Let it Glow: 10 Night Lights for Your Home

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Set the mood! These ten night lights instantly create an alluring and spellbinding
atmosphere. Forget about basic night lights. Your home will glow like never before!

1. Flower Domes: Romance is in the air! Light up your night with enchanting blooms. Don′t you love the Beauty and the Beast vibes?

light 1(Get these lights here, from $24-52)

2. Galaxy Globes: Wish upon a star! Make your night sparkle with the wonder of a starry sky. Just sit back and gaze!

light 2(Get these lights here, from $16-26)

3. Jellyfish Lamps: Bring undersea magic into your home with a jellyfish lamp! It′s a bewitching way to enjoy rainbow colors.

light 3(Get this light here for $33.43)

4. Bouquet Balls: Flower power! Add an air of whimsy and romance to any room with your choice of flower lamp. So much better than a bouquet!

light 4(Get these lights here for $39.28)

5. Moon Lamps: Who wants a moon mood lamp?! Create a dreamy atmosphere with this night light. Use the remote control to pick the perfect color!

light 5(Get this light here for $26.22)

6. Plasma Balls: Plasma ball lights are mystically gorgeous! They′re a touch-sensitive magic ball that the whole family will enjoy.

light 6(Get these lights here, from $12-18)

7. Firework Lights: Firework filament lights are the latest way to add a burst of energy to any room! Take your Edison bulb to the next level.

light 7(Get these lights here, from $7-30)

8. Rainbow Lamps: Somewhere over the rainbow! Cast a technicolor glow in any room. These rainbow projectors are pure magic!

light 8(Get these lights here, from $14-26)

9. Humidifier Lights: Spring allergies getting you down? These humidifier night lights add moisture to the air and may help keep your skin, nose and throat from drying out.

light 9(Get these lights here, from $15-24)

10. Himalayan Lamps: Himalayan salt lamps are the latest trend in home decor and wellness! They add a warm radiance and may boost your mood and well-being.

light 10(Get these lights here, from $22-71)

Which night light is right for your home? Tell us in the comments!

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