These shoes are SLAMMIN! There is no party I wouldn't wear this to!

New Shoe Arrivals!

Happy Fashion Friday! Today we are going to showcase new additions to the LightInTheBox footwear collections! We are going to show off some of our staff favorites!

Ekitzel’s Pick’s –

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Maria’s Studded Selection:

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Angela’s Favs!

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Aggie and Anita’s TOP CHOICE!

Aggie: I like this pair. I’d wear them for a party maybe. I like the bowknot and the color, haha.
Anita: I like the colorful ribbon that makes the stilettos stand out, so that it is not just a regular pair of black heels. I would wear these shoes because it can match with any outfit I choose!

Check out our new footwear arrivals and spice up your style for Winter and the coming Spring season!

Share your favorites from our footwear collections!

Baby It’s Cold Outside: LightInTheBox Makes Winter Stylish

In a recent Yahoo! Shopping feature for 10 stylish and slimming coats for winter – shows up with retail giants Bloomingdale’s and Zappo’! The secret they don’t share with you is how much you’ll SAVE by buying from your “chic within reach” company!

Pear-shaped? Petite? Don’t put the brrr in boring this winter — and definitely don’t settle for unflattering outerwear.

You’re still daydreaming about your mom’s Thanksgiving turkey — even if you can still see that meal lingering somewhere around your hips.

And, on the worst of days, those extra layers protecting you from the increasingly chilly weather don’t seem to cover up a thing. (Yes, even the most confident — not to mention fashionable — of ladies feel like stuffed birds sometimes.)

Just in time for the holidays (re: gingerbread cookies and more of your mom’s cooking), stage a winter-vention with your cold-weather wardrobe. This means you need to stop greeting your reflection with a hearty “gobble, gobble,” and, instead, give a little credit to the ultimate season staple: the coat.

With the right style, layering up will leave you looking slimmed down way faster than it takes to roast the perfect poultry.

“A coat is your investment piece,” Stephanie Solomon, Bloomingdale’s fashion director, tells Yahoo! Shopping. “This is the first thing people see on you. This is the item you want to make a statement with.”

So brrr-ing (that’s Winter for boring)? We think not. Yahoo! Shopping is breaking down the best coats for your body, so you can look hot no matter how cold it is — and no matter how much you indulge in your mom’s specialties this season.

Figure it Out

Sure, a coat leaves a lot more to the imagination than, say, a bikini — but that’s no reason to ignore your body. Consider your figure and which of your features you want to show off.

Pear-shaped? Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, a New York-based personal fashion stylist and author of “Secrets of a Fashion Stylist,” recommends choosing a coat with shoulder detailing that balances your bod by widening your shoulders (On right, $177,

On the busty side? Avoid a double-breasted design that will draw just a little too much attention up top, and choose a more clean-cut silhouette, like this Calvin Klein tweed pea coat (On left, $248,

On the contrary, athletic body types trying to create a few curves should reach for coats with volume-enhancing additions, such as pockets and shoulders pads, recommends chief editor Ulan Tuya.

A double-breasted style, such as this statement-making stunner (On right, $52.50,, will accentuate your, um, assets.


If you want to learn more read the entire feature here!



Cool Gadgets of the Week: Part 2!

Every so often, I’d like to introduce some gadgets that may be difficult to find, or some promotions some people may not know of yet.  From the new Wii to more Apple products, this guide will give you some awesome ideas for holiday shopping!  (Check out our previous guide here!)

Dance Mat Pad Revolution Controller – I remember back in high school dancing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and being horribly uncoordinated.  Upgrade your dance skills with the new Wii U!

Dual USB Charging Dock for Wii Remote – this device is PERFECT!  That way, one person won’t be left out with a non-working controller while the other is having fun :)

Heart-Shaped Austria Crystal Necklace – still at a loss as to getting a loved one the perfect Holiday present?  These necklaces are absolutely inexpensive, simple yet beautiful, and comes in various colors!

Dog Paws Wristwatch – this wristwatch is for women, but I’m sure guys will like it too! We’ve a lot of pet gadgets or pet-themed products lately, check out more in our past newsletter!

iPhone Touch Gloves – perfect for the wintertime!  Keep your hands warm  while typing away on your phone!  With several colors to choose from, these gloves are perfect for both men and women.

Magic Bulb Alarm Clock – we all know it’s supremely difficult to wake up during the winter.  Go old school with this analog alarm clock!  True, it may be more obnoxious sounding than a phone alarm, but at least you won’t be throwing your phone across the room, right??


Fizz Saving Soda Dispenser – COOL or what??  Just place your liter of soda (or other beverages) on this dispenser and easily have a drink without any spills!
Multilevel Barbeque – another perfect gift idea for your SO, don’t miss out on summer traditions and use this awesome barbeque during the wintertime!
Color-Changing Fragrance Lamp – liven up the indoors with this awesome lamp!  The various colors it provides will give off an ambiance no other lamp can bring!
Palm-Sized Helicopter – almost every year I give my dad a toy helicopter for Christmas, who here is over the age of 20 and still loves playing with these toys??
Are you fan of shopping in stores or online shopping?  Save time (and money) by shopping at MITB!  Have YOU been naughty or nice??

Rustic Style Wedding

When planning a wedding there are many style options; formal, playful, modern etc. We are going to start addressing different themes and sharing decor ideas and which styles are best suited to which season.  This is the first in the series!

Usually planned outdoors or partially outdoors, these weddings utilize natural settings and work in harmony with them.  Receptions and dinners tend to be in a converted barn or old farmhouse.  The best seasons for a rustic weddings are high wedding season, late spring through early fall, although rustic weddings can be done as late as late fall-early winter.  Autumn colors are a great time to use a rustic wedding theme, as it is harvest time and great local foods are in perfect season.  Rustic style weddings can also be done inside old warehouses that have been turned into art spaces or museums.

Guests should be in semi-formal or dressy casual attire.   Men in smart slacks with dress shirts and ties, women in casual to formal dresses or blouse/skirt combinations. Rustic style weddings are a perfect time to utilize mis-matched bridesmaids dresses and shabby chic style!


Table dressings should be simple and elegant. Plates and table settings can be mismatched, although along a certain theme, plates can be found by going to thrift stores, garage sales, collecting from friends and neighbors etc.  Mason jars with name tags can be used as glasses, painted on the outside to match your colors or left clear.  Table centerpieces can be wildflowers in assorted vases, jars or collected bottles.  Lanterns and candles can also be used to create a romantic look.



Rustic Weddings and receptions do not need to be outdoors, here are some demonstrations of rustic weddings taking place in renovated warehouses that have been turned into trendy event centers! The great thing about these spaces, is that they can easily double for ceremony and reception venues! Have the ceremony set up first, then move people to the cocktail area at the back while the simple reception set up takes place behind screens or curtains, then REVEAL! It eliminates transportation costs, and reduces venue costs.


Rustic Weddings are a great way to use Family style food catering – it saves on food costs and helps to get your guests talking to each other! Also by taking up space on the table, you need fewer table decorations, thus enabling you to save on decor costs as well. Typically because family style required fewer servers it reduces catering staff costs as well.  Ask your caterer when booking if family style is available at a discount.



Are you planning a rustic style wedding? Please share your inspiration photos and wedding photos!

Comment for which wedding style you would most like to have us feature next!


Tech News: The Gist

Currently, the rage has been all about Android, Samsung and Apple.  However, I’m more of a fan of weird Tech news, so I scoured the Net for easily overlooked news that you all may be interested in!  From a flying house, to open Internet, there are so many hidden jewels in the tech world!

Google is encouraging everyone to support a free and open web.   Lately, there has been more and more discussion regarding increasing censorship and regulating the Net.  Just click on “free and open web” to sign up and make your voice heard!

At the Leon International Balloon festival, a man named Jonathan Trappe flies a house on helium balloons.   As a trained pilot, Trappe is the first to cross the European range with 54 colorful and gas-filled balloons in approximately 12 hours.  Who is an Up! fan here??

DID YOU KNOW…while you’ve been using Google Chrome, you’ve been using the Chrome OS, an open-source operating system.  The OS itself is full of features that you have been using on the browser.  With a rise in the Chrome browser use, operating system is used on the Samsung Chromebook (which is quite similar to the MacBook Air.)

For a quarter of the century, 55-year-old Theresa Christy has been  developing systems to make elevator rides as smooth and efficient as possible.  She’s helped with some of the world’s tallest buildings: Petronas Towers (Malaysia,) Empire State Building (NYC,) etc.  Several factors in determining the elevator system is location, transportation speed, people’s weight (Average Americans are 22 pounds heavier than the average Chinese,) number of people in a car,  door opening speed, etc.

Regular users will be able to get their hands on Microsoft Office 2013 in the first quarter of 2013 (whereas a copy is now available for business customers.)  All Office apps have been updated (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)  for more flexible use across all devices.  For some Microsoft accessories, click here!

Zynga and Facebook now have an open relationship, where both companies are free to partner with other companies.  Because Zynga is now a more established company, it wants to connect to the world through games (and through all possible devices.)  Because of this “split,” Zynga will keep a higher profit margin for its games, and Facebook will have the freedom to develop its own games.