Real Life Wedding: Brandy’s Non-traditional Budget Wedding


Despite all the books, blogs, and experts telling us otherwise, we know that there’s no right way to have a wedding.  Lots of variables like budgets, timing, and personal preferences play into how a wedding happens. We caught up with Brandy, from the Netherlands, and had a chat about her upcoming non-traditional wedding to her long-term girlfriend. Read on to learn about keeping it simple.

How long have you and your girl been together, and how long will the engagement be?

We have been together for 7.5 years now and I have known her for about 12/13 years now. We got engaged in August of 2013 so it will be a little over a year [for a September wedding]!

What’s your wedding budget? 

We had a budget of  €500 and with everything as planned now, it will be €350

Tell us about the planning .happy

There is not much to plan, really. We get married on a Wednesday, which is free in my county. We’ll  have a really small party with some friends and family, about 25 people in total. No decorations unless our friend will decorate the venue! Our wedding cake will be free, because a friend is making it. Another friend/my boss is making my bouquet, also for free. Our music will be typically us, rock, metal and a dash of pop music. Also my dress will be cheap because me and my mother are making it !

What’s the most stressful thing about planning right now?

My grandparents. Grandfather is dying and a few days ago my grandmother was admitted in the hospital for stress. That’s a big stress thing at the moment.

Have there been any major disagreements about any of the planning?                                                                                  

Just one. We don’t like to be formal so my fiancée wanted baggy pants and I said NO!

How are your families dealing with the upcoming wedding?

My family supports me in every way, even my Christian grandparents. Grandpa said to my fiancée “if you are happy, I am happy.”

Simply happy.

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