5 Fab Fashion Trends from the 2014 Emmys


So, the Emmy Awards are over, and wow! Can we hear it for Breaking Bad?  And of course, all the other great shows and actors that won some well-deserved recognition. However, there was one thing that stood out, even before the show started–the fashion. Even non-TV watchers can agree that there were some amazing looks that definitely stood out on the red carpet. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite trends to share with you, and include the looks you can get for less!

All Whitewhite emm

Laverne Cox (from Orange is the New Black) and many others showed how to rock the all white look without looking like a mis-placed bride. Stick with shift or column shapes. Anything else, like mermaid or ballroom, will appear too wedding-y! High slits to show some leg will also remove the “innocent” factor.


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Belt Itbelt emmy

Belts and sashes are a great way to split up your dress and give some shape, especially if you have more of a boyish figure. Give the illusion of a smaller waste and wider hips with  a belt combined with folds, pleats, or a froofier skirt.

Click HERE for more looks.
Click HERE for more looks.

Black Out


White wasn’t the only solid to have it’s time. Lots of ladies made an entrance in classic black. Instead of looking ready to attend a funeral, these hot chicks look ready to rock the house. Style tip: it’s all about the details–a sparkly belt, a low v-neck, an asymmetrical hem and neckline. Also, Lena Headey’s tattoos help.

Go HERE for more classic black.
Go HERE for more classic black.

Shine On

sequins emmy

These girls know how to glam up for a good night! Sequins, pailletes and all over shine were a big hit for fashion, and it’s no surprise why. The shimmer adds dimension and glamour without being overbearing. To try this look, choose neutral colors with pattern. If you want a bolder color, all-over sequins work best.

Find more sequin gowns HERE.
Find more sequin gowns HERE.

Sunset Sweetheartssunset emmy

For those that didn’t want to choose the all black or white trend, we have these stunning ladies in sunset shades. Bright yellows, oranges, and crimson dotted the red carpet as these bold beauties grabbed all the attention for their bright choices. If you want to try a hot shade, make sure to pick the right one for your skin tone–these colors can be dangerous if worn wrong! Also, minimize the accessories and makeup or you run the risk of appearing garish.

Find more great shades HERE.
Find more great shades HERE.

So, which was your fave Emmy 2014 red carpet trend? Let us know in the comments!

6 Fabulous Celebrities That are Bigger Than a Size 2

It’s no secret that the majority of Hollywood stars are in great shape (and size!). Their roles, their managers, and even their fans often demand that they be the slimmest, trimmest, fittest version of themselves. Often this means a size 4 or lower.  However, the average size for women in the US is about 165 lbs, which for average height translates into a size 10 to 14.  In the past couple of years there has been greater acceptance of stars that don’t necessarily fit the mold of what a celeb “should” look like, and we’ve rounded up just a few of our favorites.

**Disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with being a size 2! Just like there’s nothing wrong with being a size 12! Health is what matters most, so if you’re in doubt or want to make some changes, talk to your doc about what healthy should look like for your body.

**Also, we’re not encouraging the judging of others based on their body size, but we think it is important to know that size doesn’t determine your beauty, your sexiness, or your success, and these women are definitely proof of that.

1. Kate Upton


This sassy young supermodel is the epitome of sexy, with an ample bosom and perfect hair. However, for a model she is considered large at around 140 lbs. Her official dress size is an 8, which is far above the expected model size of 0-2, but we think she looks amazing!

2. Adele1352482686_adele-zoom

Adele is simply a vocal powerhouse. There is absolutely no denying her talent, and at a size 14 with no intention to change, that’s exactly what she wants. She doesn’t want to be known for skimpy outfits or a tiny frame, but for her amazing voice and musical aptitude. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. Tyra BanksTyra-Banks-Chinas-Top-Mpodel-Premiere-Lovebscott-4

Also a size 8, Ms. Banks has received a lot of criticism for her weight gain since ending her official model career. However, she’s replaced that supermodel body with a series of America’s Next Top Model seasons, as well as her talk show and films. We think she’s doing ok, even if she isn’t a size 2 anymore. And she’s still just as sexy as ever with her trademark “smize.”

4. Mindy Kalingletterman celebs 180912

Funny girl Mindy Kaling has apparently received a lot of flack also for her figure, being told that she’d get more work if she lost some weight. She’s a size 8, but stands at only 5 feet 2 inches, which may make her appear a bit larger. But you know what, we don’t care. She has some great style and some great talent, so we say keep rockin’ it, Mindy!

5. Gemma Artertongemma-arterton-is-body-confident

It may surprise you to learn that a Bond Girl doesn’t have the “ideal” Hollywood figure. But lo and behond–this lovely lady is a size 8-10, and while she may struggle getting dresses from designers to borrow for events, we think she’s the perfect girl for Mr. Bond.

6. Christina Hendrickschristina_hendricks

In 2010 she was voted the Best Looking woman in America by Esquire magazine, and then was voted “sexiest woman in the world” by fellow women in a poll taken by the same magazine. There’s simply no denying that this beautiful woman has an amazing and desirable shape. Her size? It ranges between 10 and 14–exactly average for an American woman.

Who did we miss on this list? Is there a celebrity of average size you’d love to see here? Let us know in the comments!

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Dog Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

Dressing ourselves is sometimes hard enough, so when it comes to Spot and Fido, we’re often at a loss! If you’re a fashionista and want your pet to join in the fun, take a hint from these handy dos and don’ts.  (Click on the “do” images to get the item!)

 Do: Tropical Shirts

Let your dog relax in a chill and no-fuss look!

Don’t: Medieval Princess

 Do: Knitted Sweaters

Keep your pup warm in the cold months with something cozy!

 Don’t: Hair Dye & Cut

 Do: Dapper Dogs

Nothing’s cuter than a pet that’s ready for business!

Don’t: Little hats & Jester Costumes

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