Wedding Veil Diagram

Quick Veil Guide

Veils are a defining feature of bridal couture, historically women used to wear their hair flowing down their back for their wedding to show their purity and the veil came to symbolize this and has become synonymous with bridal wear for many hundreds of years!

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect veil for you!

Bird Cage veils don’t cover the whole face usually or just barely cover the face, and are usually part of a barrette or head piece.

Blusher Veils just cover the face and are often lifted up to revealed the bride either at the beginning or end of the ceremony.

Elbow Veils come to the elbows and are less formal.

Finger Tip veils fall to the hips or the finger tips and can be used in a variety of wedding settings from semi-formal to very formal.

Waltz Veil is knee length and sometimes called Ballet style.

Chapel Veils fall to the floor and usually are worn with dresses that have a brush or chapel train.

Cathedral Veils are worn with very formal dresses that have equally long or longer cathedral trains.

Royal Cathedral Veils, you’re marrying Prince Harry – congratulations!

Tiered Veils incorporate drama into simple dresses and often just add blusher veils to traditional veils.

Are you going to wear a veil in your ceremony?


Apps 2.0

So everyone knows the best and most efficient apps for media, file storage, social networking, etc.  But are you itching to discover new apps?  Look no further! Here are some Android and Apple apps that have caught my eye:

Find My Car

For all you car owners, this app is perfect for you!  All you do is enter your car’s parking space using the phone’s GPS coordinates, take a photo of your car in its parking space, or enter a note of its location.  When it comes to the time to find your car, with GPS coverage, this app will lead you directly to your car.

Vision Test

I find this app quite ironic because technology itself is what is impairing our vision.  Nevertheless, this app was an overnight success and created by the world’s largest lens manufacturer.  Like the title says, “Vision Test” tests mobile users’ vision through puzzles.


I think we can all agree that most cell phone owners use their phones in order to look for something on a surface of some sort.  “Flashlight” is an app for Android users, with a fast startup, AND a strobe light feature!


This app not only takes long panoramic photos, but stitches shots together to create a 3D image, like Google maps!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to save up money to go somewhere special.  And knowing me, in that “somewhere special,” I will most likely get lost!  “AroundMe” uses Google Maps information to dig up restaurants, gas stations, theaters, stores, etc. in whatever location you are in.


Another app for those who are trying to stay fit for 2013 (and another Android app as well!)  This app tracks your diet goals and counts your calorie intake to make sure you are on your way to meeting your goals.  COOL or not??

Ribbon Tie-Back Cashmere Sweater Dress

10 Dresses to Pep Up your Late Winter Style

The Winter doldrums can creep up on the best of us, here are some great dresses to pep you up and bring you through to Spring!

Warm and feminine sweater dresses, office ready numbers and prints perfect for adding color to the dreary winter are going to get you through the last stretch and into warm weather!

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How do you pep up your style in the late winter months? Share in our comments!


cell phone

“Old Technology” vs. “New Technology”

Several tasks today are shortened by half with the growth of modern technology.  Do YOU appreciate the new inventions OR do you miss the old-school every day tasks?  SHARE with us your opinions!

Paper Maps vs GPS

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To clarify, people still use paper maps, especially when touring a city.  However, there is no need to plan a trip and check for directions before venturing out, especially when all you have to do is type in the address in the GPS, use Google maps, etc.

Pay Phones vs. Cell Phones

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In addition to not having to use pay phones, there is no need to carry around a bunch of change in order to be prepared for pay phones!

CD Players vs. MP3 Players

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I still remember my Sony Walkman, the whirring sound, everything.  I DO have to admit that my mini iPod is a lot more efficient in usage, plus I won’t have to go around hunting for batteries!

Letter Writing vs. Emails

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Although emails are a lot faster and easier to communicate, you have to admit that snail mail adds the sentiment that cannot be expressed in electronic mails.

VHS vs. DVDs

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I still remember what a pain it was to rewind VHS tapes after watching a fantastic movie — and video rentals, for that matter.  Now, I’m more of an online person, or $2 DVDs you can find in small DVD shops here :)

Disposable Cameras vs. Digital Cameras

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I remember loving the anticipation in opening a a fresh pack of photos after waiting a week for them to be developed.  Now, developing photos are more geared towards hobbies and interests, and those who are not professional photographers, can simply point, click, and upload their photos within a matter of minutes.

Monique Lhuillier Hi-Low Hemline Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Trends for 2013

This year some of the hot trends of 2012 are getting a revamp or a new edge to them! The hi-low hemlines are getting more dramatic and the peplums are get getting more pop! Get educated on some of the new and renewed trends for 2013!

Short and Sweet – the shorter wedding dress is seeing a comeback, but with a full skirt for a vintage 50s style flair!


Peplums are still the talk of the town – and it seems like the more unique the less understated the better!


Feathers are becoming the must have embellishment for not just wedding dresses but all evening dresses!


High -Low or Asymmetrical hemlines are becoming ever more  dramatic this year with subtlety out the window!


20s and Art Deco inspired fashion is all the rage this year! With details in beading and tailoring.


Convertible or Two-In-One dresses are a hot item this year as you move from ceremony to after-party!


Which is your favorite wedding dress trend for 2013?