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Shop Safe with MiniInTheBox!

Many online shops have sprung up in recent years, especially sourcing their products from dubious sources. However MiniInTheBox stands above the rest!

Read what this customer had to say about their customer service experience at MiniInTheBox:


Excellent and personal Customer Service

I was very disappointed with Aliexpress and hesitant on going shopping on another website like that where with no aparent reson thye put a hold on your payment and ask to provide proof of credit card, driver license etc and they say it will take 24 hours to get resolved not it ‘s been over 3 weeks.

Miinthebox completely reliable they keep their word and they will contact you back on every single issue you might have within 24 hours.

Very pleased and like to continue doing business with them just because someone will be ther to help .

Shop at ease. This company will atend to you concerns.


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2 thoughts on “Shop Safe with MiniInTheBox!

  1. Useful !! Its very important for one to understand all policies before buying anything infect website must have mentioned everything in FAQ. Thanks for sharing this useful information and will gonna really help to many visitors.

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