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[ LITB Labs ] Ouku Night 3G Tablet Review

This week we’re very excited to get our hands on the brand new Ouku Night 3G tablet that has recently been launched exclusively on Light In The Box.

Some of you may remember the original Ouku Tab and the Ouku Black that were released way back in Q1 of this year. These low cost Android tablets proved to be very popular, offering as they did unbeatable value for money, solid hardware, and a pleasant user-experience.

Well this time around Ouku have brought even more to the table with the Ouku Night 3G Android tablet, offering a whole host of high end of features and functions, whilst offering great value for money. For less than $230 you get a 3G Android 2.2 tablet with a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen and built-in front and rear cameras.


The first thing to note about the Ouku Night is the fact that it is 3G, simply insert a 3G enabled SIM card into the tablet and you should have internet access wherever you go. The 3G internet worked well, and was speedy enough to prevent any serious frustrations. I was able to comfortably check out all my favorite websites whilst sitting on the bus on the way home from work, without any problems at all. I even attracted some envious looks from the conformist Wi-Fi only iPad owners, who seem to outnumber Manchester United fans these days.

The Ouku Night 3G has an excellent 7 inch capacitive touchscreen, making web browsing a breeze and gaming a lot of fun…I was able to slice the fruit like a true ninja. The 800MHz processor coupled with the 512MB RAM prove to be fast enough to handle all the action packed games available from the Android Market, Angry Birds Rio and Alien Invasion were superb.

The Ouku Night 3G also comes with front and rear facing cameras so that you can take videos, snapshots and perhaps even video chat with applications such as Fring and Tango. I was also able to make voice calls and send/receive text messages once my 3G SIM card was inserted, which proved to be a surprisingly useful feature.

The media player was as to be expected on an Android device. It was very easy to use and it seems to play most video formats. The 720p HD videos played very nicely and the 7 inch screen was just enough to enjoy my favorite shows on the morning commute. Unfortunately there is no HDMI out port, so there’ll be no connecting this device to your HD television.


Overall the Ouku Night 3G tablet is perfect for anyone who is looking for a 3G tablet and doesn’t want to sign up for a lengthy data contract and doesn’t want to break the bank, as 3G tablets are often priced well in excess of $500. Currently the Ouku Night 3G is on sale for only $219.99, a bargain for such a solid product. The four color options also give you the chance to own a tablet that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

The Ouku Night 3G is available now, exclusively at LightInTheBox.com

[LITB Labs] New Incheon Tablet

For this week’s LITB Lab’s we’re returning to the world of Android tablet computers, to take a look at one of our latest tablets, putting our first Android 2.3 tablet – the Incheon through its paces.

Some of the key features of the Incheon include a multi-touch 7” capacitive screen, a powerful 1Ghz processor and of course the popular Android 2.3 OS.


The first thing you’ll notice when holding the Incheon in your hands is the compact and solid feel of the device. The metallic/plastic moulded body is the same that we’ve seen many times before on Chinese made Android tablets. But as they say “if it ain’t broke…” as this seems to be a tried and tested design, that on the Incheon in particular, looks and feels fantastic.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the Incheon, the only negative I could find would be the bezel, which to me resembles that of the RIM Blackberry Playbook and is not quite to my taste. Of course this is just a matter of taste and I’m sure that there are many people who like the design of the bezel, I mean it is good enough for Blackberry after all.

On the front of the Incheon tablet you’ll find 3 physical buttons, (Menu, Home and Back) and these do come in useful for quick navigation around the device, especially for when you want to quickly get back to the home screen. You’ll also find a built-in camera located on the right side of the tablet, with which I was able to take some pretty decent snapshots.


The 7” capacitive touchscreen on the Incheon is surprisingly intuitive and the multi-touch pinch and zoom function works extremely well when web-browsing, using Google Maps and on games like Angry Birds. For a sub $200 tablet I was pleasantly surprised to find such a responsive capacitive touchscreen.

The Incheon tablet is powered by a 1GHz Telechip processor and 256MB of RAM and this provided a smooth and almost lag-free experience, as the Incheon comfortably managed to play more graphic intensive games such as Angry Birds Rio.

The video playback on the Incheon was glitch free and it didn’t even break into a sweat when playing HD 720p videos. The Incheon also has a HDMI out port, which I’m sure all the movie buffs out there would find very appealing. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have the opportunity to test it out.


Overall I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better tablet than this for the price. At just a $169.99 from Light In The Box the Incheon offers incredible value for money and even outperforms some of the more expensive Android tablets out there. For me the Incheon tablet really is a steal and perfect for anyone who wants a solid all round tablet without having to drop more than $200 to get their hands on one.

Meet the Team: Yin

LightInTheBox.com has a lot of busy staff and they’re just dying to meet you! Today we’re getting to know Yin. She’s the fun-loving social media person in charge of MiniInTheBox on Facebook and Twitter. If you like gadgets you’re going to love Yin. Let’s find out more about her…

Who are you?
I sit behind you all day…you really don’t know? I’m Yin!

Oh that’s very YINteresting. See what I did there?
Yeah I see. Great.

What’s your job?
Aside from making the world a happier place with my laughter?

Yeah your laugh is crazy. Like a jackal on helium. What’s your job though?
I don’t laugh like that! I work in the creative content department. I develop content and do social media for LightInTheBox and MiniInTheBox. I’m in charge of all social media for MiniInTheBox so that’s my main duty these days. I’m always trying to keep in touch with customers on various platforms such as Twitter & Facebook. I announce our promotions and try to stir up some fun interaction. I also run games and contests.

What is MiniInTheBox?
MiniInTheBox.com is LightInTheBox.com’s sister site. It specializes more in small things, hence the name. All sorts of tech and gadgets. You’d be surprised how many products we have there, thousands of different items and a lot of them are really cool. Like any good online retailer, MiniInTheBox.com needed a social media platform to reach out to customers, so here I am!

What do you like best about this project?
We get new product arrivals every week, so it’s a lot of fun browsing through the new gadgets. I usually go through and find some I like to post on Facebook and Twitter. If it’s not cool, I won’t promote it. We’ve also got a pretty solid group of fans now who know about gadgets and like expressing their opinions. It’s a lot of fun.

I see you sometimes discuss sales issues with customers on Facebook and Twitter. Is part of your job customer service?
I think a common misunderstanding is that I’m on MinInTheBox for customer service. Actually I’m just the person responsible for MiniInTheBox on Facebook and Twitter, so I serve as a mediator between customers and customer service whenever there’s a problem. So in a nutshell, I’m the person that personally answers all customer questions on MiniInTheBox Facebook and Twitter.

So you personify, personally, the person who personally peruses customer problems and persuades customers to perhaps participate in prodding the prudent personnel? Personally?
You lost me.

What’s your goal for MiniInTheBox on Facebook and Twitter?
We’re trying to maintain and grow our presence on Facebook and Twitter by updating our fans and customers about the newest gadgets and by attracting more fans who love gadgets as much as we do! It’s about building a community.

Now back to you. Where are you from?
I was born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I moved to Amsterdam later on, so I sort of grew up in both places.

Amsterdam is famous for…
Clean drinking water?

I was going to say windmills.
Sure you were.

What languages can you speak?
I speak Dutch, English and Cantonese fluently. I’m conversant in other languages like French, German and Malay. My Mandarin is coming along too.

What brought you to Beijing?
Well…my grandparents are from China. I wanted to learn more about my roots. Other than that, my main motivation was to learn Chinese. My parents taught me Cantonese, but not Mandarin. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn.

So now that you’re here, any plans on leaving?
Not yet. Why, do you want me gone?

I’ve had my eye on your chair…
I’d take the chair with me.

Hey come on, leave me the arm rest or something. Can’t we go Dutch?
I’ve got other things to do today, you know.

Sorry. What’s your favorite band, TV show and movie?
I like so much stuff hmmm…Skunk Anansie & The Shins. For TV shows I love Colbert Report and Glee. My favorite movie is Hudson Hawk.

Hudson Hawk? Are you serious? That movie where Bruce Willis is a singing thief? The ridiculous musical?! *laughter* that’s like the worst film of all time!
No, in Holland it’s very popular.

Are you kidding? No, you have to be joking!
When we were kids we all played Hudson Hawk, instead of cops and robbers or whatever you guys played.

Oh wow that’s…I’m speechless. OK. Wow. Moving on…Describe yourself in three words.
Outgoing, caring and diligent.

Gotta go!

Well Yin is off to wash her clogs over and over again. Check back for more insightful fun with our friendly and sometimes entertaining LITB staff.