Spring Florals: The 5 Best Floral Dresses Under $15

spring style floral dress

Today’s the first day of spring, which brings to mind Miranda Priestly’s withering takedown of the spring style staple, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” We love The Devil Wears Prada as much as the next girl, but we firmly believe spring dresses are a highlight of the season. There’s just nothing like wearing a pretty frock on a sunny day!

Swap your dark dresses and tights with with these breezy floral dresses. 

1. Get this sweet off-the-shoulder dress for $14.44.

floral dress 1

2. Get this romantic bodycon dress for $11.69.

floral dress 2

3. Get this chic-meets-sporty racerback dress for $11.69.

floral dress 3

4. Get this light and effortless dress for $11.69.

floral dress 4

5. Get this sophisticated maxi dress for $14.39.

floral dress 5

Which dress is your favorite? Shop all of our floral dresses here.

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