Smoking Cover-Ups To Wear On & Off The Beach

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Packing for your beach vacation might be as exciting as the vacation itself. The anticipation of the soon-coming travel, the ideas of your wardrobe for each day, etc. I’m sure it is all familiar to you, ladies! But when it comes to the beach outlook, it makes you uncomfortable sometimes to pick up beach wardrobe. In this occasion, bikini cover-ups can save your time and nerves.   

Go for light fabric when choosing a bikini cover-up. It will keep you cool and won’t show your swimwear in a restaurant. Moreover, they are easy to wash and won’t take much space in your luggage which is quite important sometimes, don’t you think?!  1Shop this chic boho long sleeve tunic-dress on the left at $11.57, stunning snake print tunic in the middle at   $12.87, and elegant loose boho white dress at $15.99.

Crochet dresses to look like a sexy doll. This can be the best choice if Ibiza or Saint Tropez are among your next vacay destinations. This sexy cover-ups will not only reveal your beautiful curves but will show off your awesome bathing suit underneath. 2Discover this floral crochet white dress on the left at $11.23, sleeveless mini crochet dress in the middle at  $14.71, lace crochet long sleeve dress on the right at  $18.99.

A flowy kimono for just barely covering up. Why hide your favorite swimsuit?! Have these beauties helped you make up your mind on the bikini cover-ups? Moreover, you can always wear them casually outside of the beach and look boho chic.  3Get the one on the left at $17.47, maxi lace kimono in the middle at  $14.99, crochet maxi kimono on the right at  $19.99.

A cheer tunic with tassels is one of the latest beachwear trends. It covers up to the point until your bikini is revealed and those tassels add a charming chic to your look. 4Hurry to get this fancy boho tassel embroidered maxi dress on the left at $15.99, the white tassel tunic in the middle at  $13.79, the ethnic tunic on the right at  $15.99.

These swimsuit cover-ups will take you from beach to boardwalk to dinner — and beyond. Enjoy our bikini cover-ups choice from LightInTheBox.

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