Sneak Peak: Desks Of Highly Successful People

Ever wondered what’s on the desk of some of the most successful people to walk this planet? We’ve chosen 4 different desks from highly successful individuals to give you a sneak peak into the environment in which these brilliant minds work.

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist

Craiglist founder Craig Newmark manages to keep a clean desk without all the clutter (maybe he sold it all on his website). While his office is rather plain for a guy who created a website dedicated to buying and selling unwanted stuff (where someone’s trash is definitely someone else’s treasure), he adds a bit of fun with a Homer Simpson figurine on this desk. Desk figurines or models  are a great way to de-stress your work area and show your individual style.

Albert Einstein

The most famous academic to ever live sure did have a cluttered office. Albert Einsten’s work space was covered in documents which seemed to lack any organization to the naked eye – who know’s though, maybe he had a genius mental  filing system ? One notable feature of this office is the chalkboard prominently featured within arms reach of the desk.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Microsoft revolutionized the modern world with its operating systems and technology and Bill Gate’s right hand man, Steve Ballmer, was at the helm of Microsoft for most of the past decade. Ballmer’s office seems simple and nonchalant with a heavy emphasis placed on family. From multiple photo frames to kid’s drawings, Ballmer seems like quite the family man.


Woody Allen

Academy Award winner Woody Allen is known for his quirky style and unique artistic style when it comes to making films. This directly corresponds with his quaint work space that features patterned wall paper, vintage wall art and an overall homely feel.The addition of antique furniture and rugs adds to the cottage-like atmosphere.

So you can see, success can’t be measured by a desk. A work space should be unique and personalized to your own needs and style.

What’s on your desk? Let us know and show us!

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