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Cell Phones, Computers, and More!

So many news this week!  From an awesome iPhone 5 app, to the surprising rise of the Windows phone, you can’t help but WANT to read more!

After the Kantar Worldpanel last quarter, the mobile OS world was in for a surprise: Windows Phone has risen by 52% while Blackberry went down bye 81%.  Android and iOS has pretty much stayed the same.  These stats are gathered from over 240,000 interviews in the US to determine what consumers want.  So after reading THIS interesting bit of news, what OS will YOU be using next??

Samsung recently released its Series 9 Ultrabook, which looks eerily similar to the MacAir.  This laptop will support Windows 8 Pro and is selling for about USD $1900.  The only downside is that this product will not have the touch-screen feature.

A Facebook phone??  There have been several rumors floating about a Facebook phone and now it has become a reality.  HTC-created, there is even a name for it — HTC Myst.  Instead of an Android home screen, the phone will have a Facebook home app with a dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch screen, and a 720p resolution.

Amazon has announced its creation of the Cloud Drive Desktop app, where users can access music, movies and documents across multiple computers and mobile devices.  Is Amazon gunning to replace Dropbox and Google Drive?

Want to have a better audio experience with your iPhone 5?  Amplify your phone with iPlifier, a device you can attach to your iPhone 5 to enhance the sound quality while in a crowded area.  Downside?  This device blocks the charging port in your iPhone 5.

Has Harry Potter come to  life??  Researchers from the University of Texas, Austin, has developer a super thin material called “metascreen,” where this cloak has the ability to shield very small objects.  Would YOU want a cloak like this??


Apps 2.0

So everyone knows the best and most efficient apps for media, file storage, social networking, etc.  But are you itching to discover new apps?  Look no further! Here are some Android and Apple apps that have caught my eye:

Find My Car

For all you car owners, this app is perfect for you!  All you do is enter your car’s parking space using the phone’s GPS coordinates, take a photo of your car in its parking space, or enter a note of its location.  When it comes to the time to find your car, with GPS coverage, this app will lead you directly to your car.

Vision Test

I find this app quite ironic because technology itself is what is impairing our vision.  Nevertheless, this app was an overnight success and created by the world’s largest lens manufacturer.  Like the title says, “Vision Test” tests mobile users’ vision through puzzles.


I think we can all agree that most cell phone owners use their phones in order to look for something on a surface of some sort.  “Flashlight” is an app for Android users, with a fast startup, AND a strobe light feature!


This app not only takes long panoramic photos, but stitches shots together to create a 3D image, like Google maps!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to save up money to go somewhere special.  And knowing me, in that “somewhere special,” I will most likely get lost!  “AroundMe” uses Google Maps information to dig up restaurants, gas stations, theaters, stores, etc. in whatever location you are in.


Another app for those who are trying to stay fit for 2013 (and another Android app as well!)  This app tracks your diet goals and counts your calorie intake to make sure you are on your way to meeting your goals.  COOL or not??