Styling Tips For Curvy Women

Logo Curvy womenWhen it comes to curvy women, they divide into 2 categories – those who love their body and show it with pride, and those who are not comfortable with it and try to hide under the layers or fabrics. We want to shout out to you: “Embrace your body – it’s your beauty! ANd wear it with pride! Always!”

Here are some tips to gain back your confidence:

    Invest in good undergarments 

“Nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right foundation to pull it off” the best lesson from Chanté B., the blogger behind Everything Curvy and Chic. And you will see how your look, as well as your attitude changes when you have proper underwear. It will embrace your body the way it should and add you will achieve the expected results. If you are insecure about your curves, get tanks and tees, leggings and tights that you can wear under everything. Just remember, choose basic neckline versatile T-shirts with thicker straps to hide the bra. Moreover, avoid cotton-non-stretching fabrics, instead, wear stretch material shapes not to look shaggy. Plus size 1Get this underbust black corset on the left to have a beautiful waite at $25.99, and these high-waist panties at  $8.45.

   Try several sizes when shopping

Don’t be afraid to try different sizes when you shop next time. We all know that quite often size 16, for example, is not 16 everywhere. Moreover, sizes may vary depending on whether it’s top or lower part of the body. So be brave, experiment in search of the ideal size/shape for you! Plus size 2Just check out how Instagram blogger @CollageMePretty,  Emma Reay, combines clothes for curvy women. Get this floral off-the-shoulder red top at $6.99, cropped sky blue denim skinny jeans at $18.56 and this charming lace embroidered floral print ruffle dress at  $11.69. 

Choose clothes that flatter your body type

We all are individuals and should emphasize the beauty of our body and not hide it. That’s why it is important to understand what body type you are. Maybe you’re a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. 2

Knee-high or thigh-high shoes, stockings

Don’t be afraid of thigh-high tights or above-knee boots. You will see how sexy it will look with mini dress, skirt or a tunic. Besides, they will show your curves in a new angle – desirable and appealing. Plus size 3Shop these fancy nubuck heels above knee boots on the left at $37.99, flat black nubuck above knee boots in the middle at $16.14, stiletto above knee boots on the right at $29.99.

Don’t forget to show off your curves

Curves it is what makes you look feminine and desirable. Forget about the old-fashioned skinny stereotype. Look at Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Nikki Minage… They all embrace their curves. And how gorgeous they look!!! Wear tight skirts and dresses to show your hips. And don’t forget about swimwear. Beach body is every body type! So embrace it with pride!  Plus size 4Plus size 5Discover this black high-waist plus size bikini on the left at $11.69, vintage one-piece polka-dot swimwear in the middle at $18.04, one-piece strap black swimwear on the right at $18.99. 

Wear crop tops

You might think that showing off a bit of your tummy is a taboo, but actually, crop tops look amazing on fuller-figured girls, when you show just the right amount of your sexy curves. And that can be your fashion signature!  3@Gabifresh
Plus size 6Discover this lace-up crop top in various colors on the left at $12.21, the one on the right at $12.99. 

Wide belts as a top accessory

Wide belts are best friends to your curves. Wear a wide loose shirt with a pair of chinos pants or a pencil skirt and add a wide belt to hide the extra fabric and underline your belly. When in doubt – choose proper accessories, belts to be exact. Plus size 9 (1)@original_manguPlus size 8Shop this soft belt on the left in black/ red colors at  $5.39, leather belt in the middle in wine/ brown/ red at $11.69, designer’s belt on the right at  $11.69.

Remember: FIT & FLARE DRESSES are you Best Friends!

When in a rush, just wear a fit and flare dress. They look great on all body types. Plus size 7Get this beautiful floral dress in green or black at $18.62 only. 

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