The iPad Mini is here!

With so many rumors flying around the Apple world, one thing is likely true: the iPad Mini (rumoured to be renamed as the “iPad Air”) will be revealed on October 23rd.

One reason behind the production of this iOS device that is smaller than an iPad and bigger than iPod touch, is to compete in the market with other companies that produce affordable and smaller tablets.  With a rumored starting price at $299, this could be a defining future for Apple.  Because the iPad Mini will be placed in an entirely different category from the iPad, Mini sales will not be a threat to the latter.

So why should buyers flock to this new device?

The iPad Mini has an advantage in its size – after holding the iPad for a long period of time, it starts weighing down on you.  The new tablet also takes up less space, especially in carry-ons when taking transatlantic flight.  The iPad Mini is also more affordable, and perfect for those Apple device who would prefer a simple device for reading!

Reported Specs

  • Two colors: black and white
  • Includes WIFI, 3G
  • Internal storage sizes: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
  • Display size: 7.85 inches with a lightening connector (like the new iPhone 5 and other new iPod devices


Other releases

  • New iTunes – likely
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display technology – expected

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LightInTheBox In Amsterdam

Spot LightInTheBox in Amsterdam


This week on Oct 17th, we marked a great milestone for LightInTheBox: the start of our company’s very first outdoor advertising campaign in Holland!

On the night of the 16th of October, Steven (LightInTheBox’s creative marketing director) joined the outdoor advertising company’s posting team to put up our first posters. After a race against the clock in trying to get everything up on time, LightInTheBox now has more than 400 placements in the Amsterdam area, reaching all our existing (and future) customers in the coming 4 weeks. We are very excited and proud of this! This is a great opportunity to build a closer relationship with our existing customers and introduce ourselves to those who might not know us yet.

The image itself shows what LightInTheBox excels at; making tailor-made dresses, truly for everybody. After long periods of brainstorming, the creative team finally came up with a fun concept – emphasizing the ‘truly for everybody’ character of our dresses, by putting a glamorous model next to a cute little panda – both wearing the exact same dress. The ad is fun (and not too serious!) but gives a very clear idea of what we can offer the people of Amsterdam, ‘chic within reach for everybody’.  As the weather in Holland is a little grey right now, we hope that the ads will bring a little color into the streets of Amsterdam! Of course it is no accident that the prominent color in the ad is orange, the Dutch national color :)

To make a proper introduction to our new Dutch and Amsterdam friends, we also launched a big giveaway promotion. To the first 100,000 people that respond to our ads, either by surfing to our mobile site ór by posting a photo of one of our ads to our Facebook page, we will be giving away a cool panda-bag –  for FREE! And out of these people there will be 1,000 who will win an actual tailor-made dress for themselves! We feel the best way to introduce people to our awesome products is just to give them their own sample :)

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Fashion Friday: Lace and Layers Fall Trend!

This Fall you are probably seeing a lot of lace around!  Lace paired with corporate and casual wear is a must have for Autumn 2012 and experts says it will carry through to the Spring 2013 season! Check out different takes on this hot look!


Pair a lace jacket with jeans for a relaxed chic look!


Or reverse the style for a fresh feminine early fall look! Try a dress with a jean jacket!


For a great cocktail look that is sure to turn heads! Or play it down for office chic!



Lace accessories are also a great addition to add a sophisticated touch!

Or give your look a cute vintage vibe with these lace laden shoes!


Get into fall with feminine frills with LACE!


Wedding Wednesday: 4 Tips for Custom Dress Success!

There is a lot of talk regarding custom made dresses from the internet and the risks involved.  First let’s list some pros and cons!


Pros –

1. You can get the dress you dream of, at a fraction of the price.

2. You can have it pre-tailored so that adjustments don’t take extra long or cost and arm and a leg!

3. You have a greater variety of options for bridesmaids, mothers etc in your wedding party than your local stores.


Cons –

1. Shipping delay

2. Doesn’t fit


Let’s address the cons.  The thing about weddings is that planning ahead is essential for all steps,   especially if you are on a tight budget.  If the dresses are purchased with more than adequate time, shipping shouldn’t be a concern.

order months in advance to avoid deadline spending

Time is what you must be willing to spend, if you are working hard to save money.


the perfect fit starts here

1. To avoid the fit not being right, measure yourself, or have yourself measured by a tailor or someone familiar with sewing.  Watch a video on how to measure yourself here.

2. Before you buy you can request additional photos of the dress, close-up of the fabric, or even previous customer photos where available.  Also you can request fabric swatches ahead of time, although not all companies provide this, if you are making a large purchase, for a wedding party – contact customer service and they will try to help you.Order NOW for custom Winter Bridesmaids dresses!

3.Browse the customer reviews on consumer websites before purchasing.  Look for good and negative reviews.  If you don’t see any good reviews, it might just be a case of a company not promoting itself effectively.  If you see a good mix of reviews, it is good.  If you read mostly good reviews, even better! Check out Lilli’s blog post about her experience ordering a custom dress from us.

4. Check for quality assurance or adjustment reimbursement.  Again, if you are concerned, always make sure you order your dresses with enough time for the worst case scenario!

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Get a Kate Middleton inspired wedding dress for LESS!

For dresses for mothers in the wedding party, the internet has far more options than most local stores, and with custom sizing your new mother-in-law will be impressed!

If you are planning a winter wedding the time to order your custom bridesmaids dresses is NOW!  Take advantage of savings, and make sure that you have plenty of time to handle adjustments from holiday weight-gain or dieting that will effect the fit of the dresses!


Fashion Friday: Collar Trend

Decorated collars definitely became  a must-have accessory of this year. From a more grungy style to prim and proper, decorated collars are an easy way to dress up a simple outfit.
The best thing about the collars is that you can make them yourself . You just need to cut it out from old shirt and decorate it with pearls, sequins or studs for signature style. Before you think you cannot do it, we are telling you that you can! Believe us, it is very easy!
Whether you’re wearing a fancy party dress or a boyish blazer, a collar is a surefire way to sweeten up your style.
They are your new “necklace substitute” as you can even wear them on bare skin. Brighten up your casual outfits with bold collar and you will make a statement.

The rounded corner shape that launched the stand-out collar trend goes by the name of “Peter Pan”, and has a very sweet yet polished look to it, like an adult that never never grew up. We know, the name kind of makes you think of a little guy in green tights, but it’s not about Peter Pan, it’s about fashion.

Studded, sequined, printed, embellished they are amazing!

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Do you like this trend?