Fashion Friday: Purple Haze

Hello again you fashion fiends! If you’re looking for some colorful inspiration to brighten up a dull wardrobe, then you’re in the right place. And let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t want a wardrobe makeover?? In this week’s post we’re showing off some fab finds in this season’s hottest color–purple!

If you’re a gossip hound like us, then you’ve probably noticed that a ton of celebrities are stepping up their fashion game this year. One of the most popular choices in color is purple—lavender, plum and everything in between! Celebs are even wearing this grapey color in every way possible! From simple accessories like jewelry and shoes, to show stoppers like all-over purple ensembles or even hair!

If you’re not too adventurous with color, start small—a cute pair of lavender pumps or a plum colored handbag will do the trick too! If you’re ready to show the world just how crazy you are, go for a bright purple skirt or a sexy, purple accented bodycon dress.

If purple’s not your color, no worries! We have tons of other colorful options in our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection, check it out!

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Wedding Wednesday: Find Your Style

It’s hump day and we all know what that means…another Wedding Wednesday installment! If you’re still trying to figure out what kind of wedding style you’re going for, look no further. This week’s post will feature some fabulous wedding gowns for the bride who might be tight on cash but has plenty of style!

Whether you’re looking for a gown with a glamorous feel, vintage style, or a flirty twist our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has them!


If you’re going glam, don’t be shy! Glam brides love wearing voluminous ball gowns, lots of tulle and sparkly embellishments—anything to make you stand out on your big day!


A vintage bride should look for simple gowns with clean lines—you won’t find any ball gowns here! Try a sheath or trumpet silhouette that has delicate lace or embroidery.


If you’re looking for a flirty gown, then there’s no doubt you have a creative side to you! Show your creativity by choosing a gown with funky detailing, full ruffles or a short, flirty skirt.

Stapleless Stapler

For this weeks LITB Blog post we are going to take a look at the practical and eco-friendly Stapleless Stapler. The name may sound like an oxymoron but it’s true; This plastic piece of paper pressing perfection can bind together up to five pieces of paper. It’s an ideal gadget for the home or office.

How many times do you find yourself trying to staple together documents with an empty stapler? How many times do you find the staples at home are mysteriously NOT in the place that you stored them? If the answer to both of these is “MANY, MANY TIMES!” then this little gadget is ideal for you. It’s also absolutely child safe and so can be left around the house for your toothing toddler to chew on. Not to mention the fact that you can give yourself a big, green, eco-friendly pat on the back; no staples means a further small step in reducing your carbon footprint.
Lastly, until the 30th June it’s 60% off! Reduced from US $4.99 to a miniscule US $1.99, what reason do you have for not giving it a try?

Wedding Wednesday: Be Our Guest Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on wedding guest outfits! Last week we saw some amazing dresses for wedding guests to wear to church or beach weddings. In this week’s post we’ll be highlighting some fashionable and affordable options that are perfect for outdoor or hall weddings!

If you’re attending a church or beach wedding this summer then be sure to check out Part 1 of this series! Our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has tons more options as well…Happy Shopping!


Outdoor or garden weddings are the great for showing off your cutest ensemble! Floral detailing or flowy dresses are perfect for this kind of wedding. Feel free to wear a sundress or maxi dress, and be sure to pick something colorful!


A hall wedding is a bit more formal than an outdoor wedding, but definitely not as reserved as a church wedding—and your ensemble should reflect that! A casual cocktail dress or a structured sundress with unique detailing are both great options for a hall wedding!

Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag

For this weeks LITB Blog we are going to investigate this Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag.
Do you ever find that your bag is just a huge mess of all your belongings? Do you have to search around for a good five minutes before you can find your keys? Has your phone stopped ringing by the time you manage to finally grab hold of it? If so, the Large-Capacity Functional Storage Bag is for you!

It has two zipper storage parts for your valuable items, a generous main pocket and a number of mesh and fabric pockets on either side for you to categorize and store your belongings in an organised and efficient way. The bag is also padded to ensure protection for more delicate items like iPads, which may make you think it would be bulky and heavy, but at a feather light 83g this bag will not be weighing you down.
It’s petite size (30cm x 18.5cm x 8.5cm), and numerous separate compartments means it would also makes for an absolutely ideal toiletries bag! Whatever purpose you may have for this bag, it’s durable light weight design make it a great value must have item.

Fashion Friday: Funky Florals

Welcome to the weekend, my little workaholics! If you’re like me, then the weekend is your brief respite from the hours upon hours you spend at the office. And you like to work hard and play hard! Whether you spend your days off shopping with girlfriends friends or snuggling up with your honey, you have to look good. Show off how truly stylish you are by rocking some funky floral ensembles this weekend!

Everybody is wearing floral prints these days, from celebrities to your next door neighbor! And you don’t have to be a girly girl to appreciate this trend. You can definitely make this look your own—pair a too-cute dress with a vintage leather jacket for a rock n’ roll vibe or a black blazer for a more office appropriate look. You could even mix things up by skipping the floral print and trying 3D floral detailing! Adding ruched fabric flowers or a flower illusion hemline are perfect alternatives!

As always, feel free to browse our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection for more outfits that are perfect for the weekend!


Wedding Wednesday: Be Our Guest! Pt. 1

No matter how many weddings you’ve attended, there’s no doubt that it feels great to be involved in someone’s special day! And there’s no doubt that whenever you get that invitation in the mail that your mind starts racing—who will be my date, what gift should I give the couple, what am I going to wear?? If you’re still searching for that perfect outfit for this summer’s beach or church weddings, then this week’s post is just for you!

As always, check out our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events Collection for my fashionable options!


If you’re attending a church wedding this summer you’ll want a more structured look; cocktail dresses are perfect for this occasion! You can try a bit more of a glam look, with sequins or metallic detail, but remember to dress appropriately for church. And be sure to avoid wearing white, black or anything too bright—you wouldn’t want to upstage the bride!


Most beach weddings are a little more informal, so maxi dresses or casual cocktail dresses are both great choices for this occasion. Floral detail, flowing chiffon or a unique print are all great choices—just make sure to keep it simple! And choose a fabric that will be comfortable in the heat!

E-Health Electronic Cigarette + 10 Refills and Charger Set

For this weeks LITB Lab we shall take a look at the E-Health Electronic Cigarette + 10 Refills and Charger Set. In these times where more and more focus is placed on long term health and longevity, more and more people are beginning to realise the health benefits (not to mention the huge amount of money you can save yourself!) that quitting smoking can bring you. However, as the majority of you out there who have tried to quit smoking before will know, it is not the easiest thing in the world to do – especially if your will power wanes easily. BUT saying that, quitting now is easier than it has ever been before;a wide selection of nicotine gum and nicotine patches are available, articles are easily accessible online, you can even go for hypnotherapy! Sometimes though, what you miss is not just the nicotine, but the feeling of holding an actual cigarette; of the inhalation and exhalation that the other products designed to help you quit just can’t provide.

E-Cigarettes are the key to this conundrum! Designed in the same shape and colour as an ordinary cigarette it will act as a replacement whilst you gradually wean yourself off that tobacco reliance completely. The E-Cigarette can be charged almost anywhere, coming with AC, USB and Car cigarette lighter powered chargers all included.
There has never been a better time than now to quit smoking! Keep your health, keep your money and prove your independence from addiction!

Fashion Friday: Lovely Lace

Happy Friday, fashionistas! Do you love lace as much as I do?? Then you’re going to love what you’re about to see! In this week’s post you’ll be seeing some of our sexiest and sweetest pieces, all made of lovely lace.

Contrary to what pop culture will have you believe, wearing lace doesn’t have to mean you’re in the mood or on the prowl…we all know just how confident a woman can feel when she’s wearing lace! Sure, lace can make you feel sexy (and we all like feeling sexy every now and then!)—but with so many fashionable options these days, the way you choose to wear your lace can make you feel however you wish! From sexy to sweet and everywhere in between!

If you’re in the crowd that thinks of lace as matronly and old, think again! So you’re tired of the traditional nude and ivory colored lace? Don’t be afraid to wear your lace in any color! Black, blue, fuchsia, red—they’re all great options!

For more lovely options, lace or otherwise, check out our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection.

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LITB Labs: 2 Piece Bicycle SpokeLit LED Safety Lights

For the weekly LITB Lab blogpost today we are going to take a look at the aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical SpokeLit Bicycle Spoke LED Safety Lights. Bicycles are a fantastic, eco friendly, cheap and physically beneficial way to get around. Whether it’s commuting to work, cycling to the shops or just a nice scenic bike ride there are plenty of things about cycling that trumps driving. However, despite the numerous benefits cycling can bring, one thing that you should never underestimate on two wheels is your own safety. And that’s why we here at LightInTheBox would ALWAYS recommend that you wear a helmet (preferably a patterned helmet to maximize visibility) and make sure you have front and rear lights for evening riding.

These SpokeLit Bicycle Spoke LED Safety Lights are an additional feature to make you even more visible to drivers if you’re on your bicycle after dark.
They come in either red, green or blue and have two modes; a constant beam that will make your bicycle look like it has a brightly coloured wheel spinning brilliantly by the tire, or a flashing beam that is clear and easily visible to other road users. Perfect if you have “coolness conscious” kids, who can keep safe without losing their street cred! The SpokeLits couldn’t be easier to use, clipping easily onto the spokes of your bicycle wheels, and turning on and off with one simple button. Each set comes with two SpokeLit LED Safety Lights; one for the front wheel and one for the back wheel.
And, for the next 6 days it’s 50% off! For just US $16.38 US $8.19 can you really afford not to?