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Tech Tuesdays: Top 5 Tech Products

Here at MiniInTheBox we have a wealth of fantastic, creative and fun products available. In fact so much so that the choice can get a little overwhelming (so much to buy, so little time)! That’s why this week’s LITB Blog post is dedicated to my personal top five favourite items in our gargantuan catalogue.

5.) In at number five is the Bluetooth Vibrating Call Alarm Wrist Band (compatible with most mobile phones).
There are so many situations in which this vibrating wrist band comes in useful; if you are in a noisy place, if you need to charge your phone out of ear shot, if you need to keep your phone on silent, or if you just happen to leave it on your desk at work whilst you go to the printer. This handy (pun intended) wrist band will ensure you will never miss a call that you want to pick up again.

4.) Taking the number four spot is the Portable USB Solar Panel Charger for iPhone 4/3G/3GS/Mobile Phones. If you, like myself, are a bit of a phone addict, then a solar powered phone charger is a Godsend. It cuts back on electricity bills and usage (take that pollution!), and allows you the flexibility and freedom to charge your phone anywhere! On the beach in a remote Thai Island? No problem! At a music festival? Sure thing! Hiking in the mountains? A-Okay!

With this fantastic little piece of kit you can stay connected even when you’re far away from the reach of civilization.

3.) Number three has to be the Long Focal Lens Tripod Set for iPhone 4S/4. Now, If you’d have asked me if I’d have bought a long lens and tripod for the iPhone 3G, the answer would have been a solid no, but the quality of the camera on the iPhone 4 (and especially 4S) is a huge step up from it’s predecessor! It’s zoom is a bit weak but that’s exactly where this lens and tripod combo come in handy. You have a powerful 8X zoom lens at your disposal, and a tripod to keep everything steady if you decide to max that zoom out! Plus the tripod offers the obvious benefits of taking night shots that aren’t blurry past recognition.

2.) In at a very tight second place is the iCam Helicopter with 0.3 Megapixel Camera for iPhone, iPad and Android. Yes, that’s right, you can control a HELICOPTER from your phone. If you’d have told this to somebody even 20 years ago they’d have been all like “What’s with all the crazy talk, future man? Calm down and drink this Crystal Pepsi.”
So, anyway, the iCam Helicopter is a phone controlled helicopter with an attached 0.3 mega pixel camera which saves video on to a 2GB micro SD card (included). It’s much more balanced and sensitive than it’s predecessors and provides up to 60 minutes of battery life at any one time.

1.) The top spot has to go to the Karlton 2 – 320k Pixels Mobile Theatre. This is a product from a “Back To The Future“-esque reality that has actually come to fruition. It’s ideal to take on plane or train journeys – just upload your films on to a micro SD card (Compatible with SD cards up to 32GB), charge up the glasses and you’re good to go. Not only do you get to watch and listen to a movie entirely in your own little world, but you also get to look like that awesome dude who wears a visor in Star Trek! Could it get better than this?

Are there any other items that you love from our website? Let us know below!

Product Review: Vivikai – 12 MP Digital Camera with 2.4 Inch LCD Display and 4×Digital Zoom

For this week’s LITB Tech blog we are going to take a look at the absolutely ludicrously good value Vivikai 12MP DSLR style Camera.

If you’re looking to start getting serious about taking photographs, then the Vivikai is the camera for you! It has many of the features of a DSLR camera, such as the option of using either the 2.4” display screen or the classic eye viewer to take photographs, whilst not being so different from a point and click that you will be lost in an ocean of new modes and buttons.

It has a powerful pop out flash for taking photos in darkness, and a 4X zoom for helping you catch things from far away.







The camera itself comes equipped with a detachable wide angle lens. If, after a while, you find that you want more detachable lenses as you become more skilled with the camera, it is compatible with standard size lens

attachments, giving you all you need to develop and grow your skills!

Plus, at the bargain discount price of US$ 151.50, you’d be hard pushed to find a better value deal anywhere!

In next week’s blog we will cover camera accessories! Do you have any personal favourites that you like to use? Let us know in the comments section below!


LITB Labs – A Reflective Rundown

As this week is my final week at LightInTheBox, I thought that I would take this opportunity in the LITB Lab to sit back and reflect on all the great (and not so great) tech that I have encountered during my time at LightInTheBox and choose my favourite product from the last 12 months. Over the last year I’ve seen it all from high-end Android tablets, to cheap and cheerful MTK cell phones and everything else in between. There have been a number of pieces of tech that are worth a mentioning and I thought I would give a reflective rundown here.

The Ouku Tab

The original Ouku Tab proved you could get a fun and functional Android tablet for under $150. The Ouku Tab really felt like a good quality tablet and it soon became a hit with the LightInTheBox customers. With its unique design, respectable specifications and superb (glitch free) usability the original Ouku Tab and the Ouku Black are still one of my favourite products offering as they did incredible value for money.

The i-Helicopters

Next up we have the i-Helicopters, which landed at MiniInTheBox at the end of summer. These little gadgets are quite possibly the most fun thing you can use your iPhone (or Android phone) for. I certainly had a whale of a time flying various versions of these flying machines around the LightInTheBox offices here in Beijing. And with Christmas just around the corner I’m sure these cool little gadgets will find themselves in stockings all around the world.

Malata Z Pad

The Malata Z Pad stuck out like a sore thumb in the tablet category when it arrived at LightInTheBox, largely thanks to its $600 price tag. However despite this high price tag I really liked this Android 2.2 tablet. Yes the Malata Z Pad came at a price, but it when you took a closer look you could understand why. Packing a 10 inch capacitive touchscreen, an NVIDEA Tegra 2 dual core processor, 16GB built in memory and 1080p HD video playback, the Malata Z Pad was something a little bit special.

PVP Gaming Console

The PVP Gaming Console, which made an appearance in the LITB Lab a couple of weeks ago (and has remained on my desk for some at work classic gaming ever since) is certainly worth a mention as one of my favourite gadgets of the year. Loaded with a whole bunch of classic Sega Megadrive/Sega Genesis games, the PVP Gaming Console offers a retro gaming experience that will instantly take you back to those worry-free days of the early 1990’s. In fact I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a more fun gadget for $39.

The Othello Tab

This brings us to my final and favourite piece of tech from the last 12 months and for those of you who read the blog regularly this might not come as any surprise…the Othello Tab. When the Othello Tab was released on LightInTheBox it was our first tablet to have a capacitive touchscreen and got many people in the office excited, not mentioning any names (Andre). However there was more to the Othello Tab than just its 7 inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, it also came with a 1GHz Samsung processor which allowed for a silky smooth, lag-free user experience. The Othello Tab also looked great, with its simple clean lines and the black bezel flush with the touchscreen. Eight months on and I’m yet to find an Android tablet on LightInTheBox that I like more than the Othello Tab and at under $190 you get a hell of a lot for your money.

LITB Labs – Starlight HD2 (Android 2.3)

This week in the LITB Lab I’ll be putting one of LITB’s newest high-end Android Smartphones through its paces and seeing if it performs as great as it looks. The Starlight HD2 certainly has the look and feel of a serious handset and the specifications aren’t too shabby either. With a 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.3, dual-camera and 3G connectivity the Starlight HD2 has everything that you could want from an up to date smartphone.

The Good…

There is a lot to like about this phone and I’ll start with the obvious, the large 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen. The touchscreen on the Starlight HD2 is fantastic and is without a doubt the best 4.3 inch screen that I have come across on a Chinese cell phone. The display is bright and clear, it’s extremely responsive and unlike some of the phones that I’ve seen with large screens, the screen on the Starlight HD2 doesn’t lag. For playing games, web-browsing and watching movies the large 4.3 inch screen really comes into its own.

The large, intuitive touchscreen isn’t the only impressive feature of the Starlight HD2, the Android 2.3 OS works beautifully on this device and includes useful features such as Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows you to tether your Starlight HD2 to your laptop so that you can use the phone’s 3G internet to connect to the internet via your laptop. This brings us on to the 3G connectivity of the Starlight HD2, which I found worked really well, simply by inserting my 3G enabled SIM card.

The Starlight HD2 also comes with front and rear facing cameras. The rear facing camera is a respectable 3.2MP with which I was able to take some fairly decent snapshots with and you can use the front facing camera for video chatting applications that are available for download from the Android Market.

The Bad…

There really isn’t much to say when it comes to the bad aspects of the Starlight HD2. The only really flaw that this handset has is the battery life, which can range between 4 – 8 hours depending on usage of 3G, video playback, talk time, game playing etc. Most smartphone users will know that battery life is one of the universal drawbacks to these devices, but most will admit it’s a sacrifice worth making. Other than that there are no other major negatives, the price could be seen as a drawback because at $249.99 it is a little on the pricy side, but I feel that this would be somewhat clutching at straws to consider price as a negative as you certainly get your money’s worth with the Starlight HD2.

The Summary…

The Starlight HD2 is a superb 3G Android smartphone that is ideal for anyone looking for a larger screen. The 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen is the crowning feature to an overall excellent phone. If $249.99 is within your smartphone budget then I would certainly recommend that you give the Starlight HD2 some serious consideration.

The Starlight HD2 is now available from LightInTheBox for $249.99.

LITB Labs – Fusion Android Phone

This week in the LITB Lab we’re checking out the latest low-cost Android phone available on LightInTheBox, known as the Fusion.

The Fusion Android phone comes with Android 2.2 OS, which has a hardly noticeable, but nicely functional UI overlay that I found actually improved on that of the stock Android 2.2. Usually when it comes to the Android I prefer the stock Google build, but every now and then the developers get it right (HTC Sense being the most notable example) and the developers of the build that is present on the Fusion phone did a great job.

The screen on the Fusion phone is a 3.5 inch resistive touchscreen, which I know could disappoint many people reading this. However despite being resistive, the touchscreen on the Fusion phone is pretty responsive and delivers a decent experience when navigating around the device. In fact it failed to give me any real frustration and is a long way from the resistive screens we used to see on the Chinese cell phones 18 months ago. The only slight niggle I had was with the “Home”, “Menu”, “Back” and “Search” buttons that are located along the bottom edge, but got used to them soon enough once I had worked out they required a little more pressure to be applied.

In the hand the Fusion phone feels well-built; looking and feeling better in the hand than the $139.99 price tag would have you believe. It comes with sleek rounded edges and really does have a very stylish look to it. On the rear side you’ll find a 2MP camera with which I was able to take plenty of snapshots. There’s also a 0.3MP camera located on the front so you can take those all important profile pictures for Facebook and your various other social network sites.

With the MTK6516 processor it certainly isn’t the fastest Android phone in the world, but it can cope with most of the tasks you would require from your Smart Phone on a daily basis. At $139.99 the Fusion phone provides a stylish and functional Android phone that won’t leave a dent in your wallet and for the casual user would be worth the money. If however you’re a more serious phone user, who really likes to put their cellphone through its paces, then you should probably opt to spend a little more money and buy a phone with a bit more power.

The Fusion phone looks great, performs well and is available at Lightinthebox.com for just $139.99!