Bridal Runways Trends for Fall 2013

With New York Fashion week now over, we are all inspired and excited for the new trends and more affordable versions to start hitting the racks of our favorite shops in Spring 2013. The Bridal Runways are also exciting offering a glimpse into the great trends that will be guiding bridal fashion for the year to come.

Three of our favorite wedding couture designers offer a great insight into three inspiring trends!

Extreme Mermaids from Vera Wang

Short Styles by Marchesa

Dreamy Lace and Gauzy Tulle by Monique Lhuillier

What are your favorite trends of this season?


Crazy Cell Phone Accessories

One of my favorite things to do is look up crazy gadgets, and wonder, “who in the world would actually purchase these these gadgets??”  Besides that, there seems to be some new cell phone coming out every week, so why not pair the two and look up some crazy cell phone gadgets?  Here are some crazy gadgets I’ve found:

Telephone Handset for Cell Phones

Seriously??  I thought we moved from corded handsets to cell phones for a reason!  I suppose for those who have used both types for long periods of time, it’s a good way to mix the two.  Bluetooth, anyone??

iPhone Windshield Wiper

I suppose have a windshield wiper on your phone would be useful on rainy and snowy days.  However, is it really that useful??  I think it would take infinitely less time wiping away the screen with your hands rather than an extra gadget.  Touch gloves, anyone?

Helmet With Speaker

I can imagine this gadget has a smaller market audience.  That’s what big headphones are for, right?  I can also imagine how weird it would be to walk around with helmet (unless you’re a klutz) bobbing along to your tunes…

Cell Phone Holster

Like the helmet, this cell phone holster would have a smaller market audience.  This holster eerily reminds me of the dreaded fanny packs tourists wore around their waists while on vacation.  On the plus side, this holster can ward away thieves!

Cell Phone Grass Charger

I suppose this grassy charger will be useful for several types of cell phones at once!  Hopefully who ever uses this gadget will not gravitate towards dropping their cell phones in the grass for charging!

Bacon & Egg iPhone Case

Now this iPhone case is just plain evil!  For hungry people, that is!  As a big foodie myself, I would not be following my New Year’s resolution with this case staring at me 24/7!

A Line High Neck Short Mini Lace and Tulle Cocktail Dress

MSN and Seventeen Feature LightInTheBox for Prom 2013!

MSN and Seventeen magazine have featured a LightInTheBox dress as one of their top picks for Prom 2013! Alyssa from Seventeen magazine reviewed several trends for Prom 2013 and chose this GREAT LightInTheBox prom dress for the Lace trend! It has feminine high neckline and see-through back!

They chose a cute pink number! What do you think of their choice?

Lace: High Neckline

We know you’ve already started scouring your favorite magazines, blogs, and shopping sites for the big dress trends this year! Now, let Alyssa show you her picks for the best ways to wear the hottest styles.

Let pretty lace details highlight your face! For a sweet, feminine vibe, find a dress that’s all one color, like this light blush. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, choose a dress with contrasting lace and fabric colors, like black and white.

Alyssa’s Pick: A-line High Neck Short/Mini Lace And Tulle Cocktail Dress, $180,

Pastel Bob

Trendy Hair without the commitment!

Do you LOVE the pastel and ombre hair trend! So do we! But unfortunately not everyone has the occupation or courage to commit to such a drastic change in their hair. Luckily there is a solution! Wigs and extensions are an easy and fun way to spice up your “head suit” so to speak.

Clip on and in extensions are the best way to get a rad look fast!

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Colorful and Awesome Gadgets!

Hey all!  As we know, the MITB online store has thousands of gadgets, but when aimlessly looking around for something to buy, it’s difficult to find that one particular quirky object you don’t really need but must have!  Take a look at our gift guide for some ideas!


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