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Shoe Love is True Love! 5 Ideas for Wedding Footwear. Plus, a Giveaway!


Cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes can change a girl’s life. And we believe that’s never more true than on your wedding day! The right pair of shoes can make all the difference.

Going to dance the night away? Flats are your BFF. Wearing a short dress? Have some fun with statement shoes — bold colors, jewels, appliques! Put your best foot forward with these five ideas, and don’t miss our Wedding Facebook giveaway for a chance to win your choice of wedding shoes! Continue reading Shoe Love is True Love! 5 Ideas for Wedding Footwear. Plus, a Giveaway!

Real Life Wedding: Brandy’s Non-traditional Budget Wedding


Despite all the books, blogs, and experts telling us otherwise, we know that there’s no right way to have a wedding.  Lots of variables like budgets, timing, and personal preferences play into how a wedding happens. We caught up with Brandy, from the Netherlands, and had a chat about her upcoming non-traditional wedding to her long-term girlfriend. Read on to learn about keeping it simple.

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Wedding Wednesday: To look or not to look?

Happy Wednesday everyone!  In this installment of Wedding Wednesday, I want to talk with you guys about the concept of a first look.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, first look refers to seeing your husband (or wife!) to be before the ceremony.  It’s a break from tradition, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

The Pros:

~ You get to see your spouse-to-be for the first time without so many eyes on you so you can have a special moment together before the ceremony.  This also allows for some beautiful candid photos of the two of you.

~ A first look can be great for brides who are afraid of all those pre-wedding jitters.  A quiet moment together can really calm your nerves.

~ If you have a lot of guests, taking pictures with the wedding party before the ceremony starts can save time later.

~ Your big day is eventful- the ceremony, talking and greeting guests, toasting- that you don’t get much time to be alone with your partner.  Before the ceremony is a great time to spend just talking and being with each other.

~ Even if you see each other before the ceremony, you and your husband-to-be will still have that moment when you walk down the aisle.  Him seeing your dress beforehand doesn’t change that.

The Cons:

~ Traditionally, the bride and groom wouldn’t see each other until the bride’s father walked her down the aisle.  If you want a traditional wedding (like the royal wedding!), a first look probably isn’t for you.

~ If you wait to take photos after the ceremony, you’ll have that newlywed look in your eye (you just got married!), something that can be missing from photos taken before the ceremony.

The Compromise

Some couples are deciding to do what might very well be the best of both worlds.  Before the ceremony, they don’t actually see each other, they talk to each other through a door. Genius, right?  And the photos from this type of encounter are AMAZING :)


So let me know what you think!  Would you want a first look before your wedding?

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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Headpieces

Most brides spend a lot of time thinking about their dress – the cut, style, if it will be pure white or cream – the list goes on and on. But another choice, one that is arguably just as important, is what you will wear on your head.

First – veil or no veil?

If you picked veil:

Pick your veil based on the look of your dress:

Longer veils are better suited to floor-length gowns or gowns with a train. Conversely, shorter dresses look better with shorter veils. If your dress has a high neck or is a more eclectic style, a very short visor veil is a good option.

The most popular veil length is the fingertip length which goes down to (you guessed it!) your fingertips.

If you said no veil:

Many modern brides are choosing head adornments other than the traditional veil. Some wear elaborate headbands, tiaras, or pins, while others simply leave their heads bare.

Brides with long faces look better with headbands or decorative flowers pinned on the side. Brides with rounder faces are more suited to tiaras or bridal hats pinned near the top.


Whether you choose to wear a veil or a different type of head-wear, make sure it doesn’t take away from an intricately designed dress. But if your dress is simpler, your head-wear can be more elaborate!

What kind of veil or headpiece do you want to wear at your wedding? Show us pictures of your ideas in the comments!

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Wedding Wednesday: A Colorful Bride

There’s no argument—a bride should be the center of attention on her wedding day. This is usually achieved by being the only person at the ceremony who is wearing a bright white dress, but lots of modern brides are choosing to stand out in a different way. With a pop of color! In this week’s post you’ll see some fantastic options for colorful brides.

These days, brides (and grooms!) are incorporating their creativity into their weddings in lots of different ways—DIY décor, fun photo booths, wacky socks or neckties, funky shoes or bright jewelry. Wearing items with a pop of color allows a bride to showcase her sense of style and get creative on her big day.

Wearing a wedding gown that’s in color is a daring choice; if you’re not fully committed to donning a colored dress, no need to worry! Try starting small; colorful wedding wraps, jewelry, shoes or handbags are all fabulous choices. With all the amazing options out there these days, you’ll have no problem finding the right colorful accessory for you!

As always, feel free to check out our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection for more ideas!

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Wedding Wednesday: Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Happy Wednesday, ladies! If you’re like me then you are in serious need of a midweek pick-me-up, and I’ve got the perfect thing to help…wedding shoes! No woman can turn down a good pair of pumps or an excuse to put on her dancing shoes! In this week’s post you’ll see lots of amazing shoe options for your big day!

Spring 2012 is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, so let your feet breathe! Peep toe pumps and strappy sandals are perfect for this hot weather and LightInTheBox.com has a ton to choose from! We’ve got all the hot colors too—anywhere from traditional white and ivory, to classic gold or silver or even funky hues like green or purple! And if you’re still looking for that perfect “something blue”, why not try blue shoes? That’s a huge trend right now and modern brides are really taking it to the next level!

A few of our favorite bridal shoe trends are really making a comeback this year— floral detail, bows and rhinestones are all the rage for summertime! If your bridal shoes have a hint of color or a flash of sparkle, you are definitely on trend!

Our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has such a wide variety of styles to choose from, you can’t really go wrong!

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Wedding Wednesday: Spring Color Inspiration

As we all know, spring is a time of renewal. Flowers are blooming, trees begin to sprout leaves and new life is all around. One of the biggest changes a person can go through is getting married, so why not mimic the changing season in your wedding ensemble! In this week’s post you’ll see some fresh spring colors that will look great on your big day!

With new seasons come new colors, and springtime boasts some of the most beautiful colors of all! So why not find some wedding inspiration from the colors outside your window? One of the hottest wedding color trends right now is mint, red and blush. Brides have been using these colors everywhere—bridesmaids dresses, flower bouquets, shoes, and even desserts!

Take a look at our favorite mint, red and blush bridesmaid dresses that might inspire your own spring wedding! You can find more in our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events section.

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Wedding Wednesday: A Pop of Color

One of the fastest growing trends in the bridal community is quite a colorful one! Brides have found themselves bored with the usual white or ivory colored wedding gowns and are seeking more youthful looks for themselves. This week’s post will show off some great choices for the bride who wants to add a pop of color to her life!

If you’re not comfortable with an entire gown in a non-traditional hue, there are several other ways you can add some color to your wedding day ensemble! The next step down would be to rock a dress with colored inserts or embroidery, but you could also opt for a colored sash or embellishments. But even if you choose to wear a simple dress, you can still spice up your outfit with colorful accessories! The possibilities are endless—you could choose funky-hued shoes, a bright handbag or vibrant jewelry. You could even try multicolored fingernails!

Here you’ll find some of my favorite colorful choices, but you can check out our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events collection for more inspiration!

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Wedding Wednesday: Reception Dresses

Every woman knows how important her wedding gown is—most of us have been dreaming about it for years! But not all wedding gowns are built the same, some are easy to move around in and some are not. That’s why the idea of wearing a reception dress is becoming more popular! In this week’s post, you’ll see some elegant dresses that are perfect for dancing at your reception!

It’s becoming more and more common for brides to ditch their big, bulky wedding gowns (after the ceremony and photos, of course!) in favor of an ensemble that is more party appropriate! A quick wardrobe change can really help out a bride who wants to dance the night away and not have to worry about itchy layers or a sagging dress.

A fun way to choose your reception is to go for the opposite of what your ceremony dress was, that way you get the best of both worlds! If you wore a traditional ball gown during the ceremony, try a light and flowy dress for the reception. If you wore a simple sheath wedding gown, why not go for an embellished or short ball gown? Whether you choose a reception dress with straps, a simple design or a forgiving material, just make sure that the dress you choose will help you have a care-free evening!

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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Trends Report Pt. 3

All good things come to an end, right? Welcome to Part 3 of our Bridal Trends Report for 2012! This is the final installment in this series but fret not, we will still be featuring the hottest bridal looks right here each week! Today we will highlight four great trends that will ensure that you are dressed to impress!

We’ve had a ton of fun searching for this season’s trends in our very own LightInTheBox Wedding Collection and now we’re thrilled to show them off to you! These styles may be unconventional, but we’re certain you’ll find something you like here—from voluminous ball gowns and asymmetrical hemlines to lace capes and, my personal favorite, the color purple!

If these gowns aren’t quite your speed, you should check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this season’s Bridal Trends Report.

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Voluminous Ball Gowns

The traditional ball gown gets a facelift this season! No dramatic changes here, but lots of full, dramatic skirts.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

These peek-a-boo hemlines are ultra-trendy. And they’re the definitely the easiest way to show off amazing wedding shoes!

Sheer Lace Capes

These capes are great for the bride who’s looking for a new way to cover up. Last season was all about long sleeves, but the newest craze is gracefully draped capes and shawls.

The Color Purple

Although it’s not an obvious choice, purple is quickly becoming a modern bride’s go-to color! You can try this color both head-to-toe and as an accent (and in any shade).