A Beautiful Bargain: Newlywed Tamara M. Loves Her Non-Traditional Gown


Once you’ve met that perfect someone, Lightinthebox.com is the place to find your dream wedding dress for the big day. But don’t just take our word for it, here is an unsolicited review from one of our satisfied customers who walked down the aisle in this beautiful knee-length wedding dress. 

Tamara. M wrote in:

 “Two words: Beautiful Bargain! I was nervous about ordering my wedding dress online and the super-low price made me concerned about the quality, but the other reviews convinced me to give it a shot and once I received it and tried it on, I knew I found *the* dress and wouldn’t be sending it back! I did pay extra for the custom measurements and was so glad I did; I have broad shoulders with a bigger bust and small waist, so with the custom measurements, it fits perfectly. As long as I maintain my weight between now and September, no alterations will be necessary … Not posting any pics yet since the wedding hasn’t happened, but will definitely come back and do so after it does! My mother cried (happy tears) when she saw me in it, as did my sister. It’s definitely a great non-traditional gown with personality! I’m looking forward to not having to deal with strapless bras and being able to dance the night away without worrying about extra material dragging on the floor. A fun, yet classy customized dress for under $200?! Sold.

UPDATE: Well the wedding finally happened in September and this dress was PERFECT! I’ve included a photo. I also wore short white gloves, but took them off during the ring exchange; they were a nice touch. Everyone gushed about how much they liked it and how they never saw anything like it before! Seriously, if you can picture yourself in this dress even just a little bit, DO IT! Strapless long gowns are so forgettable and overpriced. People will remember you in this gown, trust me! And I danced the night away without having to change. And just a reminder to go with the custom measurements- totally worth it!”

Congratulations to Tamara and her husband on their marriage. At Lightinthebox.com, we have great deals on everything you will need for your dream wedding as well. Also, don’t forget to check out our Lightinthebox Facebook page for great deals on wedding dress.

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