Christmas Shopping Tip (Part 1): 4 suggestions for a Geek

Who doesn’t need free suggestions? Not me -what about you? You know something crazy? The number of products we are offering on more than 50,000 products in total! I wonder everyday how you guys get through this maze and buy what you were looking for. If you were looking for dresses and you’ve landed on our website for […]

Batman tuxedo vs James Bond tuxedo

James Bond  Suit vs Batman Suit The Fashion weeks of Paris, London and New York are not that far away. Thousands of blogs, magazines and forums have offered their comments on Chanel, Jean-Paul Gauthier, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Barbara Bui… they were all here. I have to say, I’m not a huge fashionista, but I haven’t […]

Girl and Web, It’s all about Gossip!

Feel free to be your own Gossip Girl (… or Dude if any) by spreading the word about our collection. And if you are about to start a rumor – don’t forget to mention that all those dresses can be tailor-made! <Band of 3 pics if possible> – * Actually, we are doing better may […]

How to Pick the Best Color(s) for Youself

Last week, LightInTheBox announced its “Falling for Colors 2009″ collection, in which you can find dresses and accessories in five theme colors — red, blue, rose, olive, and purple. But there’s no need to waste your time introducing the products here again. What we’re gonna talk about today, is how to use some free online services to choose the best color for you.

Exotic, Sexy, Vampires?

Ah…Halloween, the holiday that we all loved once upon a time. I still remember getting my Pink Ranger Halloween costume when I was 9 years old, going door to door in my neighborhood asking for candy. But then I grew up, and I stopped looking forward to the dreaded day of October 31st. FEAR NO […]

Dear Will-Be-Readers

I’ve thought long and hard on how to elegantly compose the blog’s grand welcome post, perfectly blending substance and compositional skills while balancing a certain level of professionalism/sarcasm. It is now the third day, and I’m well on my way toward the 20th revision. So…I am not going to attempt to be Shakespearean about our […]

Hard Ball Economics

The world economy is in a fragile state as it is, but President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to be fazed at all! Is he really trying to set fire to the already unstable economy? Now might not be the best time to slap even more tariff on Chinese exports. Most people living in the United […]

Top Bridal Gowns for Perfect Beach Wedding

Beach weddings or waterfront weddings, there’s no doubt that more and more brides around the world are jetting off to exotically romantic places to say “I do”. So, you’ve chosen the right theme, the right destination, and hopefully the right man; now the big question remains: what’s the perfect dress for your beach wedding? We’ve […]