In 2018, Resolve to Wear…

Hello, 2018. And hello to a new year of style! This year, resolve to wear…

1. Ultra Violet: Pantone named  Ultra Violet 2018’s Color of the Year, “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade that communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future,” according to its press release.

blog ultra violet(Get the dress for $22.49, get the top for $9.99, get the coat for $37.99)

2. Teddy Coats: Teddy coats are a style of faux fur coat that that are very 2018. The teddy bear of the coat world, they’re cozy and cuddly. You’ll want to live in the style!

2018 trend 1(Get style blogger @kamilalibelula‘s coat for $30.59)

3. Pastels: Pick your pastel and wear the heck out of it in 2018. Baby blue, millennial pink, lovely lilac, take your pick!

12.13 B(Get style blogger @kamilalibelula‘s coat for $37.37)

4. Statement Bags: When it comes to your bag this year, go for it! Leave boring bags in 2017. Instead choose bags with crystals, buckles, and every embellishment under the sun.

7(Get bag 1 for $16.99, get bag 2 for $16.99, get bag 3 for $19.99, get bag 4 for $16.99, get bag 5 for $14.99)

5. Sheer Styles: Sheer and translucent styles are no longer only for nights out. This year,  the fabric goes casual. Try a chic mesh crop top in 2018!

11.10 B(Get style blogger @manteigaderretida‘s top for $11.99)

What trend are you most excited to wear? Tell us in the comments!

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