Rave Reviews for MiniInTheBox!

Many customers go online for their electronics, whether they are looking for accessories or devices. The market is competitive and top notch service definitely lends and edge. Recently a customer from the UK posted an glowing unsolicited review for MiniInTheBox! Read some excerpts here:

If you search the internet, you will find that more than 85 % of the people who use are satisfied with the service they receive. The site has a wide range of choice as far as gadgets and other electronic devices are concerned and they offer their services in a large number of countries. They even accept payments in 16 different currencies including GBP and USD. Apart from gadgets, Miniinthebox offers a wide range of accessories for your electronic devices as well. This is a unique concept and one which is doing quite well if you ask me. I mean, there are thousands of websites where I can buy an iPhone 5 online, but there aren’t too many where I can buy a cover for my iPhone 5. And as far as choices are concerned, I feel that Miniinthebox gives you the largest choice among all websites on the internet….

They have one of the most comprehensive Frequently Asked Question’s section on the internet and you can get answers for almost any query you may have without even having to call or e-mail someone. Their website even translates into 26 different languages. No language barriers here.

They started selling products online in 2006 and in just under 8 short years, have become one of the best online retailers in the world here’s a reviewand an another review here. I mean, they deliver to more than 50 countries. Now that’s amazing. With over 176,000 likes on Facebook you really can’t go wrong when buying something from Miniinthebox.

With Christmas approaching you can’t miss the deals on MiniInTheBox, which makes great gifts for people of all types!

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