The LightInTheBox 7th Anniversary Sale: How Low Can We Go? You Tell Us!


It’s not often that you can just say what price you want to pay for something. But guess what–now you can. Oh, and you can also buy $100 coupons for just $1. And play games for money. And just have a blast doing some shopping.

As we posted earlier this week, we’ve already launched our 7th Anniversary Sale on MiniInTheBox, and the great savings on that site will continue until March 17th. Tomorrow, March 14th, the party shifts to LightInTheBox when we will be offering you even more sweet deals. Here’s what you can look forward to:

The Man’s not going to be happy about this…

That’s right – 7 days of glorious, uninhibited money-saving madness. So what can you do about it now?

On March 14th starting from 4:00 am Eastern Standard Time, get online and start voting for for your favorite items to be lowered. Don’t forget to let all your friends know, too (the more votes, the lower the price!). And go ahead and play some games for coupons, too!

So go on, start bossing us around. Tell us what you want to pay, play games for free money, and start saving on amazing items.Check out this link for all the info you need:



One thought on “The LightInTheBox 7th Anniversary Sale: How Low Can We Go? You Tell Us!

  1. A-line Evening Dress inspired by Marion Cotillard (#00742608) would be awesome if the price was lower than USD$100

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