Striking Deals for Happy Fans

We just wrapped up our latest Super Lightning Sale, which slashed prices for many fantastic products to rock-bottom. Here’s what one lucky customer (Jennifer Jade of Canada) had to say in her TrustPilot.com review:


Never a Problem

I am a longtime customer from Canada. I’ve ordered anything from wedding accessories, to special occasions dresses, to dresses in their TS Fashion section, to beauty supplies and gadgets. I can gladly say Lightinthebox operates on a professional level. Unscrupulous overseas sellers on other sites give other sellers a bad name, but Lightinthebox is by far, the best.

Their current Lightning Sales/Super Sale/Fall Savings sales are very attractive because you can buy a credit for much less than the actual value of the credit, e.g. pay $1 for $10 to spend at LITB during the 2 day sale. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a lot of negative feedback because customers are complaining they did not get the sale price on the credit. The reason for that is simple: QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED. Cross your fingers that your internet connection is fast enough and that you have quick reflexes because I’ve seen them sell out in seconds. Remember, you are competing with the rest of the world, so take into consideration the time zones!

I recently purchased 1 of 5 available special occasions dresses at the sale price of 90% off. So from experience, I can say that it’s not impossible to get one of these super deals. The dress was purchased on the 17th and arrived in Canada on the 19th. The tax rate is high, but on a $30 purchase, it came in at $12 tax. Be prepared for the $14 fee applied by the shipping company (DHL). That being said, none of these charges are levied by Lightinthebox so I hope buyers can keep that in mind that this is the nature of buying overseas. You get great products at great prices, but you will have to consider that you being the importer, it may not be the final cost of the item arriving at your doorstep.

Returns: this is probably the toughest part about buying overseas. In order to return something you bought as a wrong size, you will have to cover the return shipping. There’s no way an overseas company can include a return shipping slip for you. So do measure yourself carefully, and check to see that the item that arrives is of the same measurements as described. From my experience, if the measurements are off and you can provide photo evidence, Lightinthebox will gladly offer generous compensation–even to the point of a full refund sometimes. Name one other company that will do that for you!

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