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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Showcase

This week we would like to feature some beautiful women that have had their weddings recently and shared photos from their beautiful day!

These brides saved money with LightInTheBox but looked super glamorous nonetheless! Thank you ladies for sharing your photos on our Facebook page!

Dixie Willis told us her wedding dress fit perfectly even though she was pregnant.  Can’t even tell you look absolutely divine! Congratulations Dixie!

Crystal’s bridal gown is from LightInTheBox and she said she added some accents of her wedding colors but was totally happy with her dress! Don’t her bridesmaids dresses look unique? Congratulations Crystal, you are glowing!

Briar Merritt

Briar Merritt sent us this AMAZING photo! Her dress fits her like a glove and this photo is SO romantic! Briar got all the dresses for her bridal party from LightInTheBox! Bridesmaids and her daughter the flower girl are below! Don’t they look fabulous?



Tatiana shared these lovely photos of her wedding! She said she loved her LightInTheBox experience and loved the way she looked on her wedding day!

Look at BEAUTIFUL Emira with the city skyline as her backdrop! She said LightInTheBox made her beautiful on the happiest day of her life!

With so many brides sharing their BEAUTIFUL photos with us, we would like to feature LightInTheBox Brides every week in our cover photo of our Facebook page! If you are a LightInTheBox Bride, share your photos with us, and we would love to feature you as well!




Must-Have Apps and Accessories for the iPhone

We all know that Apple’s iPhone prices are pretty steep if you want the best possible. Therefore, we compiled a list of apps and accessories where you would not have to drop a heavy dime!


iPhone Cases – cases are essential for every iPhone owner, especially klutzy ones (like me) who drop their phones almost every day. Check out our most popular cases for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5!

iPhone Earbuds – want to give those busy hands a rest OR do you just not have enough hands to juggle a phone on top of papers, bags, etc.?? Earbuds are a must-have if you have a super busy schedule (or just too plain lazy to use your hands :) )

iPhone Chargers – okay, this is pretty obvious, but I seem to go through what seemed like hundreds of chargers since I’ve owned the original Mini iPod…MITB has been selling the iPhone 5 Lightning Cables like hot rocks due to the shortage

iPhone Lens – instead of lugging around big cameras, the majority of iPhone owners seem to enjoy taking pictures with their phones and editing them in order to look vintage, grey, etc. (Instagram, anyone?) You can enhance your photos with cool-looking external lens so you yourself can look hip and professional at the same time!

Do YOU use any cool gadgets not mentioned above?  Send us links, pictures, etc. and we will post them on our Facebook Timeline!


Dropbox – helps move content between platforms, can upload pictures and videos, share links, etc. The benefit of this app is that it runs in the background so the transfers will not be interrupted in the middle!

Kindle/Nook – a virtual library app that is synced to the cloud system, so whatever page you were last on, you are able to pick up on that page on other electronic devices.

Skype – enough said! But seriously, this must-have app is perfect for making long-distance (video) calls across the world while walking to work or just lying in bed!

Find My iPhone – the title says it all. If you’re anything like us, TOO much time would be spent looking for this thin device. The app tracks the location of your iPhone if you’ve forgotten to set up the Mobile Me account.

Shazam – Whether you’re in a club, out at a restaurant, or just plain driving while listening to some tunes, use this app to identify that song you can’t seem to get out of your head!

Facebook, etc – these social networking apps give you instant notifications from other friends

Weixin (WeChat) – highly used all over Asia and Europe, a free alternative to WhatsApp, iPhone users can chat for free through text and voice messages. WeChat also has adding features where you can “look around” to find other WeChat users in a certain radius.

Instagram – a cool photo app that resembles a photo version of Facebook, where you can not only edit photos with different colors, but you can share them amongst friends and comment on other photos.

We know the apps above are the most mainstream and basic apps that everyone seems to have. Can YOU give us some app names of that are just as good and free??

Boots Bonanza!

Fashion Friday: Boots Bonanza!


Jump into Fall and Winter footwear with a healthy collection of stellar footwear to compliment your fantastic cool weather couture. With lower readings on the mercury and wet conditions it’s time to pack away the peep-hole stilettos and slip into sultry boots that scream sexy rather that spinster!

Bootlets or Booties are super HOT this season with style mavens Tyra Banks and Naomi Watts sporting the trend! Paired with either bare legs, nude hose, or super skinny jeans they set you apart.  Bootlets look great with any heal, wedge, chunky, stiletto or without!

Towering Thigh-High boots flatter your legs during the winter months, when they are typically hidden in heavy pants are playing second string to your fabulous over-coat.  Get your legs looking like a million dollars in fantastic over-the-knee numbers!

Western boots don’t just mean cowboy style anymore! They can be motorcycle inspired and more! Whether it has buckles, embroidery or fringe and tassels  these boots are sure to compliment all your bohemian and earth toned ensembles in your winter wardrobe. Hilary Duff and Sienna Miller look fantastic shabby chic in their western boots!

Studded and Rhinestone Embellished Boots are adding shine to Winter this season! Whether you are going for Bling or Rock Star, this trend is sure to spike your interest!

Oxblood Red is turning up the HEAT this Winter! Whether is is party dresses or these FANTASTIC pieces of footwear, you’ll be ready to tackle the dreary winter color spectrum with these red-hot additions to your wardrobe!

Go on and strut your stuff in the perfect boots this Fall/Winter!

What’s your favorite in this season’s boot trends? – comment below to win a pair of boots worth up to $50 USD from LightInTheBox! We’ll pick the lucky winner by the end of next week.


The “Underdogs”

With all the recent hype surrounding Apple products (namely the iPhone5 and Mini iPad,) it is easy to overlook the other tech products that have premiered recently (or will be premiering in upcoming months.)  So here’s a quick overlook on the Kindle Paperwhite, Samsung Galaxy Premiere, and Microsoft Surface RT:



Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has recently ceased all Kindle touch production and selling in order to make room for the latest: Kindle Paperwhite.  Its primary feature that makes this product differ from the rest is the 24 levels of patented built-in backlight, illuminating the surface text (however, keep in mind that the lighting depends on the environment you are in.)  The Kindle Paperwhite is reported to be the world’s most advanced e-reader, with higher resolution, contrast touchscreen, and up to 8-week battery life.  Gone is the text-to-speech function, so unless you are perfectly fine with the Paperwhite’s new adaptations, it is not recommended to buy this product.  More features include: no visible buttons (coming a long way from the original Kindle,) six different types of fonts, and the parental locks.  Kindles are now used in classrooms in order to enhance hands-on learning for students.


Samsung Galaxy Premiere

A phone faster than its predecessor (Galaxy Nexus,) the Samsung Galaxy Premiere has faced several rumors and leaks due to the excitement surrounding it.

This new mobile device will come out with Android 4.01 (Jelly Bean) with a 720×1280 resolution using a micro-SD card.  Some of its numerous features include: voice activation, face detection, and media-sharing for easy easy file-swapping.  This mid-range smartphone will be available in 8/16 GB, with an 8-megapixel rear-facing cameraSamsung’s Galaxy Premiere is reported to be launched in December.



Microsoft Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface RT has a lot of competition to face with Apple’s new Mini iPad.  Microsoft has really stepped up its game, becoming more minutely aware of every function and display the Surface RT has to offer.  Furthermore, with the premiere of Windows8, the tablet is another way to market the new OS hype.

The Surface RT comes with a thin and light kickstand, and an optional Touch keyboard for those who prefer to type separately from the screen.  This product also has a Splitscreen feature, so users may write an email while doing voice chatting on Skype!

Keep in mind that this new product is NOT a laptop.  Like other tablets, the Surface RT is in a market entirely of its own.

For more information regarding the Windows8, please refer to our previous article here.

For those who prefer to SAVE money on electronics, check out some just as awesome alternatives at LightInTheBox:

Now it’s YOUR turn, folks.  Has this post swayed your decision in buying a tech product OTHER than an Apple product?  If you’ve used or purchased any of the products mentioned above, let us know what you think!


Wedding Wednesday: DIY-athon

Get your craft hands ready to add personal touches and unique atmosphere to your wedding!  Doing It Yourself with some items will save you big money, but you must be willing to spend some time!


You can easily make a cupcake liner pomander that will compliment you colors perfectly! Use them on the chairs to decorate your ceremony, then move them over to be used as center pieces or table decorations at the reception! These can be made with paper flowers, tissue paper, silk flowers, ribbons and even more! Great for Spring and Summer weddings!

Different Use of Empty Jars

Empty glass jars and bottles that you collect from your friends and family can be used in a variety of ways! Put candles in them for table decoration, put flowers in them, fill with water and floating candles or use mismatched jars with tags for escort and have them use them throughout the night! This is ideal for Rustic and Vintage weddings!

Ribbons are a colorful and playful way to bring your colors to different areas of your wedding! Make ribbon curtains to add drama to your ceremony area, or as a backdrop to areas of your reception.  Decorate chairs at the reception or at the ceremony venue with ribbons for a touch of elegance or playfulness!

Hot Chocolate Take Away FavorApple Cider Wedding Favor

With Winter in the air, create warm treats for your guests for a favor that will warm them up on cold nights! Personalized tags and plastic bags make the gift special and the contents will definitely be appreciated!

Do YOU have any great Wedding DIY ideas you would like to share? Post them in the comments!