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Oh Snap! The September Lightning Super Sale is ON – Here’s How You Can Save

LightInTheBox has launched our spectacular September Super Sale!

Get amazing products for INCREDIBLE prices during our Super Lightning Sale!

Here are some helpful tips to assure that you get the most out of the sale:

  1. Already have an account set up. This is definitely important.
  2. Have an updated email and shipping address associated with your account.
  3. Make sure your payment method is the most up-to-date, only payments received first will be awarded the limited supply of sale goods.
  4.  Add credit to your account ahead of time, this will give you a super-human advantage when processing payment!
  5. Reload the page fast, Flash Gordon fast.
  6. Make sure your mouse and computer are in excellent working condition.
  7. Click with LIGHTNING speed.
  8. Use a computer with a FAST internet connection. Preferably internet speed from the future. It needs to be that fast.

September 10-12

LIKE products to lower their sale price!

September 13-14

Browse Newly Added extreme discount products and view the final prices on products that were “LIKED”

September 15-16

Get Rewards!


September 17

Sale Goes LIVE!



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