Beach Heart

Beach Themed Weddings

Spring is starting and summer is fast approaching – which means that those who want to have the ultimate outdoor wedding, need to kick their plans into high gear! Beach weddings carry a few concerns – weather is always an issue, so unless you live in an extremely predictable environment, have a back up plan ready, and print it in your invitation and update it on your website – also assign a groomsmen and bridesmaid to organize a calling tree, to announce changes for those that will forget! Also consider choosing a wedding dress that doesn’t become logged with sand – consider having an ankle-length dress or if you MUST have the big awesome wedding gown – consider changing into a reception dress after photos.

There are a few different ways from Posh to Picnic that you can execute your seaside nuptials. Get inspired!

Moroccan/Bedouin theme gives a rich North African vibe with rugs and lush colors for a romantic and exotic feel!


Pastels and Neutral colors are great for formal beach weddings – sounds like an oxymoron but you can do formal at the beach – maybe not black tie, but table linens, glass champagne flutes etc, can all be done at the beach!


Nautical colors and style lend this classy and playful way to celebrate at the beach, set up a volleyball net, horse-shoe toss and you have a great beach soiree!

Bonfires and picnic styled weddings at the beach! The most informal beach wedding can be had by throwing blankets down – lighting a few bonfires and turning on the music! Set of Sky Lanterns for a magical finale!




Random and Awesome Tech News

From the future of televisions to the prototype iPhone4, here are some tech news to enjoy if you do not have the time to read an entire article :)

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One Bored Mommy: Dress Fit Tips from LightInTheBox

Recently awesome blogger found LightInTheBox’s dress shopping tips so helpful that she shared them with her fans and followers! Maybe you need a refresher – but OneBoredMommy has injected her own awesome personality and spunk into our timeless truths for dress fitting!

“Dress Hunting” can be almost as painful as “bathing suit” shopping can be!

Am I right or AM I RIGHT?
Finding the right style, the right fit, the right price, etc., can be super exhausting!  
Here are some helpful hints, to make this “selection process” easier…and the end result TRULY POSITIVE!
First off, says you have got to “Size Up the Situation” and figure out what parts of your body you like to accentuate (remember mom always said “accentuate the positive”), and be honest about what areas you may wish to remain anonymous to the general public (not for public viewing).
Hint 1: Dark Colors & Prints - Remember that darker colors recede, making your silhouette appear smaller, and loud prints attract attention and can sometimes make you look bigger – you need to decide what effect makes you feel more confident – and then work it girlfriend!
Hint 2: Cup Runneth Over? – Cleavage can be sexy, if it’s kept in control and supported properly (Snooky, are you listening? Get those girls under control!). The right neckline (halter, V-Neck, strapless) and cut of the dress can enhance this area while still maintaining a look of class and sophistication.
Hint 3: Never Been Busted? – Don’t sweat the small stuff (get it)!  Instead, look for dresses that have embellishments, ruffles and appliques at the chest which can add volume and create the illusion of a larger bust (think Judy Bloom, “we must, we must, we must increase our busts”).
Hint 4: Create some curves – Looking for a more hour-glass, bootylicious figure, you can make your own curves by choosing a dress with a peplum skirt, belt, or empire cut waist that creates more definition at the waist (that’s right, move over Kardashian sisters!).
Hint 5: If you’ve got them, flaunt them – Were you blessed with long, lean legs? Have you been swinging that Kettle Bell around for months toning your arms and shoulders?   Nothing shows more confidence that sharing the assets you are most proud of – think mini-lengths or strapless dresses baby!
These simple, helpful hints from, will take the frustration and fear out of selecting the perfect special occasion dress so that it will be worn with confidence and style!
We hope that the many friends and followers of OneBoredMommy can find great dresses to really give them confidence and look FANTASTIC!
DIY At Home Gel Polish

DIY UV Gel Nails

Many salons are full these days with people getting Shellac or Gel UV set manicures. They are not like acrylics, being a gel paint that ‘cures’ on your actual nail and lasts much longer than a traditional manicure.

Get GREAT Gel UV set nails at home on your own! Natalie at has a great how to and we have summarized some of it for your here – –

Notes – an at home gel manicure will not last as long as a salon manicure, unless you are a professional nail artist. Buff your nails EXTREMELY rigorously, the rougher the nail, the better the gel will stay. Natalie shares that the base coat never works very well for her, but she recommends using a regular nail polish instead of a base coat, but you need to wait until it is COMPLETELY DRY before applying the gel color, if it isn’t the gummy polish will stay gummy underneath the hardened gel coat and do damage to your nail. There are not as great a variety

Here is the basic HOW TO that will come with any gel product you purchase:

1. Prepare nails by washing hands, drying hands, pushing back and/or trimming cuticles, buffing the nail bed aggressively, and topping off with a swab of rubbing alcohol.

2.  Apply gel base coat. “Cure” for 30 seconds under the UV lamp. (4,5)

3. Apply first coat of gel color. Cure for two minutes under UV lamp. SUPER THIN coats! THIN as thin as you can! Use as little polish as possible each time! (6,7)

4. Apply second coat of gel color. Cure for two minutes under lamp. When applying run the brush horizontally around the edges and tip, this will prevent chipping and peeling later. Do not let the gel get thick or heavy near your cuticles – this is where the polish will want to peel later, just remember THIN, THIN SUPER THIN coats! (8,9)

5.  Apply gel top coat, again very THIN. Cure for three minutes under UV lamp. (10,11)

6. Clean nail with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. (The top coat remains kind of waxy and sticky until this step.) (12)

To remove use a Gel Remover Solution or Straight Acetone soaked cotton pads and wrap around your nails with plastic or foil on the outside and wait for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the polish will peel off in a nail shaped piece, this is oddly satisfying in an preschool peeling dry glue off your hand sort of way.

pineapple slicer

Useless Gadgets?

I get a kick out of looking up the most unnecessary gadgets.  From strawberry slicers to taco holders, here are six gadgets I’ve found that will NOT improve your every day life.

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