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How Not to Let Mis-Matched Bridesmaids Ruin Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding and are definitely excited about the mismatched bridesmaids idea —  there are SO many ways to do this, but as a result, so many chances for it to turn out, not that beautiful.

There are a few key ways to limit a major mishap in your bridal party couture — let us help you out!

Find a color spectrum!

Use Pinterest and other sources like Design Seeds, to focus your color inspiration for not just your bridesmaids, but your whole wedding! You can give your bridesmaids links to your mood-board inspiration – also you can visit your local paint or home supply store and pick up paint swatches in the colors and varying shades of your inspiration colors to give your bridesmaids!

Mis-match dress style. You can choose to keep the color the same, but ask your bridesmaids to pick out any style of dress they like! Some friends can be picky, and body types vary, so this gives your bridesmaids some definite freedom! You can also choose, to keep everything in one fabric style — all the dresses have to be chiffon, doesn’t matter style!

Mis-match color but keep the same dress. You can do this if the colors that you offer your bridesmaids are extremely contrasting, but you want to keep some sort of cohesion to your bridal party.

Same dress, different hues of the same color! This is a new way to do mis-matched bridesmaids, and I find it completely AWESOME!

Everything goes! If you are free, and bohemian – what a great way to have a bold modern wedding!

Regardless of how you decide to have your bridesmaids dress — remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love and future, but also of your family and community make sure everyone feels comfortable and beautiful!


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