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Tech Tuesday: Newsbytes From The Rumor Mill

Another week, another Tech Tuesday…And this time, we’ve got the scoop on the hottest upcoming product releases! Read on to find out about the next iPhone release, the highest-resolution laptop to hit the market, and which ecommerce giant is turning its hand to home gaming…

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Apps 2.0

So everyone knows the best and most efficient apps for media, file storage, social networking, etc.  But are you itching to discover new apps?  Look no further! Here are some Android and Apple apps that have caught my eye:

Find My Car

For all you car owners, this app is perfect for you!  All you do is enter your car’s parking space using the phone’s GPS coordinates, take a photo of your car in its parking space, or enter a note of its location.  When it comes to the time to find your car, with GPS coverage, this app will lead you directly to your car.

Vision Test

I find this app quite ironic because technology itself is what is impairing our vision.  Nevertheless, this app was an overnight success and created by the world’s largest lens manufacturer.  Like the title says, “Vision Test” tests mobile users’ vision through puzzles.


I think we can all agree that most cell phone owners use their phones in order to look for something on a surface of some sort.  “Flashlight” is an app for Android users, with a fast startup, AND a strobe light feature!


This app not only takes long panoramic photos, but stitches shots together to create a 3D image, like Google maps!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to save up money to go somewhere special.  And knowing me, in that “somewhere special,” I will most likely get lost!  “AroundMe” uses Google Maps information to dig up restaurants, gas stations, theaters, stores, etc. in whatever location you are in.


Another app for those who are trying to stay fit for 2013 (and another Android app as well!)  This app tracks your diet goals and counts your calorie intake to make sure you are on your way to meeting your goals.  COOL or not??

cell phone

“Old Technology” vs. “New Technology”

Several tasks today are shortened by half with the growth of modern technology.  Do YOU appreciate the new inventions OR do you miss the old-school every day tasks?  SHARE with us your opinions!

Paper Maps vs GPS

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To clarify, people still use paper maps, especially when touring a city.  However, there is no need to plan a trip and check for directions before venturing out, especially when all you have to do is type in the address in the GPS, use Google maps, etc.

Pay Phones vs. Cell Phones

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In addition to not having to use pay phones, there is no need to carry around a bunch of change in order to be prepared for pay phones!

CD Players vs. MP3 Players

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I still remember my Sony Walkman, the whirring sound, everything.  I DO have to admit that my mini iPod is a lot more efficient in usage, plus I won’t have to go around hunting for batteries!

Letter Writing vs. Emails

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Although emails are a lot faster and easier to communicate, you have to admit that snail mail adds the sentiment that cannot be expressed in electronic mails.

VHS vs. DVDs

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I still remember what a pain it was to rewind VHS tapes after watching a fantastic movie — and video rentals, for that matter.  Now, I’m more of an online person, or $2 DVDs you can find in small DVD shops here :)

Disposable Cameras vs. Digital Cameras

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I remember loving the anticipation in opening a a fresh pack of photos after waiting a week for them to be developed.  Now, developing photos are more geared towards hobbies and interests, and those who are not professional photographers, can simply point, click, and upload their photos within a matter of minutes.


Best Selling Smartphone in the World!

Samsung is currently reported to have the world’s best selling smartphone with its Galaxy S3, surpassing Apple’s iPhone 4S sales.  Here’s a quick look of the comparisons between Samsung Models and the iPhone 4S!


Galaxy S2 vs. Galaxy S3

  • Redesigned physique with a slightly larger display (and more uniformity of thickness)
  • Larger storage space with an additional 64 GB
  • Faster graphics with a quad-core processor
  • Able to snap photos while recording a FullHD video
  • New Gorilla Glass 2-covered screen — which is noticeably better in bright sunlight



Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S

The Galaxy S3 is known as the “iPhone killer,” playing a major role in boosting Samsung’s operating profit.  As everyone may know, there were several legal disputes between Samsung and Apple, delaying the phone premiere.  Several injunctions were brought against Samsung, claiming that Samsung has violated at least 2 patents.  In the States, both phones are available in most carriers.


Some differences:

  • Galaxy S3 has a larger display (1280×720 pixels)
  • Galaxy S3 has Additional Display Support
  • Its camera has a Panorama feature (front camera quality is 1.9 megapixel)
  • Longer battery life by 8 hours
  • Has a maximum standby time of 800 hours
  • Includes 4G wireless connectivity
  • Weighs lighter than the 4S by 4 grams
  • Has a removable storage of 64 GB and a removable memory (microSD and microSDHC)

However, with Apple’s obsessive fan base, how long will Samsung’s crowning victory last?


The “Underdogs”

With all the recent hype surrounding Apple products (namely the iPhone5 and Mini iPad,) it is easy to overlook the other tech products that have premiered recently (or will be premiering in upcoming months.)  So here’s a quick overlook on the Kindle Paperwhite, Samsung Galaxy Premiere, and Microsoft Surface RT:



Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has recently ceased all Kindle touch production and selling in order to make room for the latest: Kindle Paperwhite.  Its primary feature that makes this product differ from the rest is the 24 levels of patented built-in backlight, illuminating the surface text (however, keep in mind that the lighting depends on the environment you are in.)  The Kindle Paperwhite is reported to be the world’s most advanced e-reader, with higher resolution, contrast touchscreen, and up to 8-week battery life.  Gone is the text-to-speech function, so unless you are perfectly fine with the Paperwhite’s new adaptations, it is not recommended to buy this product.  More features include: no visible buttons (coming a long way from the original Kindle,) six different types of fonts, and the parental locks.  Kindles are now used in classrooms in order to enhance hands-on learning for students.


Samsung Galaxy Premiere

A phone faster than its predecessor (Galaxy Nexus,) the Samsung Galaxy Premiere has faced several rumors and leaks due to the excitement surrounding it.

This new mobile device will come out with Android 4.01 (Jelly Bean) with a 720×1280 resolution using a micro-SD card.  Some of its numerous features include: voice activation, face detection, and media-sharing for easy easy file-swapping.  This mid-range smartphone will be available in 8/16 GB, with an 8-megapixel rear-facing cameraSamsung’s Galaxy Premiere is reported to be launched in December.



Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT has a lot of competition to face with Apple’s new Mini iPad.  Microsoft has really stepped up its game, becoming more minutely aware of every function and display the Surface RT has to offer.  Furthermore, with the premiere of Windows8, the tablet is another way to market the new OS hype.

The Surface RT comes with a thin and light kickstand, and an optional Touch keyboard for those who prefer to type separately from the screen.  This product also has a Splitscreen feature, so users may write an email while doing voice chatting on Skype!

Keep in mind that this new product is NOT a laptop.  Like other tablets, the Surface RT is in a market entirely of its own.

For more information regarding the Windows8, please refer to our previous article here.

For those who prefer to SAVE money on electronics, check out some just as awesome alternatives at LightInTheBox:

Now it’s YOUR turn, folks.  Has this post swayed your decision in buying a tech product OTHER than an Apple product?  If you’ve used or purchased any of the products mentioned above, let us know what you think!


Windows 8 is Here!

On October 26th, 2012, Windows 8 was released after months of beta testing. This new operating system has improved its interface and user experience in order to match other mobile operating system competitors (EX: Android and iOS,) and has been produced for personal computers and home theatre PCs.

So what are the new changes?

Gone is the Start button, the main interface is tiled and colourful for easy access. However, for those who prefer the classic version of Windows, there are several plugins that can be used to still access the Start button (VIStart, Classic Shell, StartMenu7, and Start8, the last of which is not free.) The future of Microsoft and the PC market serves to have a blend of the old Windows as well as innovative features.


Here are some helpful keyboard tips:

  • [Alt] + [Tab]: Switch between different applications running on your desktop
  • [Windows logo key] + [Tab]: Switch between different running Metro applications
  • [Windows logo key] + [Q]: Open the app list and search window
  • [Windows logo key] + [R]: Open a “Run” dialog box
  • [Windows logo key] + [I]: Open the Settings pane
  • [Windows logo key] + [X]: Pop-up a text-based menu of common system settings

On mobile phones, Windows provides a customizable lock screen, such as new pictures from Facebook. Some other features include:

  • Instant notifications, even with closed apps (like Skype calls and messages)
  • Pandora – available 2013, one year of free music
  • Kid-friendly – a special login screen is available, where you can specify which apps and videos show up.
  • Web page data compressor – makes sure you do not overuse wireless data allotment.

What do YOU think? Think you will stay with Microsoft and try out the new operating system?


Tech Tuesdays: Tablet Mania

NOTE: At the bottom of the article is news on how to score yourself FREE GIFTS from MiniInTheBox!


2012 may not have been the end of the world as the Mayans predicted, but it has caused a huge change in the technological world. It’s been a great year for Tech heads, with some fantastic technology already out and even more yet to come before we reach the end of the year.  Since the astounding reception of the iPad 3, it’s become clear that the Tablet is no longer a ‘fad‘ for entertainment purposes. Consequently everybody is jumping on the Touch Screen Tablet bandwagon, in a move away from mice and keyboards to a future long predicted in sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Minority Report !



Along with the rise in Tablet computers has come a rise in fantastic and innovative accessories for these Tablets, from external batteries to Bluetooth keyboards.


Grand Prize: Universal Stand for iPad and All Other Tablet PCs x 1

Runner Up Prize: Modern silicon band analogue wrist watch x 4

Universal Tablet Stand
Modern Silicon Analogue Wristwatch











To get those free prizes, tell us:What is your favourite Tablet accessory and why?”  We will pick our 5 favourite entries to WIN!

Check back here on Tuesday 4th September to see who the lucky winners are!