedding Wednesday: Kids at weddings + Giveaway!

At the end of this post I’m going to tell you how you can win FREE JEWELRY!  Scroll down to check it out :)


Having kids at weddings  can be a wonderful part of the celebrations.  But they can also lead to some hard decisions – can they come to the ceremony but not the reception, will only children of a certain age be allowed, will only children of close family members be allowed, will children not be invited to the wedding at all – the list goes on and on.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding:

  • If you will have kids at your reception, make sure to serve kid-friendly options (for those under age 12) and provide crayons, paper and other games to keep them occupied.  Depending on your budget and venue, having a separate kids’ room with a sitter is a great option.
  • If you have a flower girl and ring bearer in your ceremony, they should be invited to the reception.  Don’t put the parents in a position where they have to explain to their child that he or she is part of the wedding but can’t come to the party.
  • Whether or not you’re inviting kids to your wedding, check in with all the parents that you’re inviting.  Call them and let them know whether or not their kids are invited and if they are, what childcare (if any) will be available.
  • If you only want a few kids in the wedding, it is okay to just invite children over a certain age, or children in the immediate family.  Just be sure all parents are aware of this to avoid any awkwardness later on.

So here’s the good part!  Win FREE JEWELRY by sharing your experiences with kids at weddings.  Do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea?  Will/did you have kids at your wedding?

Let me know in the comments!

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Fashion Friday: Ten-minute Hairstyles

I don’t know about you, but my hair is the last thing I do before leaving my house in the morning, and it often gets neglected. But each of these hairstyles only takes 10 minutes, so I’m going to try out one each day to really step up my style. Are you with me on this?

Click the photo to scroll through the slideshow:
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Do you style your hair every day?

LITB Customer Interview: Lilli Hingee

Lilli, a fashion blogger from Australia, was in the market for bridesmaids’ dresses when she found LightInTheBox.  She chose a light pink, knee-length number which looks amazing on her!  Here is part of her review:

My research led me to Light-In-The-Box (among others) which is an online store – based in China as so many are – that custom makes bridesmaid dresses. There’s about 200 styles available in chiffon, and most of them are around the $100 mark.

The reviews though were… patchy.

Lots of people on the wedding forums said that Light-In-The-Box were TERRIBLE (though most of them were of the “friend of a friend of mine” variety of anecdote). Posters who said they were actually OK were shot down as being incognito Trojan horses for the company.

It’s hard to know who to trust when you’re approaching an online company for the first time, so I hemmed and hawed, and totally failed to make a decision until I was asked to be a bridesmaid myself.

The brief was simple: Pink. And it just so happens I didn’t own a pink dress that was going to be suitable as a bridesmaid’s dress.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to try Light In The Box out for myself before committing to putting my own bridesmaids into their hands, so I ordered a strapless a-line chiffon dress for a whopping $103. I decided to opt for the “custom measurement” option and the “express shipping” which brought the total up to $146. Which isn’t cheap for something that had the potential for disaster, but was a good deal cheaper than the bridesmaid dresses I’d seen in the stores.

They make each purchase to order (which they say can take up to 18 working days) so I ordered on the 11th of September and got the dress today.

This is what I ordered:

And this is the dress, straight out of the box:

Can you see how impressed I am?

I needed The Sophisticate’s help to be zipped up – the zipper’s pretty stiff, and I was a bit stingy with my measurements so the bodice is pretty snug – but once it was on I felt comfortable and it definitely got two thumbs up from my other half.

The dress is finished beautifully: It’s fully lined…

…professionally made…

…and tidily hemmed.

I’m yet to figure out what the internal strap is for – maybe keeping the dress on as you’re zipping it up?

My only concern was that the colour chart is pretty patchy. I had trouble deciding between this colour – Pink – and something called Pearl Pink, and in the flesh this doesn’t really look like either. If I’d been thinking properly I’d have ordered a colour swatch while I was ordering the dress so I could make a more informed decision when choosing the colour for my bridesmaids.

Read more of Lilli’s review on her blog. Shop for bridesmaids dresses here.

LITB Customer Interview: Denise Phillips

Denise, a newly engaged gal from Singapore, recently bought this dress from LightintheBox.  Here’s what she has to say:

The dress is really very pretty. Order on the 31st of July and received on the 8th of Aug, now thats really quick delivery. The dress itself is very well structured, quality of the material is pretty good! Definitely worth the price. 2 or 3 sequins have come loose but I expect that out of any dress with sequins. I ordered the blushing pink one to go in with my wedding colour scheme.

Its super shiny and sparkly, looks great in pictures. I order a size 12 even though I can fit into a size 10, just in case it was tight, I could always tailor.

It’s a little too brightly coloured for me. (I was hoping for a more pastel or baby pink since there are no swatches for sequins), I think this dress looks better with dark colours. Overall, I have yet to decide whether I like the pink to wear it at my wedding but service and workmanship wise, Lightinthebox.com is pretty awesome.

We think you look lovely, Denise!  To see more photos of Denise in her dress, check out her blog.

And as always, check out Lightinthebox.com for more great fashion deals!

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