Rustic Style Wedding

When planning a wedding there are many style options; formal, playful, modern etc. We are going to start addressing different themes and sharing decor ideas and which styles are best suited to which season.  This is the first in the series!

Usually planned outdoors or partially outdoors, these weddings utilize natural settings and work in harmony with them.  Receptions and dinners tend to be in a converted barn or old farmhouse.  The best seasons for a rustic weddings are high wedding season, late spring through early fall, although rustic weddings can be done as late as late fall-early winter.  Autumn colors are a great time to use a rustic wedding theme, as it is harvest time and great local foods are in perfect season.  Rustic style weddings can also be done inside old warehouses that have been turned into art spaces or museums.

Guests should be in semi-formal or dressy casual attire.   Men in smart slacks with dress shirts and ties, women in casual to formal dresses or blouse/skirt combinations. Rustic style weddings are a perfect time to utilize mis-matched bridesmaids dresses and shabby chic style!


Table dressings should be simple and elegant. Plates and table settings can be mismatched, although along a certain theme, plates can be found by going to thrift stores, garage sales, collecting from friends and neighbors etc.  Mason jars with name tags can be used as glasses, painted on the outside to match your colors or left clear.  Table centerpieces can be wildflowers in assorted vases, jars or collected bottles.  Lanterns and candles can also be used to create a romantic look.



Rustic Weddings and receptions do not need to be outdoors, here are some demonstrations of rustic weddings taking place in renovated warehouses that have been turned into trendy event centers! The great thing about these spaces, is that they can easily double for ceremony and reception venues! Have the ceremony set up first, then move people to the cocktail area at the back while the simple reception set up takes place behind screens or curtains, then REVEAL! It eliminates transportation costs, and reduces venue costs.


Rustic Weddings are a great way to use Family style food catering – it saves on food costs and helps to get your guests talking to each other! Also by taking up space on the table, you need fewer table decorations, thus enabling you to save on decor costs as well. Typically because family style required fewer servers it reduces catering staff costs as well.  Ask your caterer when booking if family style is available at a discount.



Are you planning a rustic style wedding? Please share your inspiration photos and wedding photos!

Comment for which wedding style you would most like to have us feature next!


Tech News: The Gist

Currently, the rage has been all about Android, Samsung and Apple.  However, I’m more of a fan of weird Tech news, so I scoured the Net for easily overlooked news that you all may be interested in!  From a flying house, to open Internet, there are so many hidden jewels in the tech world!

Google is encouraging everyone to support a free and open web.   Lately, there has been more and more discussion regarding increasing censorship and regulating the Net.  Just click on “free and open web” to sign up and make your voice heard!

At the Leon International Balloon festival, a man named Jonathan Trappe flies a house on helium balloons.   As a trained pilot, Trappe is the first to cross the European range with 54 colorful and gas-filled balloons in approximately 12 hours.  Who is an Up! fan here??

DID YOU KNOW…while you’ve been using Google Chrome, you’ve been using the Chrome OS, an open-source operating system.  The OS itself is full of features that you have been using on the browser.  With a rise in the Chrome browser use, operating system is used on the Samsung Chromebook (which is quite similar to the MacBook Air.)

For a quarter of the century, 55-year-old Theresa Christy has been  developing systems to make elevator rides as smooth and efficient as possible.  She’s helped with some of the world’s tallest buildings: Petronas Towers (Malaysia,) Empire State Building (NYC,) etc.  Several factors in determining the elevator system is location, transportation speed, people’s weight (Average Americans are 22 pounds heavier than the average Chinese,) number of people in a car,  door opening speed, etc.

Regular users will be able to get their hands on Microsoft Office 2013 in the first quarter of 2013 (whereas a copy is now available for business customers.)  All Office apps have been updated (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)  for more flexible use across all devices.  For some Microsoft accessories, click here!

Zynga and Facebook now have an open relationship, where both companies are free to partner with other companies.  Because Zynga is now a more established company, it wants to connect to the world through games (and through all possible devices.)  Because of this “split,” Zynga will keep a higher profit margin for its games, and Facebook will have the freedom to develop its own games.



Great Hair for your Great Face!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a stylist that could easily tell you what the best look would be for you?  Well we can’t give you that, but we can give you some great advice for a new haircut that would suit your face shape, you too can look like a million dollars – or more if you wish!

First it is most important to determine your face shape.  We have here listed photos and silhouette’s.  If you have difficulty figuring your face shape out, stand in front of a mirror with your hair pulled back in a pony-tail or pulled away from your face, using a dry-erase marker, trace the outline of your face.  Then compare your drawing to the face shapes we have presented here.

If you are looking for a new you in the new year – make sure to do some research before hitting the salon!  If you don’t use a regular hairdresser, when you have a walk-in appointment usually the salon staff will just do what you tell them.  Come prepared and knowing specifically what you don’t want. Also make sure you check for appropriate hair accessories for your new hair cut! Don’t forget to get tips and what products and tools to use to manage your style everyday!

Oval Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Any shape and style can be worn, whether it’s short, long, layered or bobbed.
  • The only thing to consider with an oval face shape is what part of your face you want to accentuate.
  • This is where you can get creative with bangs or how you style your hair everyday

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • The main thing to consider is to not choose hairstyles that hang in your face or eyes.
  • Or hairstyles that just cover over your beautiful face shape

Round Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Hairstyles with height and fullness at the crown will give the illusion of a narrower face shape, particularly those short in length.
  • Longer hairstyles or ones that are kept close to the cheeks with no width will look better.
  • Middle parts are great for creating the illusion of narrow length.
  • No bangs are the ideal as the focus point becomes the bridge of the nose, creating a more oval shape.
  • If bangs are used they should be swept across, or in the case of solid bangs, only where there is substantial height on the top.
  • Short hairstyles are great and do not suffocate small round faces.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Hairstyles that add volume through the sides such as chin length bob cuts, straight or kicking out in design.
  • Side parts and heavy straight across bangs create a wider shorter shape and therefore should be avoided at all costs on hairstyles without any height.

Square Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Wispy forward falling hair onto your face will soften yourjaw line.
  • Wearing bangs swept over to one side will create diagonal movement to minimize square shapes.
  • Short to medium length hair will also suit you, especially if the style is rounded in shape or has wispy ends.
  • Styles with height at the crown will also work in your favor.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Avoid blunt bobs, especially sitting at chin length with straight heavy bangs as this will accentuate your jaw line and squareness.
  • Middle parts with solid bangs can also work against you.

Heart Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Any textured chin-length hairstyles will suit best.
  • If bangs are wanted make sure that they are side-swept bangs not straight across as blunt cut bangs will only make your face shape shorter and wider.
  • Shoulder length cuts with wispy layers that kick out will also work very well.
  • Height on top will work but only if they belong to shoulder length or longer hairstyles.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Short, full hairstyles like slicked back looks that emphasize your upper face.
  • Short styles with heavy straight across bangs that create an upside down triangular shape.

Triangle Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Layered hairstyles will help balance and soften your prominent jaw line.
  • Styles with layers that taper at the jaw line can also be flattering.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Shorter is generally better than longer.
  • Avoid any hairstyle which will draw too much attention to your chin area such as straight solid bob cuts.

Diamond Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Hairstyles that add width at the chin area such as chin length bob cuts or shoulder length wispy kicked out looks.
  • Styles that tuck in behind the ears also work well to show off a wonderful cheek bone structure.
  • Hairstyles with straight across bangs will also work to shorten long faces, as will side parts.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Try and avoid short hairstyles with height on top, particularly ones without bangs.
  • Avoid styles that leave no hair on the neck area or the chin area.
  • Middle parts will add length so they should also be avoided.

Oblong Face Shape


Hairstyles to Try

  • Styles that are short to medium in length with longer top layers without height are best suited such as wedge and graduated bob cuts.
  • Chin and shoulder length looks that turn under or kick out also work very well to add width.
  • Straight across bangs with side parts work best.
  • Layered styles in medium and long lengths that add body in with wavy and curly textures are great for softening the straight long lines of oblong face shapes.

Hairstyles to Avoid

  • Hairstyles that add height at the crown or on top will only lengthen your face.
  • Middle parts.
  • The absence of bangs.
  • Wispy chin length styles that have no body or that don’t add width through the sides should also be avoided.

If you have up-do or accessory ideas for you specific face shape, or other face shapes SHARE in the comments below!


Mini Mania

Lately there has been so much talk about mini products.  In comparison to its predecessors 10 years ago, gadgets are now HALF the size.  Personally, I still prefer some of the retro predecessors (Mini iPod, anyone?)  Here’s a list of common gadgets that have come a looonnnggg way!


The Wii Mini.  Coming December 7th, 2012.  A complete redesign of the Wii console, with more accessories included, the Wii Mini is sure to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable!  This gaming console now comes in red, black, white, blue and pink.

Polaroid Photo Printer.  Remember way back when it was impossible to even print good-quality photos?  I remember using bubble-jet printers and waiting for HOURS (ok, not really) for a simple page of black and white pixelated text.


THIS, I haven’t seen before.  Stumbled across gadget during my research: laser lights are projected out of the tiny cube onto most surfaces, allowing people the ability to type almost anywhere!  COOL or not??

I remember lugging around vacuum cleaners that came up to my chest way back when (ok, I was about 10 years old then) or being woken up to the loud roaring of vacuum cleaners.  NOW, there are tiny vacuum cleaners that automatically twist and turn noiselessly around the house, without you having to lift a finger!

Who still sews around here??  I never really got the hang of it, but I remember seeing my grandma’s sewing machine, the size of a table with a pedal that you have to mechanically use to operate the machine.  Sewing machines nowadays are portable, not that you’d carry it in a purse or anything, but portable enough to store away for later use!

The Mac Mini.  Way back when, computers use to take up the entire room, run slowly (and probably loudly) and generally not easy to use.  Now there’s the Mac Mini, with amazing graphics, a larger storage, and something called the fusion drive, which automatically manages your data so currently used data stays on the faster flash storage!

The adorable Mini Cooper.  Haven’t seen THIS design nor have I driven it before, but I know it’d be a perfect person for a little spin around town.  The newest model, in my opinion, isn’t as attractive because it has increased in size.  However, I remember the rage when this car came out, it was also featured in The Italian Job (awesome movie, by the way!)  With an increasing population, owning smaller cars are the way to go in terms of staying on top of your daily chores!


Myths say that cameras suck out your soul.  I remember all the old black and white photos where people sat solemnly in rigid poses and thick clothes.  Nowadays, it takes a second to pass around photos you’ve just taken, alter (Instagram, anyone?) delete, etc.

The legendary iPad Mini.  The iPad itself was already beyond impressive, heck, I thought tablets were pretty damn awesome.  Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer having a bigger screen for multi-tasking and a keyboard to type on (I own a Mac Air.)

Ok, so the Mini iPod has been out of the market for years, but back when these MP3 players came out, the Mini iPodwas way before its time.  I still have my Sony Walkman that played CDs (I LOVE making playlists,) and that device became increasingly louder it was used more and more.

If you lived and remembered the 90’s, it’s quite interesting to see the evolution of gadgets, and how much easier our lives have become (and how our pockets have become lighter as well!)  On one hand, I’m not a fan of how people have become so dependent on electronics, however, with more and more every day tasks, hurdles, etc. I’m quite thankful for these innovations!

What gadget has played a significant role in YOUR life as it decreased in size?


Boutonnieres or Buttonholes?

It’s time to put some focus on the accessories for your groomsmen.  Boutonnieres or Buttonholes, whatever you call them, are a small part of the big wedding picture – however they are important!.  Trends now are moving away from traditional larger floral pieces to smaller handmade or unique displays of character.  Let’s take a look at the floral and DIY trends that are rocking the men’s lapels these wedding days!

Herb Buttonholes –  are ideal for rustic and vintage weddings.  The feeling they create is warm and rough! They can be easily made with few supplies.  You can even grow the herbs yourself adding a great personal touch(for those not so ambitious, most natural groceries and florists carry herbs and can supply you or make them according to your design).  Get the DIY instructions here.

Object Buttonholes – these boutonnieres are ideal for modern and playful style weddings.  They make great groomsmen gifts as well! These are obviously individual creations that require a bit of effort on the creator’s part.  Ask the groomsmen well ahead of time their favorite, car, super hero, soda pop etc.  Then order or buy the required items, using hot glue and some creative incorporation of your theme colors get crafty!  Note these can have a clasp pin glued directly onto the boutonniere. Here is a DIY for medallion style action figure buttonholes.


Knit Buttonholes –  require the most skill, mostly knitting and fabric know-how.  If you can knit, or have a bridesmaid or Mom that can, I would highly recommend these original and versatile boutonnieres – they can be dressed up or down, but are best suited to vintage and rustic weddings.


Non-Floral Flower Buttonholes – are hot right now, especially in the wake of oil prices and winter upon us.  Flowers made from fabric, paper, or ribbon are as unique and colorful as you want them to be.  These truly are the most versatile for style and budget(whether time or money!)  If working with paper, the bouts can cost as little as US $20 and the time it takes to watch a couple episodes of Gossip Girl, because they can be made weeks! ahead of time! Find instructions on how to make all sorts of paper and fabric flowers here.


Floral Buttonhole Trends – even after seeing all these AWESOME alternatives, you still prefer a cut floral boutonniere, don’t be a victim of tradition! Be aware of modern and classy buttonhole trends so your groomsmen don’t look like they are on the way to their high school prom!

   Did you have unique Boutonnieres on your groomsmen? Or do you have any inspiration to share? Post in the comments! We would love your share your ideas on our Facebook page!