Fondant Robot Cake Toppers

Playful Wedding Style Ideas

Continuing our exploration of different wedding styles, I am personally really excited to present the different ways you can have a playful wedding. This is very popular right now and spans all sorts of budgets, from home-hosted DIY to near amusement park proportions. There are different themes and interpretations for having an off-beat, playful or stylized wedding; take a look at some of our favorite trends!

Circus or Carnival Style – celebrate your inner child with these playful ideas that can add flare to a small affair or be the biggest thing in town since the State Fair!

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BBQ Style – these can be stylized vintage affairs or a simple backyard BBQ – perfect for post-elopement or a tight budget!

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Geek Chic! – bust out your inner nerd with weddings that are not serious and will bring a smile to all your guests’ faces and serious embarrassment to your children in the future!

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Have you been to a super unique and playful wedding? Tell us what it was like!


Valentine’s Day Gadgets!

Valentine’s Day is (sort of) around the corner!  I asked some colleagues around me for their Valentine’s Day wishlists and they pick and chose some awesome gadgets from our deals page.  What is on YOUR wishlist for Valentine’s Day?


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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Arm Party Inspiration

Arm Party: Layering Bracelets

2013 is a great year for accessories. “More is More” is the mantra especially with wrist-wear. Layering bracelets is a great way to make a splash as we get closer to spring! Let these great looks inspire you for some savvy accessory shopping to bear some bling on your arms! Don’t forget that watches make for great wrist candy and can be layered along with your bracelets!

For a feminine addition to a casual outfit, stack some bracelets on your arms for an edgy chic that will set you apart!

To give your color some POP! Whether you are color-blocking or going monotone – Big Colorful Bracelets are a Superb addition.

Make it pretty! Layered Bracelets are a great way to add a trendy flare to your formal event! Use a thick cuff or stick strictly to pearls! Either way you’re sure to shine.

If you are an Arm Party Queen share your tips and photos with us!

Vera Wang Mint Wedding Dress

Mint Melody

A hot color for weddings which started late last year and will continue to this year is MINT! Whether you call it Sage or Mint, this pastel green color is being used in accents or in large swaths to make a feminine dreamy feel to weddings! Vera Wang even released a Mint colored wedding dress! So get inspiration on how to include the hottest color in weddings into your decor this year!

Mint Color Combinations

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Mint bridesmaids are playful and feminine!


Mint Cakes


Mint Accessories

Mint Place Settings


Have you been to a mint wedding? SHARE your ideas in the comments!