Lucky iPad Winner Announced

Wow – what a flood of great reviews we received in the last month or so in response to our Apple iPad Giveaway! So glad to know so many of you out there are happy and grinning about your purchases from You were all so glad to share your stories too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Three ‘thank yous’ are enough right? :)

Although we appreciate each and every one of your reviews, there can only be one winner :( But great news for the winner hey?! :) So without further ado, the winner is…

Tina S. from the United States

Tina ordered her daughter’s bridesmaids dress (check out Tina’s review here) from in 2009 and posted her review on our website on August 11, 2010.  Not only was she very happy with the dress, she also managed to improve upon it by adding lace to the hemline – we love the effect!  Well done, Tina!

For those who did not win, don’t be disheartened! We hope you continue purchasing from our site and write reviews whenever you do.  Be glad and satisfied with the fact that your fantastic reviews will greatly help all future customers make their purchasing decisions. :)


Congratulations to Tina S. from the United States, the winner of our Write a Review 32 GB iPad Giveaway!
Tina ordered her daughter’s bridesmaids dress in 2009 and posted her review on our website on August 11, 2010.  She not only liked the dress, but managed to improve upon it by adding lace to the hemline – we love the effect!  Well done, Tina!
You can view the dress she bought and read her review here:–Wedding-Party-Dress–HSX113-_p22562.htm

The Great Hunt #2: Daniela Silva Receives Her Prize!

Just thought we’d give you a quick update on one of the earlier winners of our Great Hunt contests.

Daniela Silva was the lucky winner of  Great Hunt #2 and she just sent us some gorgeous photos of herself wearing her prize – a grand wedding gown from We really were so excited to see them! I am sure you will agree that Daniela looks stunning, but if you know her, please don’t share this with her fiancée! :)

Great Hunt 2# Winner, Daniela, tries on her prize from
Great Hunt 2# winner, Daniela Silva, tries on her prize

As part of the Great Hunt #2, Daniela selected this halter ball gown from LightInTheBox’s bridal collection, posted it on our Facebook fan wall and collected a whopping 750+ likes from friends. How did she do it? Well, Daniela told us she got her best buddies involved and asked them to post her entry everywhere on Facebook – their own walls, other fan page walls and even on wedding websites and blogs! So there you have it, if you want to win the next Great Hunt, get some friends involved and ask everyone online to ‘like’ your entry!

And finally, here is a sweet message from Daniela, sent to us after she received her fabulous prize:

Dear LITB, my dress just came here and I just cant believe it!!! It’s gorgeous, absolutely fabulous, it’s much more than I expected!!! MUCH MUCH MOREEE!!!!!!!! I’ll always be so grateful to you LITB, this is just my perfect gift, you just don’t know how happy you’ve made me!”

Daniela will surely look stunning at her wedding, planned for early 2011. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

If you are inspired by Daniela’s win, why not join the current Great Hunt? Good luck!


iPad Gewinnen!

(Unser Gewinnspiel ist zu Ende gegangen. Vielen Dank für Ihre Teilnahme!)

Haben Sie in der letzten Zeit bei was gekauft? Falls ja, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, ein völlig neues 32GB iPad zu gewinnen!

Wie denn? Schreiben Sie vor dem 15. Aug, 1:00 EST einen Kommentar über irgendeinen Artikel, der Sie bei gekauft haben, werden Sie automatisch an unserem Gewinnspiel teilnehmen, um den Tablet Computer zu gewinnen. So einfach!

Win me! Win me!
Win me! Win me!

Vor dem Kommentar, hier einige Tipps für Sie…

  • Bestellnummer: Beginnen Sie Ihren Kommentar immer mit der Bestellnummer. Zum Beispiel, “#9203948383123849 Ich liebe das Handy nicht nur wegen des Preises, sondern auch …”
  • Details: We schätzen Kommentare, die fair, vernünftig und detailliert sind. Bitte denken Sie daran, dass Ihre Kommentare die anderen LightInTheBox Kunden weiter helfen sollten, z. B. warum Sie diesen Artikel nützlich finden, was für Tipps Sie bei der Verwendung dieses Artikels gefunden haben.
  • Fotos: Wir sehen gerne Fotos von Ihrer gekauften Waren in Verwendung als Attachment. Ja, wir erwarten von Ihnen zu viel, aber es ist ein 32GB iPad! ;-)
  • Kein Limit: Wenn Sie mehr als einen Artikel bei LightInTheBox gekauft haben, losgehen und schreiben Sie Kommentare für jeden Artikel. Natürlich bekommen Sie mehr Chancen, das iPad zu gewinnen.

Nicht zu vergessen…

  • Geben Sie bitte Ihre echte Email-Addresse ein, wenn Sie Kommentare schreiben. Kein bitte…Wie können wir mit Ihnen Kontakt kommen, wenn Sie das iPad gewonnen haben? :-)
  • Nur Kommentare für die bezahlten Waren zählen in diesm Gewinnspiel.
  • Nur anerkannte Kommentare zählen; unanerkannte Kommentare sind nicht gültig.
  • Posten Sie bitte Ihre Kommentare bevor dem 15. Aug!

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The LightInThebox Team

¡LLévate un iPad!

(Por favor note que la promoción de abajo se ha terminado. Gracias por su atención.)

¿Últimamente has comprado algo en Si la respuesta es afirmativa, ¡tienes la oportunidad de llevarte un flamante iPad de 32G!

¿Cómo conseguirlo? Sólo necesitas escribir un comentario del producto que has comprado en antes del 15 de agosto (tiempo EST) y luego entras automáticamente en un sorteo para llevarte el iPad deseado. ¡No puede ser más fácil!

Win me! Win me!
Win me! Win me!

Unos consejos antes de escribir el comentario…

  • El número de tu pedido: Empezar todos los comentarios indicando el número de tu pedido. Por ejemplo:“#9203948383123849 a mí me gusta este móvil no sólo porque es barato, también porque… ”
  • Detalles: Nos gustaría que los comentarios fueran justos, razonables y con detalles. Mientras escribes tu comentario, intenta explicar a otros usuarios de LightInTheBox por que el producto ha sido útil para ti, cuales son los trucos del producto que has encontrado o sugerencias para los compradores potenciales de como sacar el máximo aprovecho del producto.
  • Fotos: Nos encantaría ver algunas fotos de tí usando el producto comprado. Parece que te estamos exigiendo, ¿verdad?. Hombre, pero esto es nada menos de un iPad 32G, vale la pena, ¿cierto?.
  • Sin límites: Si has comprado más de un producto en, ¡Adelante a escribir comentarios de todos ellos! Y desde luego tienes más posibilidades de llevarte el iPad.

No es letra menuda…

  • Por favor, usa tu dirección real de correo eletrónico cuando presentas tus comentarios. No, por favor…, si lo escribes así, ¿cómo vamos a contactarte cuando eres el afortunado del soteo?
  • Sólo comentarios de los productos de compras reales tienen derecho al sorteo.
  • Sólo los comentarios aprobados tienen derecho al sorteo. Los comentarios que no han sido aprobados no estarán incluidos en el sorteo.
  • Por favor, presenta tus comentarios antes de 15 de agosto (tiempo EST) para que éstos tengan derecho al sorteo.

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The LightInTheBox Team

Vinci un iPad!

(Nota che il concorso per vincere un iPad è terminato)

(Nota che il concorso per vincere un iPad è terminato)

Hai acquistato qualcosa da Lightinthebox recentemente? Se sì, hai l’opportunità di vincere un nuovissimo iPad da 32GB!

Come? Semplicemente scrivi una recensione prima del 15 agosto su qualsiasi prodotto acquistato da Lightinthebox e parteciperai automaticamente al nostro sorteggio per vincere la tablet delle meraviglie di Apple. Troppo facile!

Win me! Win me!
Win me! Win me!

Prima di cominciare …

  • Numero d’Ordine: inizia la recensione con il tuo numero d’ordine. Per esempio: “#9203948383123849 questo telefonino mi piace un sacco, non solo per il prezzo, ma anche…”
  • Informazioni: per favore, scrivi recensioni vere, oneste e dettagliate. Quando scrivi la recensione, cerca di aiutare altri clienti di Lightinthebox facendo loro sapere il perchè dell’esperienza positiva con il tuo prodotto, altri usi utili che hai trovato o altri consigli che possano aiutare gli altri clienti ad apprezzare il prodotto.
  • Fotografie: ci piacerebbe vedere qualche foto di te utilizzando il prodotto allegate alla recensione. Forse siamo un po’esigenti, ma è un iPad da 32GB, vale la pena lo sforzo, non credi?
  • Non ci sono limiti: più recensioni scrivi, più aumentano le tue possibilità di vincere! Se hai acquistato vari articoli, scrivi recensioni per tutti!

Altre informazioni…

  • Inserisci il tuo vero indirizzo di e-mail quando invii la recensione, altrimenti come faremo a contattarti se vinci?
  • Solo recensioni di prodotti acquistati sono applicabili per il sorteggio dell’iPad.
  • Solo recensioni approvate sono valide per il sorteggio. Le recensioni non approvate non potranno partecipare.
  • Invia la tua recensione entro il 15 agosto per poter partecipare.

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The LightInTheBox Team

Great Hunt #5: Let’s Play Dress Up!

It’s been a while since our last Great Hunt, hasn’t it?

For those of you who haven’t been to the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, it is a comic book, science fiction, fantasy and anime fan convention where fans turn up dressed up as their favorite characters. It’s a crazy affair and feels like you have stepped into a cartoon, comic book or video game!

Since it sounds like so much fun, we figured we’d join in (sort of) by hosting a Comic-Con-themed Great Hunt! You (and your friends) will have an opportunity to win not one, but TWO costumes!

The Great Hunt Round #4 will run from July 16 – July 22, ending at 1AM EST (just past midnight).

How to enter:

1. As always, you will have to become a fan of LightInTheBox Insider to participate

2. Hit up’s Costumes & Cosplay category and pick out your favorite costume…

3. Copy/paste the link on our Facebook Fan Wall
(Please note that in order to qualify, the URL must be included in the wall post. Also, only the first submission will be counted – submitting more choices will not increase your chances to win, and may get you disqualified completely!)

4. Let everyone you know about your selection and get as many of them as possible to ‘like’ your costume selection!
(In the past, we’ve had complaints about people cheating. While advertising anywhere and everywhere is fine, creating a new account to ‘like’ your selection will get you disqualified.)

5. Find a friend. (You have those, right?)

6. Get your friend to repeat steps 1-4. No, we’re not doing this as a joke. If you win, you can chose a friend that wins with you. So if your friends aren’t participating, then you won’t have anyone to pick!


As usual, the selection with the most ‘Like’s, Wins!

The winner will win the costume that they’ve picked, and also be allowed to select from the list of participants one other person who will also win their selected costume!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and Get Started Now!

Gagnez un iPad !

(Veuillez noter que la promotion ci-dessous a été clôturée. Merci de votre attention.)

Vous avez passé commande sur dernièrement ou vous êtes sur le point de passer commande ? Oui ? Alors vous avez une chance de gagner un iPad 32 Go !

Win me! Win me!

Comment ?

. Munissez-vous de votre numéro de commande et allez sur

. Allez sur la fiche produit de l’article commandé et écrivez un commentaire (l’espace “écrire un commentaire” est situé sous le descriptif produit). Vous serez automatiquement inscrit à notre tirage au sort.

. N’oubliez pas d’indiquer une adresse email valide et votre numéro de commande afin que votre participation soit validée !


. Votre commentaire doit faire plus de deux mots. Décrivez l’objet, donnez votre opinion légitime, joignez une ou deux photos du produit, bref apportez d

u contenu informatif afin d’aider d’autres potentiels acheteurs.

. Le jeu prend fin à 15 août 7h00 (heure de Paris). Ecrivez vos commentaires avant la fin du jeu.

Blog de Lightinthebox - ecrire un commentaire

Vous l’aurez compris… chaque commentaire pour chaque produit acheté augmente vos chances de gagner l’iPad (si vous avez commandé 3 articles, vous avez 3 chances de gagner en déposer un commentaire pour chaque). N’attenez plus ! Munissez vous de votre plus belle plume, prenez quelques photos de vos produits Lightinthebox et déposez un commentaire sur la fiche produit.

Bonne chance et à très bientôt sur !

– Gael.

32GB Apple iPad Giveaway!

(Please note that the following promotion has drawn to a close. Thanks to those who entered!)

Did you purchase something from recently? If yes, then you have the chance to win a brand spanking new 32GB iPad!

How? Simply write a review on the product page of the item you purchased on before 15th of August 1AM EST. You will automatically go into a lucky draw to win the coveted tablet computer. Too easy!

Win me! Win me!
Win me! Win me!

Some tips before you begin…

  • What’s Your Number?: Please begin all reviews by stating your order number. For example: “#9203948383123849 This gown’s craftsmanship is very fine and it fitted me really well. The satin bodice made me look slim…”
  • Details, Details: We appreciate fair, reasonable and detailed reviews. When writing your review, try to help other LightInTheBox customers by letting them know why you found the item useful, clever uses you’ve discovered for the item or suggestions about how potential customers can get the most out of the item.  Oh, and don’t let us stop you from saying something glowingly positive about the product! :P
  • Snap Happy: We would love to see some pictures of you using the purchased item attached to your review. Yes we are demanding but hey, it’s a 32GB iPad, it’s worth the effort isn’t it?
  • No Limits: If you have purchased more than one LightInTheBox item, go ahead and write reviews for all of them. You will of course improve your chances of winning the iPad.

Not so fine print…

  • Please enter your real email addresses when submitting your review. No please, unless that really is your email address…how else are we going to contact you if you win? :)
  • Only product reviews for actual purchases are eligible for the iPad lucky draw
  • Only approved reviews are eligible; unapproved reviews will not be included in the lucky draw
  • Please submit your reviews by 15th of August 1AM EST to be eligible for the draw.

blog - write your review

Looking forward to reading your reviews ;)


Spéciale FIFA Coupe du Monde 2010 : gagnez jusqu’à 100€ chaque lundi !

Et oui, chaque lundi, nous faisons tourner la roue et le destin se charge de choisir un heureux élu. Comment jouer ? Quelles sont les règles ? Très simples. Il vous suffit de répondre à cette question : “Quel produit trouvé sur emporteriez-vous avec vous pour regarder les matchs de la Coupe du Monde FIFA 2010 ?” Que ce soit dans les transports en commun, dans le stade, dans un bar ou sur votre canapé.

Coupe du Monde 2010 chez Lightinthebox

Comment participer ?

1. Connectez vous sur et choisissez le produit de votre choix (valeur maximale : 100 €).

2. Connectez vous sur Facebook : la page de Lightinthebox en Français.

3. Cliquez sur “J’aime” puis copier / coller le lien du produit que vous avez sélectionné auparavant. Expliquez-nous en quelques mots votre choix.

4. Attendez lundi 9 heure du matin pour voir les résultats de la semaine. Celui qui sera tiré au sort remportera l’objet choisit !

exemple de message valide sur notre page
exemple de message valide sur notre page

Comment choisissons-nous le gagnant ? Monsieur Hasard & Madame Roulette s’en chargent pour nous chaque lundi jusqu’à la fin de la Coupe du Monde.

Conditions à remplir ab-so-lu-ment :

. Une participation par personne et par semaine.

. Nous devons compter au moins 30 participants par semaine sinon Monsieur Hasard & Madame Roulette ne se déplaceront pas. Vous l’aurez compris, il est important d’inviter ses amis à participer… voire même son voisin ou son chat si ce dernier à un compte Facebook !

. Le produit sélectionné sur ne doit pas dépasser 100 €.

Je n’ai plus qu’à vous souhaiter bonne chance et à vous donner rendez-vous sur Facebook.

– Gael.

FIFA World Cup Special: What would you take to a game?

Win up to $100 with our FIFA World CUp Special contest on Facebook! OK, we couldn’t help getting into all the soccer buzz that is taking the world by storm.  How can we not? It seems like every time I enter a public space these days – lift, cafe, supermarket or even toilet cubicle (!) someone is talking about the World Cup! So we have based our current contest on the competition of competitions! Join in! We will be giving away a big prize every week leading up to the World Cup’s final game.

FIFA 2010 World Cup on Lightinthebox

How to enter:

1. Imagine you are going to one of the World Cup games in South Africa (lucky you!). Alternatively, imagine you are at home and enjoying the game on TV.

2. Select a product from which you would either take with you to the game or use while watching the game on TV. It could be anything. Which product would make your experience all the more enjoyable? Selected items must be under US$100

3. Become fan of LightIntheBox on Facebook by clicking on ‘like’

4. Copy and paste the product’s link onto our Facebook Fan Wall along with a reason underneath for why you chose that product. Be creative people!

5. On every Monday leading up to the final game, LightInTheBox will put all participants from the past week  in a lucky draw to win the item they selected.

Facebook post sample - World Cup contest-2-1

Reminder: All items must be under US$100. Also, please contribute your posts by Monday 1AM EST to be included in that week’s lucky draw.

Example: So let’s say I am lazing about at home and my house mates insist we watch a World Cup Game. Not wanting to be anti-social,  I say ‘OK!’. But I will have a Touchscreen MP5 Player with me to watch some movies, listen to music on the side or read an e-book (see below). Or maybe I will take a Digital TV Player so I can watch something more entertaining. hehehe

MP4 - World Cup 2-1

Go! Run forth and go soccer crazy!!!