Dude, Where’s My Gadget??

For those who follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed several complaints and inquiries regarding people who are awaiting on long delivery times, or just have questions on orders in general. Here’s some information which (hopefully) may help you interested shoppers.

Cool Gadgets of the Week!

So we all know that MiniInTheBox has a HUGE assortment of gadgets, but it’s pretty difficult to find the certain unique gadget that would make an awesome gift for yourself or family and friends. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of unique and lesser-seen gadgets in the MITB store! This guide may also help give you a kick-start on Holiday gifts!

Fashion Friday: Boots Bonanza!

Jump into Fall and Winter footwear with a healthy collection of stellar footwear to compliment your fantastic cool weather couture. With lower readings on the mercury and wet conditions it’s time to pack away the peep-hole stilettos and slip into sultry boots that scream sexy rather that spinster!

The “Underdogs”

With all the hype surrounding the Apple products (namely the iPhone5 and Mini iPad,) it is easy to overlook the other tech products that have premiered recently. So here’s a quick overlook on the Kindle Paperwhite, Samsung Galaxy Premiere, and Microsoft Surface RT.

Windows 8 is Here!

On October 26th, 2012, Windows 8 was released after months of beta testing. This new operating system has improved its interface and user experience in order to match other mobile operating system competitors (EX: Android and iOS,) and has been produced for personal computers and home theatre PCs.

Fashion Friday: Ombrelicious

Ombre (pronounced omm-bray) is a trend that is spreading like wildfire among fashionistas world over. Ombre is a french word meaning shading and in terms of color it refers to graduating color, from darker to lighter or vice versa. This trend is from the 70’s, popularized by hippies who played with saffron, orange, red and yellow hues.