Presenting: Da Code iPhone Skins!

About Us

Da Code is a geek chic designer brand established in 2009. The brand aims to be a universal cultural symbol, a representative of current zeitgeist, and a philosophy open to interpretation. This is what inspires Da Code.

Integrated Design

Da Code protective skins become elegant extensions of your screens, completing a beautiful picture that perfectly complements your device and personality.

We’ve carefully prepared the dimensions of the skins to match various devices for you to fully express yourself.

Removable and Reusable

Da Code protective skins can be easily applied and re-positioned with no air bubbles, removed and reused without leaving any trace of adhesive – even after seven years.

3M’s Controltac™ graphic film technology is pressure-activated, allowing the skin to be easily applied, re-positioned, removed and reused on other devices without a loss of adhesive integrity.

Delicate Texture

To make more naturalistic skins that are fingertip-friendly, we selected this texture out of more than 30 raw material candidates.

It’s is just like real skin – comfortable and long-lasting. You will love the way it feels.

Fine Printing

Every printed pixel matters to us. Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation have all been finely tuned to produce the most accurate representation.

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